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American Energy Heating & Air

2107 N. Decatur Road , Decatur- 30033
Georgia , United States  United States
(+1) 678-887-8522 http://www.americanenergyhvac.com
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American Energy Heating & Air - Decatur

Air Conditioning, Heating & Indoor Air Quality Services!Here at American Energy Heating & Air, it was our pleasure to provide the highest comfort control for the Decatur, GA and Greater Atlanta community for a long time. We are a full service residential and commercial air conditioning/heating organization. Our foundation consists of effective, reliable and expense powerful heating, air conditioning and indoor air standard treatments.

Quality HVAC, heating and cooling goods are just where we start. The technicians at American Energy Heating & Air are trained and prepared to handle anything from routine repair on a residential system to complete turnkey installations for commercial conditions.

American Energy Heating & Air has your family or company the number one heating and air conditioning treatments and HVAC services combined with an amount of customer service that will surpass your expectations. Let our team of courteous, licensed and trained experts aid you with your HVAC installation, repair or service requirements today!Call us at 678-887-8522 to schedule an estimate or to speak to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

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HVAC Services

A central air conditioning system is usually combined with a heating system because they share some of the same devices, and of course the same ductwork for distributing conditioned air: The Air is filtered. As with air conditioning, the air is filtered before entering the furnace.The air is heated. The gas (or oil fired) furnace heats the air by igniting (from the pilot) flames and heating a metal unit called the heat exchanger.
This heat exchanger then heats the air as it is forced through the system (via the same fan used to bring air through the evaporator coil when cooling in the summer). Note: as mentioned earlier, a variable speed fan in a furnace produces higher efficiency for both heating and cooling. Is able to move at different speeds to efficiently keep air moving through your home even then the furnace is not running. This improves home comfort and humidity levels when indoor air quality products are in place like air cleaners, humidifiers, UV lamps and ventilators.
The air is humidified. Since air is normally dry in the winter, and heating will zap more moisture, a whole home humidifier can be mounted after the furnace to properly humidify the indoor air. This helps the air feel warmer which means you can keep the temperature lower, resolves the health related irritations of dry air, and protects paintings, woodwork and instruments in your home!Air is exchanged. As in the summer, an energy recovery ventilator can exchange outside air with stale indoor air without losing the energy used to heat and humidify the home.
Heat Pump or Cooling Only System.When using a heat pump to heat and cool your home, or when you live in a climate where only air conditioning is needed, an air handler replaces your furnace and evaporator coil.An air handler is also referred to as a fan coil (usually based on installation design), but in a very basic sense, an air handler is a combination of an evaporator coil and the variable speed fan from a furnace. In a residential home it is normally installed in the same space as a furnace/evaporator combo. How it works:
 Cooling in the summer. For "air conditioning" with a heat pump and fan coil, everything works the same as with a normal A/C unit, evaporator coil and furnace configuration. The same refrigerant, the same process, etc. Heating in the winter. During the winter, the heat pump reverses the cooling process. Though it may not feel like it, even in cold weather air retains heat. And as long as the refrigerant is colder than the outside air, heat can be extracted. A heat pump absorbs this heat, heats the refrigerant and then sends the heated refrigerant back inside to the fan coil where the coil then heats the air. The balance point is a term used to describe the point where the outside air temp and heat pump capability matches. Below this point supplemental heat is required because the heat pump cannot pull enough heat from the air outside.
Hybrid Systems.A hybrid system is designed to offer higher heating efficiency during colder months. Heat pumps, unless geothermal, are all electric and can be less expensive to run when the outside temperature is 40° and above. A gas furnace is typically less expensive to heat with when temperatures drop below 40° (this of course varies based on local gas and utility prices). Cooling with a hybrid system. There is no difference to cooling when a hybrid system is in place.
During warm weather the heat pump performs just like an air conditioner by pressurizing and cooling the refrigerant while the evaporator coil and furnace operate like example one. Cooling with a hybrid system. In the winter, the heat pump and gas furnace switch on and off depending on determined fuel prices and temperature. When the air is cold but not bitter cold, the heat pump haply heats your home for less money. When temperatures dive to freezing and below, the furnace takes over. And you pay less on monthly winter utilities!

Additional Information

Indoor comfort control is more than just temperature control - it means creating a healthy home environment by purifying and refreshing your indoor air. Did you know that the EPA considers indoor air quality a major health concern? This is partially due to the fact that modern homes are sealed tightly for better energy efficiency. However this means indoor air becomes stale while things like mold spores, viruses, pet dander, bacteria and toxins remain trapped inside, recycling through your HVAC system.
The good news for our Decatur area customers is that American Energy Heating & Air provides products which integrate into your HVAC system, and work together to clean, purify and humidify your indoor air! Read more below:Air Cleaner.Air cleaners effectively remove microscopic particles from your indoor air. They trap things like dust, pollens, pet dander, mold spores, fungi, bacteria and tobacco smoke making your indoor air significantly cleaner and less contaminated. An air cleaner is given a MERV rating to rate the effectiveness of the unit. MERV ratings go from 1-16, with 16 as the highest rating possible. Advanced air cleaners do more than just filter air, they capture and kill airborne pollutants such as bacteria, viruses and mold, purifying the air your family breathes!
Ventilators are an important part of indoor air quality solutions because they replace stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air. The beauty of a ventilator is that it makes this air exchange while recovering the energy used to heat or cool the air. It is almost like opening a window in the winter time without losing any heat - the best of both worlds. Efficient and innovative Energy Recovery Ventilators bring fresh air into your home throughout the longer cooling season, while Heat Recovery Ventilators keep your air warm and fresh during longer heating seasons - forcing stale air and pollutants out of your home.
You can protect your home and your family from allergy-causing mold with UVC air purifiers / UV Lamps. UV Lamps from zap the mold and bacteria that can sometimes grow in the moist environment of your air conditioning or indoor coils. This way, unhealthy pollutants are killed and won't circulate through your family's home. They use the same technology that's long been used by water treatment facilities and is now adapted for safe and efficient home air purification.
UV air purifiers are typically mounted inside the evaporator coil, and work with air cleaners, ventilators and filters to keep your family healthy while also helping maintain the evaporator coil.Whole Home Humidifier.Fan Powered Humidifiers are independent units which add moisture directly into your ductwork with their own fans while a Bypass Humidifier works with your furnace to deliver moisture throughout your home. A whole home humidifier saves energy in dry winter months because a house feels warmer with the right humidity level. Proper humidity also helps protect wooden furniture, flooring and instruments.

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