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Coolers & Condensers Ltd.

12 Brunel Way,Segensworth East Industrial Estate , Fareham- PO15 5TX
England , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
(+44) 1489885533 Fax : 1489885280 http://www.coolersandcondensers.co.uk/
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Coolers & Condensers Ltd. - Fareham

A very lucrative, independent and innovative maker of heat exchange treatments, established in 1984 with a wealth of knowledge and experience from more than 20 years. Always in the vanguard of design we pioneered the utilization of pre-treated galvanised steel, cleanable coolers and stainless steel casing, whilst our advances in stainless steel tube maker set the practices by which the modern generation of ammonia goods are today judged.

From initial enquiry to installation of the finished product, we keep a close functioning relationship with our customers. Firstly to guarantee that their needs are properly interpreted and the finest solutions offered. Secondly, in partnership with our clients, we follow our treatments into the field to gain experience of the wide spectrum of conditions which exist on website .This equally enables us the distinctive chance for operational research. Our Service Engineers are trained to function under all conditions to repair accidental damage or change on request on our own treatments or those of other suppliers.

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Additional Information

The PREMI-AIRE air handling unit is modular in concept. Each section can stand alone or be coupled to adjoining sections in a variety of different ways thus providing the most effective and flexible installation features possible. Composite construction is an alternative cost effective option on smaller models.

Accessibility & Hygiene,All sections provide maximum access for general and major maintenance. Each section can also (as standard) be provided with base drainage to facilitate total cleaning and customer hygiene regimes.Range,The PREMI-AIRE ‘AA’ series of air-handling units provides maximum flexibility of selection within the standard* model range. The reference suffix …AA1, or AA1.5 and AA2 relate to the unit overall cross-section aspect ratio. For example …AA1 is as wide as high and …AA1.5 is one and a half times wide as high etc.The prefix numbers broadly relate to the unit nominal air volume (dependant upon coil velocity).Therefore with the exception of the beginning and end of the model range it should be possible to select at least two, if not three alternative aspect ratios from the standard series*, allowing the best option to be selected for the application and location.The standard* range covers air volumes from 0.5 m3/s through to 25.0 m3/s. However, very much larger and to a limited extent smaller air volumes can be accommodated.

Premi-Aire Air-Handing Units,Standard models may be modified to suit space limitations etc., without the penalty of ‘special unit’ costing. Despite there being a standard range all PREMI-AIRE air-handling units are bespoke, designed and built to the customer’s specific requirement.Units may be manufactured for external location, provided in a fully weatherproof format including a separate, naturally ventilated roof designed to reduce solar gain impact.

Insulation,The standard panel and framework core insulation is Styrofoam, expanded polystyrene, which is light, yet rigid and structurally strong. It has been safely used within the building industry for over 40 years.The air-handling unit panels are laminated on inner and outer faces with food safe Stelvatite, but other facing materials may be substituted. Styrofoam has excellent thermal performance, being far superior to mineral wool or fibreglass alternatives.Alternative insulation materials are available to suit the application.The most common for lower or higher temperature projects is PIR, a rigid foam insulation based upon phenolic resin

Insulation Specs,Filtration,Any form of filtration can be incorporated from the basic G4 disposable panel filter through to the highest efficiency HEPA. Stainless steel washable mesh filters are also available to collect grease or to provide foundation filtration in dusty/dirty conditions where disposable filters would be changed too frequently. Odour control may be achieved using activated carbon filters and air sanitization by a suitable UV system.

Heat Exchangers,The PREMI-AIRE air handling unit can incorporate any form of heat exchanger from the conventional finned coil through to direct or indirect gas heat exchangers. Conventional finned coil coolers are mounted in a specific section, which is provided with a separate extended stainless steel drain tray.This tray features a two-directional fall to the outlet drain connection, thereby ensuring continuous ‘dry’ operation without pooling.The coils are mounted on runners for ease of withdrawal and sealed to a bulkhead, preventing any air by-pass. Heaters either finned coil, electric or indirect gas, may be included in the heat exchanger section, or in other sections as required.

Fans,Forward curved, backward curved, heavy duty backward curved and plug fans are secured onto purpose designed, rigid, all welded, hot-dipped galvanised steel frames, which in turn are mounted on high efficiency, enclosed spring anti-vibration mounts.This arrangement ensures quiet and vibration free operation. Fans may be belt or direct driven and all drive motors are suitable for inverter control. If required the drive motors may be mounted outside the air stream. Axial flow fans can also be accommodated, where the application suits.

Heat Recovery and other,All types of air to air or media to air heat recovery can be included in the PREMI-AIRE air handling unit. From thermal wheels to cross-flow heat exchangers, run-around coils, heat pipes and heat pumps etc… Similarly any type of humidification and/or dehumidification, including chemical and desiccant drying may be built into the airhandling unit. In fact most air processing activities can be accommodated within the PREMI-AIRE air handling unit.

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