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For years, Cool Air Mechanical has been an expert provider of heating, cooling, ventilation and water heater services throughout Atlanta area. If you find it is time to have a new heating or cooling system installed in your home, or should you want somebody to take over repair for you HVAC system in Atlanta, call us now and discover much more about our full range of services.

What makes Cool Air Mechanical different from different HVAC service provider in the area? We pride ourselves on providing expert services to each one of our visitors - from guaranteeing your brand-new heating or cooling system is installed correctly to keeping it running smoothly on a yearly basis for a long time to come.

Each of our technicians is selected based on their ability to offer the utmost in service to each of the visitors they visit and they are prepared for almost any matter that will happen. If you are interested in getting more from your heating and cooling systems in Atlanta or alternative surrounding region, provide us a call now.

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HVAC Services

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement
If you live in Atlanta, you need an air conditioning system that will keep you comfortable. It should be reliable, sufficiently sized to the needs of your home, and well maintained so that it continues working each summer as it did when you bought it.For all these reasons, you should call Cool Air Mechanical for your Atlanta air conditioning needs. We offer a full range of air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair services and can keep you and your family comfortable throughout the summer.
Installation of a new air conditioner is a major project and must be done properly to ensure you have reliable cooling each summer. The first step in this process is to measure how much cooling your home needs and ensure the system selected matches those needs.We will then determine what type of air conditioner is the best fit for your home. There are many options available depending on whether you have ductwork installed in your home already (and if there is space for it if you do not). We also offer installation of ductless and high velocity systems for older homes and offer dual fuel systems for those that want dedicated heating from a heat pump system.
If you are having an existing air conditioner replaced, we offer full Atlanta air conditioning replacement services as well. We will remove your existing system and then examine the air handler and ductwork to determine what type of replacement would work best. We will ensure you save money with an energy efficient upgrade that matches your particular needs.
Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance
Your air conditioner is a major investment and for that reason, it is important that you have regular maintenance performed to keep it in good working condition. Maintenance services performed on a regular basis will keep your air conditioner running like new each summer and reduce the cost of cooling your entire home.
During maintenance visits, we will inspect your entire system, replace worn parts, tighten connections, replace filters, check condensate drains and clean coils. The goal of our maintenance team is to ensure your system is in good working order before it is turned on for the first time each summer.If something stops working properly in the interim, we also offer emergency repair services for all major brands and types of air conditioners.
Your metro Atlanta or Decatur air conditioning system is an important part of your home and one of the few ways that your family stays comfortable each summer. So, it’s important that it is properly installed and remains well maintained – that’s why you should call Cool Air Mechanical for all your air conditioning needs.
Cool Air Mechanical repairs and installs new heating systems in Atlanta and the surrounding area. We can help you select the right heating system for your home, then install it for you quickly and professionally, ensuring it will work properly for years to come. If you are interested in learning more about our installation, maintenance or repair services on heating systems, give us a call today.
Heating Installation
Heating installation in Alpharetta, or other area homes, starts by selecting the right system for your home. We do this by carefully measuring the square footage of your home and selecting a heating system that matches those particular needs. Depending on your budget and the current components already installed in your home, we can help you select a new furnace or heat pump to match your home’s heating needs.
Once we have selected a new heat pump or furnace, we will install the system for you and ensure it works properly with your existing air handler and ductwork. If upgrades are needed to your flue liner or any part of your air distribution system, we will make them as well. For all of your Alpharetta heating installation needs, give us a call.
Heating Maintenance
Once you have a new system installed, it’s important to have a heating maintenance plan, in Marietta or other Atlanta area, so your system is inspected once a year and tuned up for the coming heating season. We offer a variety of heating maintenance plans to match your specific furnace or heat pump including preventative maintenance, tune ups, warranty service calls and coil cleaning. Call on us for any heating service, Cool Air Mechanical offers heating maintenance in Kennesaw, Decatur, and other Atlanta areas.
Heating Repair
If your heating system stops working during the middle of a particularly cold stretch of weather, you need someone that can fix it fast. For all your Atlanta heating repair needs, call us. Whether it’s an emergency or a routine repair we are on call and ready to get your heating system back in working order fast.
Heating Replacement
If you need Atlanta heating replacement services, call us today. We can help you choose a new furnace or heat pump to match the specific needs of your home. We will help you find an upgrade that is more energy efficient and friendly to your budget and then install it expertly so it runs for years to come.A good heating system is a must for any home, so when it comes time to have yours replaced or if you need maintenance or repairs done, call Cool Air Mechanical today. We serve the entire Atlanta metro area and can be there for you any time, any day.

Additional Information

Indoor air quality in Atlanta and the greater metro area is a concern for millions of homeowners. One reason for this is that air cannot ventilate freely because of the extensive insulation used to stop cooling and heating loss.For this reason, we recommend the installation of air quality systems that actively exchange indoor/outdoor air, remove contaminants, temper humidity and kill germs like bacteria and viruses. If you are ready for a full health and energy audit or would like someone to install a new air cleaner, call Cool Air Mechanical today to get started.
Air Quality Testing in Atlanta and Decatur,Our Atlanta indoor air quality specialists offer a number of services to identify the source of low indoor air quality. Starting with a full health and energy audit, which we can use to determine what contaminants pose the greatest risk and to check for ways to improve energy efficiency, we will do a full evaluation of your home and it’s needs.We also provide full mold testing for homeowners throughout the metro Atlanta area and can ensure your home isn’t harboring hidden mold spores.
Metro Atlanta and Alpharetta Indoor Air Quality Upgrades,If you are ready for an upgrade to your Alpharetta or Decatur indoor air quality we offer installation services for a number of systems including air filtration, UV germicidal lights, energy recovery ventilators, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and more. With the right combination of systems designed to remove various forms of allergens and contaminants, you’ll never again need to worry about low quality indoor air.
The right system will do three things. It will remove larger contaminants that trigger allergies and asthma symptoms, it will remove smaller particles, and it will ventilate air effectively without it costing a fortune in added energy costs.That’s what we can promise you – the peace of mind knowing that your Atlanta or Kennesaw indoor air quality is as clean as possible for every member of your family and that it in no way affects what you pay each month for gas or electricity.
Call for Atlanta’s Indoor Air Quality Experts,If you live in the metro Atlanta area and are ready to have a major upgrade performed on your indoor air quality system or if you have an existing system and you need maintenance or repair work done on it, now is the time to call Cool Air Mechanical. We offer expert service, highly trained technicians and a commitment to excellence that few can match. Call today to learn more.
Your HVAC system represents a major investment in your home. So, it make sense that you would want it to stay in as good of condition as possible, not just to minimize your expenses, but to increase the value of your home. An annual maintenance plan for each aspect of your home’s HVAC system – including the air conditioner, heating system, indoor air quality components, and water heaters – can do just this.
If you are ready to select a Metro Atlanta maintenance plan for your home’s HVAC system, call Cool Air Mechanical today. We can provide a number of maintenance plans targeted to the specific needs of your home so you never again need to worry about the cost of energy or repairs.The Benefits of Preventive Heater and Air Conditioner Maintenance in Atlanta,Your HVAC system runs constantly for most months of the year. Your Atlanta heating system runs for most of the days between December and February and your air conditioner in metro Atlanta is likely on from late April until the end of October. So, those systems are put under a lot of stress. Moving parts can wear down, electrical connections can loosen, and filters can become dirty or clogged.
Most modern HVAC systems will warn you when the system is broken or close to being broken. There are a number of symptoms that this might be the case, including a loss of capacity, higher energy bills, or unnatural sounds. But, if you wait until your system displays these signs, permanent damage might already have been done.To ensure this does not happen, you should schedule an ongoing, preventive heater and air conditioning maintenance program in Alpharetta or metro Atlanta area. With ongoing maintenance, performed each spring and fall before the coming cooling or heating season, you can ensure your system is ready for rigors of constant operation. Connections are tightened, filters are changed, drains are cleaned, and moving parts are inspected and oiled.
By doing these things, your contractor fixes small issues before they can develop into bigger issues while also ensuring the system runs as efficiently as possible. Most HVAC systems lose a certain degree of efficiency each year of operation. Annual preventive maintenance can stop this from happening and keep your system in top condition for multiple years.The Relative Cost and Benefit of an Atlanta HVAC Maintenance Program,Because preventive air conditioning maintenance in Marietta or metro Atlanta will keep your HVAC system running like new for longer, reduces the need for unexpected repairs and prolongs the life of every component in the system, you save money almost immediately by having one. Not only that but you have peace of mind knowing that your HVAC system will work when you need it to – when the temperature drops below freezing or rises above 90 degrees.
Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Experts in Atlanta.If you do not have a metro Atlanta or Decatur heating and air conditioning maintenance program for your HVAC system or if you are ready to upgrade your current maintenance program to a more comprehensive solution, call Cool Air Mechanical. We can ensure your system is in top working condition going forward and stays that way for years to come.

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