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Rick's Heating & Cooling, Inc - Morrow

Since 1986, families and companies in Cincinnati have trusted Rick’s Heating & Cooling with all their heating and cooling demands. We have over 80 years of experience in our field, and we provide exceptional, dependable service to every one of our clients.We proudly serve the counties such as Warren, Butler, Hamilton, Clermont, Clinton and extended regions.

HVAC Installation, Replacement, Repair & Maintenance Services.If you think your HVAC equipment isn’t running to its full potential or your AC or heat pump want their yearly scheduled repair, we will come out for a HVAC Precision Tune-Up to confirm your system will run effectively throughout the season. During repair, our expert service technician will furthermore work preventative repair and identify any minor issues that need repair before they become big problems.

No matter what type of HVAC service you want for your Ohio home, Rick’s Heating & Cooling has the experience, expertise, and tools important to complete your service in a timely and affordable way to ensure your house is comfortable season after season.We provide repair, replacement, installation, and repair services for Air conditioners, Gas and oil furnaces, Heat pumps, Dual gas heat pumps, Whole-house humidifiers, Air products, Programmable thermostats and more.

At Rick’s, our first objective is to provide dependable, expert service for our customers. We know that your time is surprisingly useful, thus we schedule all appointments with a 2-hour window frame with all the availability of the call-ahead and so you're not just sitting about waiting on a service technician. We offer free in-home estimates on any unique system installation.  With over 80 years of experience in the HVAC industry, Rick’s is ready to tackle all your heating and cooling difficulties.If you want HVAC service in the Cincinnati, Ohio, region, call the experts you can trust at Rick’s Heating & Cooling and receive standard service for your home.

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Other HVAC Services : AC Installation, Heating Repair, Indoor Air Quality

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HVAC Services

Air Conditioner Installation
Are you finding that your window air conditioners are not keeping your home cool enough? Are you tired of having to install them every summer, dealing with the noise and inefficiency, and worrying about the security risks they present? Or are you interested in installing a central air conditioner in your new home? Contact Rick’s Heating & Cooling today!

We can install a central air conditioner in your home in Maineville, Morrow, Lebanon, Mason, or Cincinnati, Ohio. If you’re looking for a central air conditioning installation, call Rick’s Heating & Cooling at 513-899-6005 to schedule your free estimate!HVAC company in Ohio.Your Air Conditioning Installation in the Cincinnati Area.At Rick’s Heating & Cooling, we are an Authorized Comfort Team Armstrong Air Dealer. Some of our most popular models include the Armstrong Air 213LE air conditioner and the Armstrong Air 413LE air conditioner, all guaranteed to keep your home cool for less and last years and years.

Our air conditioning installation experts can install air conditioners of any model from Armstrong Air, and will make all necessary size and ductwork calculations to make sure you get the most out of your air conditioner every summer.If you’ve been thinking about installing a new air conditioner in your Maineville, Morrow, Lebanon, Mason, or Cincinnati, Ohio home, call Rick’s Heating & Cooling today!

Air Conditioning Installation
There are many benefits to a new air conditioning installation in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding areas, including:Better energy efficiency – New air conditioners are required, by law, to be 13 SEER or higher, and to qualify for an ENERGY STAR rating, they must be 14 SEER or higher. These systems can be twice as efficient as air conditioners manufactured and installed just 10 years ago!

Saving money – Whether you currently have window units or you’re planning on adding an AC system to your new home, a new central air conditioning installation can save you money. Over time, a high efficiency air conditioner can help lower your utility bills.Improved comfort – Hot and cold spots can be a thing of the past when you have an air conditioning installation in the Cincinnati area! Central AC provides an even, consistent temperature in your home to help you stay comfortable no matter how hot it gets outside!
Schedule Your Air Conditioning Installation in the Cincinnati Area

If you’re tired of dragging out the window air conditioners every time the temperature starts to rise, call Rick’s Heating & Cooling. We can install a central air conditioner in your home so you can be more comfortable for less money! We provide installation for all models of air conditioners, including Armstrong Air, Bryant, Carrier, Goodman, Lennox, Rheem, Trane, and York. Contact us today to schedule your air conditioning installation in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas!

Air Conditioner Repair
The only thing worse than an air conditioner that burns out in the middle of the summer (no pun intended) is calling an air conditioner repair company and finding out it’s going to be two weeks before they can take care of your unit! When you need air conditioner repair, you need it fast – that’s why you need to call Rick’s Heating & Cooling!At Rick’s, we provide fast, friendly service to families all around the Maineville, Morrow, Lebanon, Mason or Cincinnati, Ohio area. When you need air conditioner repair, don’t wait – call us today!

Reliable Air Conditioner Repair in Ohio.While properly maintained air conditioners are usually reliable, the heavy load of extra hot summers can sometimes prove too much. There are a number of things that can go wrong with air conditioners in Ohio, and Rick’s Heating and Cooling can take care of all of them! Call us today if you live in Maineville, Morrow, Lebanon, Mason or Cincinnati, Ohio and have any of the following problems:

Your air conditioner makes a loud, wailing noise – this is usually the result of a wonky or dislodged fan belt. Over time, the noise caused by a displaced fan belt can get louder and louder until it’s practically deafening when your AC is running at full capacity. Fortunately, an air conditioning technician from Rick’s Heating & Cooling can replace your fan belt and lubricate the bearings in your motor to get your AC running as good as new.

Your air conditioner coils are frozen – if you forgot to change your air conditioner filters, you can be sure this will happen to you! Frozen air conditioners aren’t always caused by forgetting to replace your filters, however – they can also be the result of something more complex like a refrigerant leak. Whatever the cause, call Rick’s Heating & Cooling! Our expert air conditioner repair technicians can figure out exactly why your air conditioner is freezing up on you and can take care of the problem before it burns out your compressor.

Your air conditioner is leaking into your house – a leaky air conditioner not only means your AC isn’t working, but it’s also an easy way for mold, mildew and water damage to develop. If your AC condensate drain stops working, call the expert air conditioner repair techs at Rick’s Heating & Cooling! We can replace your rusted out condensation pan or clear out any blockages in the drain pipe – whatever it takes to fix the problem!

Your air conditioner simply isn’t cooling – if there are no obvious signs of damage to your air conditioner but it’s not providing enough cooling, call the air conditioner repair professionals at Rick’s Heating & Cooling! We use the latest tools and technology to figure out exactly what is going on with your air conditioner so we can get it fixed as soon as possible.

If your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of the summer, don’t sleep in the basement while you wait for the air conditioner repair guy – call the pros at Rick’s Heating & Cooling today! We provide AC repair for all models of air conditioners, including Armstrong Air, Bryant, Carrier, Goodman, Lennox, Rheem, Trane, and York.

Heat Pump Installation
Heat pumps are a simple, energy efficient heating alternative to a traditional gas furnace. Heat pumps can also be used year-round to satisfy both heating and cooling needs. Installing a heat pump may:Improve your energy efficiency.Decrease your heating costs.Have consistent, even heating throughout your home or business.Improve the air quality in your Ohio house or commercial property.And more!

Heat pumps operate best in temperatures ranging between 20 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit and are made up of three parts—an indoor unit, outdoor unit, and an indoor temperature control. Heat pumps warm your home through the transfer of heat, rather than burning fuel like gas, oil, or wood and is the most energy efficient way to heat your home.

Call the heat pump experts at Rick’s Heating & Cooling to schedule your heat pump installation in Amelia, Lebanon, Maineville, Morrow, or Cincinnati, Ohio!.Dual Fuel Heat Pump Installation.Upgrade your current heating system to a dual fuel heat pump. A dual fuel heat pump works similarly to a traditional heat pump, but uses two types of fuel to heat your home or office. Heat pumps warm your home or commercial building by transferring heat from the air and ground between the indoor and outdoor unit.

A dual fuel heat pump also uses heat transfer—like a regular heat pump—to heat your home, however uses an additional gas or oil furnace as backup. By installing a dual fuel heat pump, you can expect for 85 percent of your heating system to be powered by your heat pump, leaving your furnace responsible to supply the other 15 percent. This allows you to take advantage of varying energy prices available on the market.

To install a dual fuel heat pump in Ohio, contact us today!Ohio Heating Installation Contractor.At Rick’s Heating & Cooling, we treat our customer’s like family. Our professionally trained technicians are experts when it comes to installing a new heating system in your home or commercial property, and we’ll complete any job on-time with complete customer satisfaction. Contact us online or give us a call to schedule your heating system installation.

Additional Information

Is your air conditioner getting up there in age and starting to show signs of wear and tear? Properly maintained air conditioners can last as many as 15 years or more, but there will eventually come a time when they give up the ghost. If you find your air conditioner breaking down more frequently when it starts getting older, continuing to have it repaired may not be the best use of your money – at that point, it could actually save you money to have air conditioner replacement!If you’ve reached a point where your air conditioner is breaking down more than two or three times a season or is running less efficiently than usual, don’t wait – call the air conditioner repair technicians at Rick’s Heating & Cooling today!

HVAC company in Ohio.When should you consider air conditioner replacement.Since every air conditioner is different, it can sometimes be hard to tell whether you should have your air conditioner repaired or if you should schedule a full air conditioner replacement. While air conditioner replacement can save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy efficiency savings alone, it’s important the costs and benefits work out before you make the investment!

If you’re thinking about air conditioner replacement, ask yourself the following questions:How old is your air conditioner.If your air conditioner seems to be breaking down more frequently than normal, figure out how old it is. Most air conditioners, provided they are well maintained year in and year out, can last as many as 10 – 15 years or more, but eventually they do reach a point where it’s more economical to have them replaced. If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old and is starting to need frequent or increasingly expensive repairs, it’s probably time for air conditioner replacement.

How often do you need AC repair, and how much are the bills.If your air conditioner seem to be breaking down more and more frequently (more than 2-3 times a season), or if the repair jobs are getting costlier and more complicated as time goes on, it usually means your air conditioner is running on its last legs. Instead of continuing to waste money on air conditioner repairs, call Rick’s Heating & Cooling and ask about air conditioner replacement!

What was the original SEER.If your air conditioner was installed in the 90s or even early 2000s, it probably has a SEER of 7 – 12. These days, the MINIMUM SEER is 13, and most air conditioners go much higher than that! Air conditioners with a higher SEER have less of an environmental impact and cost less to run than older, lower SEER air conditioners. If you have an inefficient air conditioner, upgrading it with a more efficient air conditioner will save you a lot of money in the long run!

If you think you need air conditioner replacement, every day you wait could cost you money. We provide AC replacement for throughout the Cincinnati, Ohio area and can help install a new, more energy efficient model. Save time and money by calling Rick’s Heating & Cooling today!

Air Conditioner Maintenance.At least once a year you should have routine air conditioner maintenance in order to ensure the efficiency and optimal operation of your system. AC maintenance doesn’t take a long time, but it can have long term benefits for the life of your air conditioning unit and spare you from costly repairs or even replacements down the road.AC Tune-Up & Inspection in Cincinnati, Ohio.If you want your AC to run efficiently season after season, call Rick’s Heating & Cooling at 513-899-6005 to schedule an estimate for your air conditioner inspection and tune-up in the Cincinnati, Ohio area!

HVAC company in Ohio.Benefits of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance & Tune-Ups.There are many benefits to annual air conditioner maintenance and professional inspection, including:Improving energy efficiency – Having routine air conditioner maintenance performed on your system will improve its energy efficiency which leads to many of the other benefits on this list!Saving money – When your AC is operating in peak condition, it doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to do its job—that can mean lower energy bills for you.

Improving performance – During your regular air conditioner maintenance, our technician will make sure your system is operating properly, change the air filters, and more. That means cooling your home just became that much easier for your AC.Reducing the likelihood of breakdowns – Annual air conditioner maintenance gives an HVAC technician the chance to check out your system and identify any minor issues or potential problems before they become major dilemmas.

Improving indoor air quality – During your routine inspection, the HVAC technician will change your air filter, which can improve the air quality in your home and make it a safer, healthier environment for you and your family.Our Cincinatti Air Conditioner Maintenance Services.When you schedule your air conditioner maintenance, you want to know that you’re going to get a real system tune-up and not a mere inspection of the nuts and bolts—and at Rick’s Heating & Cooling, we’re going to give you both!

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