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410 Grayson Parkway , Grayson- 30017
Georgia , United States  United States
(+1) 6789355065 http://edensair.com
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Edens Heating & Cooling - Grayson

About Edens HVAC.I formed Edens Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. after being the General Manager for two big Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning Companies functioning for one 12 years the other for 10 years and still have a good relationship with both firms.When the economy slowed down the latter piece of 2008, I found that functioning for a family owned and operated firm, family is the last to be cut. With my knowledge of 30 plus years in the company and previous ownership of my own organization, I decided that I would take my savings and set up a business ran the way I recognize it ought to be. I would cost my services to create a profit for myself, pay for training and standard tools, and offer a stable function environment for employees.

With the slowdown in the economy, a great deal of standard personnel were allowed go through no mistake of their own and it has certainly been a perfect time to obtain trained employees. I consistently receive telephone calls complementing me on having such trained, standard and polite Technicians. I think this assists us keep our 5 star rating on Kudzu as a result of our personnel we have. We like for the homeowner to follow us about. We are ready to explain what and why we are doing what we do when diagnosing an issue. From the get go, I sought to keep training and yearly devote many hours to attending Factory sponsored schools and maintaining certification in the fields of Air Balancing and Combustion efficiency.

I choose to locate the company in Lawrenceville to be close to all of the major supply homes and centrally positioned to the desirable regions of Grayson, Snellville, Loganville, (member of Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce), Lawrenceville, South Gwinnett, Lilburn (member of Lilburn Company Association), Johns Creek, Buford, Auburn, Dacula, Winder, and Bethlehem. We also cover Lithonia, Stone Mountain, and Norcross. We are a Drug Free company and member of the BBB.

With the blessings we have received and the development of the firm, we were recently capable to buy our own building and are today situated in downtown Grayson. This really is just 6 miles from our authentic place but puts us more centrally positioned for dispatch. Plus it’s wonderful to have “our” area. Soon, we are going to have a Showroom set up thus you may come by and see the latest in HVAC and accessories offered like Humidifiers, Air Filters, Zoning Dampers and Thermostats.“I am in business to create a profit, but if I cannot talk about the business in Church, then I never need that kind of business.

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Other HVAC Services : AC Repair, Duct Cleanling, Thermostat Repair

Service Type : No,All customers come to the business location

HVAC Services

Heating Rpair
Dirty condenser coils, the part of the A/C or Heat pump that is outside year round, will raise refrigerant pressure and make the unit use more electricity than it should. Think how your car would do if you blocked off half of the radiator with cardboard in the hottest part of the summer. Cleaning the coils regularly will keep your unit cooler while saving you money on your utility bill. A dirty coil or filter can increase your operating costs up to 50%.

The refrigerant charge needs to be checked regularly to help prevent future repairs. Yes refrigerant does not go bad and in a perfect world you would never need to add or adjust the charge. But, with something that is mechanical and runs all summer ,and in the case of Heat Pumps all winter also, leaks can develop from a variety of reasons, vibration, stress or mechanical failure. A low or high refrigerant charge of just 10% can increase your operating costs by 20%!

Your filter should stop most dirt but some may get through. When it hits the wet dehumidifying coil it will attach to it and eventually float off with the condensate water and it may end up clogging your drain. We will make sure you have overflow switches installed and they are working properly and also drain water through your system to make sure it is operating properly.A dirty blower wheel will reduce air flow and this causes your unit to operate longer.  If real dirty it can lead to compressor failure due to flooding back of refrigerant to your compressor. It’s designed to pump a vapor NOT liquid.All Manufacturers recommend regular maintenance to keep the unit operating at its best and some require proof that the unit has been maintained to keep the warranty valid.

Duct Cleaning
In addition to normal accumulations of dust and dirt found in all homes through regular use, there are several other factors that can increase the need for air duct cleaning:Pets.Occupants with allergies or asthma.Cigarette or cigar smoke.Water contamination or damage to the home / HVAC system.Home renovation or remodeling projects.Some occupants are more sensitive to these contaminants than others. Allergy and asthma sufferers, as well as young children and the elderly tend to be more susceptible to the types of poor indoor air quality that air duct cleaning can help to address.

Clean duct work ensures efficient and healthy air flow throughout your home or office. This relatively simple service can help in reducing utility bills.At the same time you CLEAN your ducts they  can SEALthem from the inside. Duct sealing provides better air flow throughout the system due to reduced loss of pressure from leaks. Duct leaks are the major cause of loss throughout a system. Measure to find out what you are paying for and not getting. Most houses are losing 30 to 35% of conditioned air from their duct work.

Air Conditioners
It is generally more efficient and less cumbersome - and always more attractive from the outside - to cool your home with central air conditioning rather than by buying separate units for separate rooms. In fact, it is also a healthier, less noisy solution.When your central air turns on, it draws warm air from throughout the home into return-air ducts. A filter then removes and absorbs airborne particles and pollutants from the air. Then the air courses through ductwork that carries it back into the rooms. (This is also a good time to mention that we also do ductwork cleaning!).Another benefit of central air is that the fan and compressor sit outside your home, which promises a much lower level of indoor noise over free-standing units.

If your home already has central air, you may be aware of it benefits - but are you aware that your system may benefit from a EDENS service call? We will thoroughly inspect the system, including your filters, to ensure that everything is working at peak efficiency and you are not paying more than you should be for your air conditioning energy needs.If you do not currently have central air in your home, why not schedule a time for us to visit you and discuss the benefits and costs of making the switch? You can explore the many ways to save on central air products and service today, and also consider the annual savings and future home re-sale benefits that a central air conditioning system offers you.

If your current system requires replacement, you can be assured we are an authorized dealer for two of the best lines of HVAC equipment available, Amana and Carrier.With our combined 60 years of experience we decided to offer the best in terms of local support and stock. There are some differences in the equipment out there but, the most important part of purchasing a new system is having the new system installed correctly the first time!

Additional Information

Zoning is a method of breaking your home or office into zones as seen in the diagram to the left. Then through careful analysis and planning, and the proper placement of dampers, thermostats and other devices into the system help to produce a more even cooling and heating of the space. When your HVAC system cools or heats your space properly the system is more efficient and saves you money.

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