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Air Quality Heating & Air Conditioning

128 N Illinois Street , Hobart- 46342
Indiana , United States  United States
(+1) 2199427777 Fax : 2199427782 http://www.airqualityheating.com
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Air Quality Heating & Air Conditioning - Hobart

With more than 40 years of expertise in the HVAC business, Air Quality Heating & Air Conditioning is an HVAC business that knows the concerns of a customer at an urgent time in need. We pride ourselves on quick and courteous service. We provide same-day, 24-hour emergency service to keep both you and your family comfortable all the time and we always treat you and your house or apartment with the utmost respect. Our services include: Furnace repair and installation, Air conditioning repair, service and installation, Boiler repair, service and installation.

Our expert team will thoroughly clean and inspect the central air conditioning equipment. Our service include a deep chemical clean for the outside coil, checking the Freon pressure, inspecting all the electric connections, the compressor motor amperage, the air flow and distribution, lubricate the engine and blower if required and check the air temperature. Properly maintained air conditioning equipment will keep your house cool even in the hottest temperatures of summer.

Air Quality Heating & Air Conditioning serves Cedar Lake, Crown Point, Dyer, East Chicago, Griffith, Hammond, Hessville, Highland, Hobart, Lake Station, Lowell, Merrillville, Munster, Schererville, St. John, and Whiting. Call us @ 219 942 7777 for your service needs.

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Other HVAC Services : AC Repair, AC Replacement, Furnace Repair

Service Type : Yes, this business serves customers at their Location
Emergency Services:Services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
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BrandTrane, Bryant, Armstrong, American Standard, Lennox, Payne, Carrier, Ruud, Rheem, Luxaire, Janitrol, Coleman, Goodman, Sure Comfort, Amana, Ducane, Nordyne

HVAC Services

Air Conditioning Repair, Service, & Installation

We offer Top Brand name Air Conditioning units with the new Puron or 410A Freon in 13, 14.5, 16 and higher Seer systems. Professional custom fabrication installation combined with high seer units ensure the best energy savings of low electric bills and high output cooling. We also have R22 replacements condensers to offer. With just one phone call and same day service available, you can receive a total diagnosis of most makes and models for your existing cooling system with a complete report of suggestive repairs to have top optimized air conditioning to keep your home cool. Our highly trained technicians will only complete any repair only after discussing with you first and receiving your approval to move forward.

Boiler Repair, Service, & Installation

Hot Water or Steam Boiler Installation- With hot water or steam boilers, today's models are more customer friendly to help keep your boiler in good service for years to come. We will only install any boiler with all safety and code requirements held to the utmost importance. Our boiler installation teams work indulgently to complete an installation in one day. From beginning to finish, we remove all debris and leave your home as clean as when we had arrived. Hot Water or Steam Boiler Repair Service- At Air Quality Heating & Air Conditioning, you can expect to have around the clock customer service when you need us, we specialize in both hot water and steam boiler repair and with our highly trained technicians to repair any of your boiler issues, after thoroughly diagnosing the boiler your technician will consult with you all problems and the cost before performing any and all repairs.


Hot Water Boilers- Hot water boilers offer a great combination of heating comfort, efficiency, and dependability. In addition to outstanding performance and economical operating cost, there are many benefits to owning a hot water boiler: Radiation heat offers the cleanest of heat, Radiation heat offers the most even comfort, Radiation heat retains a heating mass with no sudden temperature changes. Steam Boilers- Today's compact boilers replace yesterday's monsters, New steam boilers have simplified easy maintaining control systems, Today's replacements have more safety controlling devices for your protection.

Furnace Repair & Installation

Furnace Installation of Replacement- A new energy high efficiency furnace installation will save money on your heating cost's, conserve fuel, and keep your home consistently warm in winter. We offer many Top Quality brands, with 80%, 90%, 92%, 95%, efficiency's to choose from, and our seasoned custom fabrication teams will professionally complete any entire furnace installation or if your needs are to have a upgraded furnace replacement, No matter your requirements, they will be completed with the utmost perfection. Call today for a free estimate on any of our new high efficiency furnaces, professional installation or replacement.


Furnace Repair Service- Our Highly trained technicians with over 40 year of experience of furnace repair will perform a complete diagnostic evaluation and discuss with you any and all resolutions to the diagnosis before performing any furnace repair. We pride ourselves with honest reliable furnace service and fair prices to better serve our customers in the unexpected time of need when having heating troubles.

Chimney Liner Replacement & Installation

The flue of a chimney is the passageway of the chimney that serves to carry smoke and other combustion products out of the building and into the air. A chimney liner is a material inserted into the flue of the chimney in order to keep combustion products from the fireplace (or other appliance) safely contained as it flows up the chimney. With the right materials and resources, a chimney liner can be inserted into any existing chimney. Although building codes vary from state to state and city to city, a chimney liner installation is highly recommended, no matter where you live. It is the most important part of the chimney system! Chimney Liner Inspection- Inspection of your chimney consists of inserting a camera to view if there are any obstructions and to verify the safety that all of the exhausting gas is contained properly and being removed from your home.


Chimney Liner Installation- We install only AGA approved chimney lining materials that consist of double walled metal lining equipment from the top with a weather cap, down to the base of a chimney where your furnace and water heater connect into and ensure total containment of all exhausting gas. Types of Chimney Liners- Clay Tile Chimney Liners - The most common type of masonry chimney liners, clay tile chimney liners are inexpensive and readily available. They open fireplace chimneys well and are easy to maintain. They cannot absorb rapidly, however, sometimes causing cracks in the flue tiles.


Metal Chimney Liners - Metal chimney liners are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum. They are used to upgrade or repair existing chimneys. Most of the time, high temperature insulation is required to be used in conjunction with metal chimney liners. Cast-in-Place Chimney Liners - Cast-in-place chimney liners are lightweight and cement-like. They are installed inside the chimney, forming a smooth surface for an insulated passageway, all while improving the structural integrity of aging chimneys.

Air Quality Installation

Humidifier- Have you ever considered whether or not you need a whole house humidifier? A humidifier might be a great addition to your whole home comfort system if you: Find yourself zapped by static shock, Wake up in the morning with a sore throat, chapped lips, or just feeling dry all over, Notice cracking in your wood furniture, floors, or drywall, You may notice that these issues become worse in the winter. Your heating system adds to these humidity-related problems because the process of heating the air removes moisture. A whole house humidifier can be installed on your heating system to add moisture to the warm air and deliver it through the duct system to your entire home, making you and your family more comfortable. Even better, a whole house humidifier can actually save you money. A home with higher humidity will feel warmer, allowing you to be more comfortable at lower temperatures.


Electronic Air Cleaner- An Electronic Air Cleaner is a device which removes contaminates from the air. These devices are commonly marketed as being beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics, and at reducing or eliminating second-hand smoke.When these unites are attached to a heating system, it is capable of cleaning the air throughout your entire house. Ultraviolet Purifier- Just as homeowners wash before eating, UV lights offer another line of defense that helps "wash" the air before breathing. UV irradiation has been used by hospitals and restaurants for years to help disinfect and prevent the spread of germs. Mold and bacteria can thrive in a variety of conditions and can be easily spread throughout a home by the heating and cooling system.

Additional Information

Air Conditioning Cleaning Specials

Our professional cleaning crew of 40 years plus in the HVAC business, Will thoroughly clean and inspect the central air conditioner. Our Cleaning consist of a deep chemical clean of the outside coil, checking the Freon pressure, inspecting all the Electrical connections, the compressor motor amperage, the air flow and distribution, lubricate the motor and blower if necessary and check the air temperature. A properly maintained air conditioner will keep your home cool in the hottest temperatures of the summer heat. Call for our Air conditioning cleaning specials today. We pride ourselves on quick and courteous service.

Boiler Cleaning Specials

40 years of cleaning and maintenance of a hot water boiler, or a steam boiler of most brand names, our cleanings consist of: Clean the burners, oil the pump, check and set all the safety controls, inspect the chimney for any obstructions and proper draft, calibrate the thermostat, check and adjust water Pressures, check water temperature, make all adjustments for top efficiency Operation to keep you and your family comfortable at all times.

Furnace Cleaning Specials

Furnace cleaning consists of a thorough cleaning of the furnace, clean the burners, check the blower, clean the base of the cold air return through the furnace, inspect the heat exchanger, oil the motor if necessary, check the chimney for any obstructions and proper draft, calibrate the thermostat, check the filters, and make all adjustments needed to ensure top operational efficiency of your equipment. Call today for our furnace cleaning specials.

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