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Cantrells Heat & Air

5715-B Old Tazewell Pike , Knoxville- 37918
Tennessee , United States  United States
(+1) 865-687-2520 http://www.knoxvilleheatingandairconditioning.com
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Cantrells Heat & Air - Knoxville

Cantrell’s Heat & Air Inc. was started in 1992 by Jim Cantrell and his son Randy Cantrell. Jim Cantrell had worked for a localized distributor and knew the HVAC Company well and built a standing on being fairly meticulous about his function and building relationships with his consumers. Jim and his son Randy decided to begin their own company.

We are fairly proud to be a locally owned and operated company. Randy has taken over since our dad passed away in 2004 to ensure that Cantrell’s continues to supply the same standard of work and customer satisfaction that our dad prided himself in.Randy is fairly concerned with all areas of the company sales, repairs and installations. Randy’s principal objective of Cantrell’s Heat & Air is to treat his visitors very and truthfully and supply the number one service in Knoxville.

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Monday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Other HVAC Services : AC Repair, Heating Repair, AC Maintenance

Service Type : No,All customers come to the business location

HVAC Services

Residential Air Conditioning Service

Cantrell’s Heat & Air provides high quality commercial grade heating, ventilation and air conditioning services and products to Knoxville area residents and businesses, we design, engineer, install, repair and maintenance any HVAC product or services.Residential AC Repair, Maintenance, and Installation Services.Need your air conditioning repaired? At Cantrell’s Heat & Air, we’re experienced in handling a wide range of air conditioning repairs and installations.

Only the highest quality parts and equipment will be used to fix your AC system. You are the most important person in our business, and our company was built with you in mind.Keep a cool, controlled environment.At Cantrell’s, our technicians understand the importance of feeling comfortable in your home – especially during our hot Knoxville summers. Air conditioning is a process that controls the filtration, air movement, temperature, and humidity in a given environment – so it’s vital that it works efficiently at all times.

Heat & Air.There is no part of your heating and air conditioning system that you have as much direct contact with as your thermostat. Make sure that you are able to control your HVAC equipment as effectively and efficiently as possible by ensuring that you have the thermostat that fits your needs most appropriately. If you are interested in having a new thermostat installed in your home, give Cantrell’s Heat and Air a call. Our Knoxville, Tennessee heating and air conditioning technicians are happy to help you find the thermostat that suits you and your home perfectly. Call today to discuss your options. When it comes to thermostats in Knoxville, Tennessee you can always count on us for quality products and service.

Additional Information

When it comes time to invest in a new hot water heater, you may want to consider shifting to a tankless hot water heater to take care of your family’s needs. At Cantrell’s Heat & Air, we offer great tankless hot water heaters to all of our Knoxville and surrounding areas. These new, high efficiency systems will provide your family with hot water when you need it for years to come.

Since buying a hot water heater is not something most people do every day, the experts here at Cantrell’s Heat & Air are ready to assist you in determining which type of hot water heater is right for you. We can answer all your questions and help you understand the benefits of tankless on–demand hot water heaters as opposed to some of the more standard models.

One of the first things our customers usually want to know, of course, is what tankless hot water heaters actually are. In fact, they are just what their name implies. These systems employ a series of superheated coils to heat water instantly when you turn on your tap. Unlike the tank hot water heaters that you are probably familiar with, the tankless variety does not store any hot water just waiting for you to use it. It heats the water immediately the moment you need it.

Since tankless hot water heaters are not expending energy keeping a tank of water hot and ready for use all of the time, they use much less energy than more conventional models with tanks. This translates into significant savings over the life of your hot water heater, and you will begin to notice the difference on your very next bill.Because of their increased energy efficiency, tankless hot water heaters can also qualify you for certain tax credits when you make the switch. Talk to one of our technicians to find out if this incentive applies to you.

Since you are not using hot water all day long, you do not really need it to be sitting there hot waiting for you. Tankless hot water heaters are able to heat the water that passes through them so quickly that you will not be waiting for the water heat up, and you do not have to waste the energy keeping all that water warm.

It is also worth considering the fact that, when you are using a tank hot water heater, you can run out of hot water after a certain period of time. With the tankless variety, your water heater will easily continue to provide hot water until you turn off the tap. You cannot run out because the water is being heated as you use it.

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