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Cool Car Air Conditioning Specialists

9 Bledlow Rise , Northampton- NN4 9YE
Northampton , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
(+44) 01604 935122 http://www.coolcaraircon.co.uk
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Cool Car Air Conditioning Specialists - Northampton

Cool Car Air Conditioning Specialists  is one of the car air conditioning concern with specialize in CAR AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE, RECHARGE, RE-GAS, REPAIR, A/C PARTS & FITTING. we are MOBILE, Welcome to COOL CAR - Car Air Conditioning Specialists for over 20 years, and services vehicle air conditioning to the public.

Today we are providing an R1234yf Car Air Conditioning Recharge all over UK. From the start of 2013 it is most compulsory in the EU for all unique cars which are to be sold should utilize the fresh vehicle air conditioning refrigerant, R1234yf Replacing the older R134a. For many people this really is nothing to be concerned about at the moment, as it’s just affecting modern cars, but for the leading dealers this might be proving an issue as they are not prepared to re gas (recharge) the air conditioning of a car with fresh gas, which is fairly pricey compared to R134a in addition to require some modern equipment to work. So, today at cool car we provide R1234yf Car Air Conditioning Recharge via Dave our Birmingham technician to people in the UK who require this service.

You might ask why the industry is changing the refrigerant with R1234yf. Well it’s driven by ecological concerns with R134a found in many cars now, whoever just place R1234yf is a bit more environmental friendly. But the introduction of this gas is not without controversy as Mercedes-Benz when testing the new gas mentioned that is why it may result explosions on impact as it's flammable.

But then so is petrol. They have refused to utilize the modern gas, so a complete debate is raging about whether to continue with this gas or not.  A lot of fresh cars are nevertheless being sold with r134a while the argument goes on. So, in the meantime, we will provide a R1234yf Car Air Conditioning Recharge service if required. Please contact Dave on 0121 369 2667 for more info or look for his details here. This entry was posted in Car Air Conditioning and tagged aircon recharge, aircon rega, aircon regas, Car Air Conditioning, r1234yf, r134a, recharge, regas, regassing. Bookmark the permalink.

Is your vehicle air conditioning not functioning? Need an aircon recharge or service? Hhaving any Auto air conditioning issue? If so, welcome to COOL CAR - Car Air Conditioning who are Specialists for 25 years, and services of car aircon is to the public, trade, localized garages and primary dealers. We provide a MOBILE CAR AIRCON SERVICE with totally qualified technicians specialising in aircon regas (recharge), servicing, components installing, mistake diagnosis, and repair of automobile, van, and agricultural cars. Want A/C Parts? Full A/C Service, find out at - Coolcar Regas Service. Here we provide a mobile automobile aircon regas servicing and repair .service at fair and affordable costs. We have over 25 years of experience in the air conditioning industry and we employ the highest qualified technicians in our team. We provide a range of services from a expert and proficient team.

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HVAC Services

Initial system test, Check system components such as hoses, belts, condenser,compressor, fans, electrics etc, Recover any existing refrigerant from the system , Check internal system controls, flaps, heating etc,Full post re-gas system test.


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Our service is mobile, we can keep our costs down. No need to waste time booking your car into a garage or dealership and pay over inflated prices.At Cool Car we supply a mobile car aircon regas servicing and repair service at reasonable and affordable prices. We have over 25 years of experience in the air conditioning industry and we employ only the highest qualified engineers to be part of our team. We offer a variety of services from a professional and experienced team.

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