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Source Refrigeration & HVAC Lnc - Anaheim

Source Refrigeration & HVAC is a market-leader in the design, installation, maintenance& repair, and promoting of mission important refrigeration & HVAC systems. Headquartered in Anaheim, California, we have around 1,000 field-based service and installation experts serving the daily requirements of over 2,500 clients, nationwide. We are proud to enjoy long standing relationships with several of today's leading grocery stores and market-leaders in other industries.

Our employees have deep industry knowledge and strong technical abilities permitting us to supply the appropriate technical resources to solve our customers' particular challenges the first-time.At Source, we take a holistic approach to help our shoppers manage the Total Cost of Ownership of their mission-critical refrigeration & HVAC systems. Our organization was founded with energy utilization and optimization being primary drivers of our work, and this remains a key part of our culture today. Our products cover every stage of the system's life-cycle, including:New system design& installation.Remodels.Refrigerant conversions.Repair & Maintenance.Optimization of energy use and system performance.

We are refrigeration equipment neutral, so our groups of experts are trained and experienced in designing, installing, repairing, preserving and optimizing all manufacturers' goods. We lead the industry in the utilization of development and mobile tools to help our field groups and guarantee the service they offer is effective, powerful and consistent. Our objective is to establish long term partnerships that enhance sustainability and our customers' bottom line.

Due to the complex nature of refrigeration & HVAC systems and the present styles towards all-natural refrigerant choices, we continually invest in technology and technical training to confirm that we offer our shoppers with expertise that is second to none.At Source, we know that providing the best technical expertise to our shoppers is just part of the equation. We also know that delivering services effectively, consistently and timely is important to our customers' company. It is this understanding that forces our relentless focus on operational quality to ensure that your total experience doing business with us is as positive, consistent and effective as possible.

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HVAC Services

Proper installation is critical to an efficient, effective refrigeration or HVAC system. Even the best equipment cannot perform to specifications unless it is installed by a technically experienced team. With more than 40 years of installation experience installing thousands of commercial and industrial refrigeration and HVAC systems, Source ensures that every system is constructed per specifications and is operating at peak performance from the start. As we do with all of our services, we take a "total cost of ownership" approach to every installation, helping to ensure not only a lower cost of installation, but a lower cost of operation throughout the system's life cycle.

Our comprehensive installation process includes: Plan check and design review by our in-house, expert engineering team prior to installation.An experienced installation team that has been rigorously trained through our Source Installation Skills training course at one of our state-of-the-art training facilities.Expertise working with general contractors and coordinating with other trades on large, complex commercial refrigeration and HVAC installation projects.

 A robust, ever-evolving project management process. Vendor-neutral expertise that allows us to confidently install all brands of equipment and EMS systems.Our optional exclusive Right Startâ„¢ program that ensures the system is operating as designed, per specifications, and at optimal efficiency from the beginning. Right Startâ„¢ also helps prevent potential performance and costly maintenance issues in the future.

Driven by rapidly changing consumer preferences, grocery retailing has become one of the most competitive markets in the world. With new store formats emerging almost continuously and groceries being found in even non-traditional retailers like drug stores, retailers must find creative ways to re-invent themselves to win the business of fickle consumers faced with an expanding choice of grocery options. This growing need to re-merchandise themselves more frequently, coupled with a challenging economy, has led to a level of remodels never before seen in the grocery retailing industry. Add to this the desire for more energy efficient systems, and the rapid adoption of non-HCFC and natural refrigerants, and remodels mean a new approach to refrigeration and HVAC systems. From initial design concept through system start-up, Source Refrigeration & HVAC has the expertise and experience to make sure your remodel is executed flawlessly.

Just like with new construction, proper installation is critical to an efficient, effective refrigeration or HVAC system on a remodel project. At Source, we understand the critical nature of our customers' remodels and execute them with the same rigorous approach we take on new construction. With more than 40 years of installation experience installing thousands of commercial and industrial refrigeration and HVAC systems, Source ensures that every system is constructed per specifications and is operating at peak performance from the start. As we do with all of our services, we take a "total cost of ownership" approach to every remodel, helping to ensure not only a lower cost of installation, but a lower cost of operation throughout the system's life cycle.

Whether you have a Source-installed system or one installed by another company, our Right Start process will help ensure optimum performance. Because we are vendor-neutral, our technicians can perform the Right Start process on systems containing equipment from any manufacturer. While many companies will get your system up and running after they've installed it, only Source provides a comprehensive Right Start process, performed by certified technicians, ensuring you get the performance you expect from the beginning.

In addition, because many potential problems are preempted by Right Start, future maintenance costs can be dramatically reduced. An investment in Right Start upfront means less downtime on the sales floor and a more comfortable shopping environment for your customers. Having a system that runs right from the start is a critical step in managing your system's Total Cost of Ownership.Your refrigeration and HVAC system can account for more than half of your energy use; a system that runs "right" from the start will help effectively manage and reduce this significant cost. And of course, any reduction in energy use is a crucial part of reducing your company's overall carbon footprint.Source's Right Start program protects your investment, helps lower your overall operating costs, and ensures you get the performance you paid for from the very beginning.

Are lower energy costs, improved food safety, product integrity, reduced shrinkage, and enhanced customer comfort important to your store? If so, you should consider a door retrofit program for your open multi-deck refrigerated cases and replacing your existing older case doors with new ones. Let Source be your partner in helping you realize significant energy savings while enhancing the shopping experience for your customers with our Door Retrofit Program!

The Source Door Retrofit Program involves enclosing your multi-deck cases with retrofit glass doors and, when required, replacing older doors with current technology doors. As a full-service refrigeration & HVAC company focused on providing solutions that help your bottom-line, we perform our complete turnkey Door Retrofit Program on virtually any major case manufactures' equipment and using most major door manufacturers' products.

Additional Information

Refrigeration and HVAC systems are critical to your business, and proper maintenance is key to protecting this investment. If a system goes down or operates improperly, costs can skyrocket through unnecessary energy consumption, food or product damage/loss, customer dissatisfaction, and safety risks. Whether it is scheduled preventative maintenance, break-fix, or emergency maintenance, Source's nationwide team of more than 400 "self-performing" expert field technicians is ready to respond to your needs, 24/7.

Our state-of-the-art technical training centers ensure our technicians are trained in the latest techniques and technologies to address your system's specific issues, regardless of brand. This includes servicing systems that operate with alternative and natural refrigerants like CO2, glycol, ammonia, propane, and R22 replacements such as R407C (for HVAC), R407A (for refrigeration), or other alternatives as desired by the customer. Additionally, our Intelligent Dispatch system ensures we send the right technician for your specific problem, the first time.

Refrigeration & HVAC systems are complex systems with a lot of critical components that are under constant stress. As part of normal operations, components occasionally wear out; or filters and drains get plugged up. Whether it's sticking valves, broken fans, or a compressor failure, Source technicians are capable of fixing your system's problems.

We are more than happy to provide you with a fair and reasonable quote in a timely manner to fix or replace the failed component and get your system operating to peak performance as soon as possible. We know that even something that seems as minor as a rattling fan or a plugged drain can have a major impact on your system's performance, cost and most importantly, your customer's shopping experience. Let our Source technicians provide you a quote to help make sure minor problems do not become major issues!
Much of our Service & Maintenance work is performed on a time & material (T&M) basis, meaning customers pay for the time it takes to complete a job and the related material. T&M repair work is typically time sensitive and complex; it is a "managed by event" relationship with a customer that allows them to direct and pay for only the desired services they elect to have performed. In many situations Source has a sole relationship with our T&M customer partners.

Determining the type and frequency of Preventative Maintenance (PM) is key to reducing emergency service, equipment down time, loss of sales, refrigerant usage, energy usage, and extending equipment life.Managing humidity levels has long been a challenge for grocery stores and other businesses where customer comfort or product integrity depends on proper internal climate. This is especially true in high-humidity climates. The common practice of adjusting a building's air temperature to try to maintain an acceptable humidity level dramatically increases energy use and costs, and can negatively affect customer comfort. Additionally, too much humidity can cause condensation on the refrigerator coils, further increasing energy usage. In a grocery retail setting, frost and ice can form on case doors and the product itself, leading to product deterioration and an undesirable appearance.

The most reliable and cost-effective way to manage the humidity challenge is to install a dehumidification system through a retrofit or remodel or as part of the initial system installation on new construction projects. This valuable investment has been shown to save grocery stores and other businesses tens of thousands of dollars a year in energy savings and operating costs while also dramatically improving the shopping environment for customers and the work environment for employees.

Source Refrigeration & HVAC is an expert service provider for mission-critical Refrigeration & HVAC systems, which includes dehumidification. We are trained on all major dehumidification technologies and with all major dehumidification equipment manufacturers.With over 400 field-based refrigeration & HVAC service experts throughout the country, Source is ready to service and maintain your dehumidification system investment with scheduled preventative maintenance programs and service. Any unplanned/emergency system or product issues can also be handled in a timely, professional manner, 365/24-7.

Part of our process when taking over service responsibility at a store or facility for the first time is to "tag" each of your major equipment components with a bar code and then record the unique equipment information (e.g., model, type, serial #, age, if known, etc.) in our hand-held devices which then stores it in our data bases. Each time a service technician services a "tagged" piece of equipment he scans the bar code and records the maintenance or service performed. This allows us to monitor repair/maintenance costs on specific pieces of equipment; information that can be very useful to our customers for repair-or-buy decision-making purposes, and to show the high-cost culprits in your system!

We are also able to perform an "asset tagging" service with the deliverable being a complete list of all your major refrigeration & HVAC components, with parent-child relationships, and specific equipment detail.Lighting in grocery stores represents about 13% of the electricity consumption, not including the impact on cooling loads. Lighting retrofits to LED lights can save 30 to 60 percent on lighting energy as well as 10 to 20 percent of cooling energy when compared to traditional, fluorescent lighting.

In addition to energy savings, today's LED lighting plays an important role in creating an inviting shopping experience and increasing sales through better product illumination. Advances in LED lighting technology now offer grocery stores an option to fluorescent lighting that produces better lighting, especially in refrigerated display cases because LED lights perform very well in cold temperatures. In fact, research has shown that customers find LED lighting in freezers to be "brighter, more even, more appealing and more comfortable". Packaging and food colors are brighter and more attractive to shippers. Additionally, LED Tube lights will only need to be replaced once every 10 years reducing maintenance and recycling costs.

A common practice today is for customers to take advantage of the "free" design services that are offered by their primary equipment vendor. You have heard the adage, "You get what you pay for." Based on our review of hundreds of refrigeration/HVAC system designs, we believe this is true.An equipment vendor's first job is to maximize the placement of their technology. Who ensures that your entire system is optimized? Who addresses the system integration requirements for optimized and efficient refrigeration and HVAC.

We know from experience that if your system isn't designed correctly from the beginning, it will not perform to your expectations. Identifying problems in the Design Phase is much less expensive than re-working the problem after the store is operational. The value of a solid and sustainable design far outweighs the initial cost.At Source, we are technology neutral. We have experience designing, installing and servicing virtually all manufacturers' products. This experience has taught us what works and what doesn't.

Our goal is to optimize and sustain refrigeration systems, so we focus our designs to deliver these results. We take a "systems" view and focus on optimizing all of the components of your refrigeration and HVAC systems. We don't simply copy and paste your prototype design; we evaluate each project individually and provide complete coordination through the project to insure that your best interests are carried through.The movement to convert HCFC refrigerants to HFC refrigerants started back in 1989 when the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer first went into effect to ultimately eliminate the production and use of CFCs and HCFCs, worldwide. The protocol requires elimination of the production and use of HCFCs by 2020. In the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established specific regulations to implement the Montreal Protocol, which incorporates a "stair step" approach to eliminating HCFC production and use. The EPA has issued several more aggressive amendments to their original regulations, driven in large part by the global warming effect of HCFCs.

The most recent EPA amendment issued in January 2012, resulted in R-22 refrigerant costs doubling almost overnight! With significantly higher costs, R-22 supply shortages eminent and 2020 right around the corner, the time to plan and execute your refrigerant conversions is now! Source is ready to work with you to develop turnkey short-term and long-term plans to convert your systems to acceptable HFCs that meet your corporate and performance objectives!

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