We’ll advise you on the best insulation to suit your home’s needs and provide a professional installation to help you achieve maximum energy efficiency. Much of your home’s heat can be lost through the roof, especially if you have insufficient attic insulation. That’s because warm air rises, even inside a house. Heated air expelled by baseboard heaters and radiators can quickly make its way to your ceiling and through your roof. If you can easily see your joists, or if there are ice dams or melting snow on your roof during winter, more insulation is probably needed. Most homes are not adequately insulated, which causes the heating system or furnace to run harder to heat the home. This results in higher utility bills during winter. Adding insulation to the attic, basement walls, crawl spaces, and the floor above an unfinished basement can solve this problem. Are you unsure whether your home is well insulated? Contact us to schedule an appointment to find out.