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Cool Climate Air Conditioning Systems - Redditch

Cool Climate is specialised in Air Conditioning installation, servicing and repair of air conditioning equipment. As on the fame of air conditioning technicians we pride ourselves upon installing top brands including Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, LG, Fujitsu and Hitachi air conditioning systems.

Our split sort Air Conditioning units supply heating and Cooling and are obtainable in Ceiling Cassette Type, Wall or Floor installed and Ducted kind units. All of our treatments are predominantly inverter driven which means to be of great efficiency combined with ultra-quiet operations and really for yours peace of mind we supply a 5-year warranty. The units feature under the increased capital allowance scheme 'ECA' and domestic air conditioning clients are the main subject to just 5% VAT.

In various nations, air conditioning has become a significant installation in a modern house same like the installation of the central heating: of which the inhabitants wouldn’t think of living without. Watching American or Australian TV, you will find a lot of references to the horror of the broken ’air con’ but in rainy, freezing Britain, we couldn’t perhaps want a device to create buildings cooler - might we?

The answer is, yes. There is wide need for air conditioning in London. Although Britain will commonly suffer no issue with overheating, there are certain occasions of the year - and certain instances - where air conditioning is completely vital, and countless cities are cottoning onto that truth.

There is one area of the population in specific who have a definite need for air conditioning: London’s old aged pensioners, seniors, and the long-term sick. Although we’re chosen to stories of pneumonia or bronchitis, resulting from inadequately heated houses, presenting a real hazard to people whose health conditions are absolutely at risk, and too much heat will actuality result as much of  problems. Many lives are saved by air conditioning. London folks have never faced a disaster like which happened in Paris some years back, when a heat wave presented a severe risk to the elderly people - causing various deaths -but awareness of this issue could lead those with elderly relatives to insist on air conditioning being installed as a  standard need.

And it’s not just for safety reasons that we’re seeing more and more installations of air conditioning: London builders are installing it for a variety of reasons.

Though it may seem surprising, Christmas time is actually one of the times when inbuilt air conditioning is most necessary and useful. Although air conditioning in London may only seem necessary in the summertime, around Christmas time the shopping centres and big department stores are sure to get very crowded. It’s common to dread the bustle and mess which goes in hand in hand with shopping at Christmas, as the thousands of shoppers overheat the area, if there is no air conditioning. London shoppers will find this stress will be made a good deal easier to cope with in shopping centres which have cannily installed expert air conditioning systems.

With air conditioning, London shoppers are able to feel relaxed while doing their Christmas shopping – or shopping at any other busy times in the year – as with air conditioning installed and working at an ideal temperature, they are less likely to feel fussed and harassed. A relaxed shopping centre in London will always remain a contradiction in terms (!), but with air conditioning, London shoppers definitely feel an improvement.

Of course, it’s not just about the shoppers – workers will feel less stressed too. Working in an overheated shop can be even more difficult than working in a freezing one, as you can’t pull on a regulation jumper to solve the problem. And it’s not just shop assistants – people working in all sectors will feel the benefit of air conditioning. London workers in offices, schools, hospitals, or any indoor work place, are often glad to cool off – literally as well as metaphorically.

A cool environment is important in all work sites, where people have to be productive consistently for long stretches of time – and a cool environment can be best achieved with expertly fitted air conditioning. London workers, and all people working hard, are easily made irritable or distracted by uncomfortable environments.

This is at its most relevant in the summer months, when office workers are, like their computers, in serious danger of overheating without air conditioning. London workers know that heat in the summer months can be more oppressive than cold in the winter months. After all, for a long time Brits have dealt with summer by stripping down to as little as possible and going to sit in the back garden with a drink of something cold – but that’s not an ideal strategy during the workday!

When it gets nippy in winter, if the central heating isn’t working to perfection, workers can just pull on a jacket or jumper. But depending on the strictness of the office dress code, it’s pretty much impossible to adjust your work clothes for summer without air conditioning. London offices will still require men to wear trousers and long-sleeved shirts, and women closed-toed shoes and nothing too revealing.

This means that workers need an alternative system for staying cool. Everyone is familiar with the way that mundane tasks can be made almost impossible when strong heat is slowly putting you to sleep at your desk – and this problem can be solved with air conditioning. London workers – and workers across the globe! – know that even the most fascinating tasks can be a nuisance when you’re struck by lethargy. Although buying your staff a round of ice creams when the temperature gets unbearable would be fun, most employers have decided that it’s far less hassle to invest in air conditioning – London employers will probably find that it’s cheaper in the long run as well!

In any office which aims to attract big business, some of the visiting clients are bound to be travelling from overseas. This is particularly relevant in work areas such as the Square Mile or Canary Wharf, but is true for all offices and places of business. Air conditioning in London offices shows a taste for luxury and modernity – but is still not considered an absolute necessity. However, in certain other countries - particularly the United States of America - a lack of air conditioning in any month of the year, demonstrates a sloppy and unprofessional work environment. In the summer months, air conditioning will be useful to keep up workers’ morale. Throughout the rest of the year, it will be necessary in order to do business with people who are at the top of their game not just in their own country, but in the world.

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A final word on air conditioning: London, in its status as an international city, is swiftly seeing air conditioning become a necessity. The success of the tagline for the city, ‘Come to London – see the world,’ depends not just on the regular influx of new short-term students and immigrants, but on the international business done in the city.

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