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1002 Covington Stree , Crawfordsville- 47933
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Cook Heating & Air - Crawfordsville

Established in 1978 by Denny and Carol Cook, Cook Heating & Air is a family owned and operated company. For more than 30 years, the Cook family members have dedicated themselves to supplying Montgomery County and its surrounding counties with custom heating and air solutions for residential and commercial applications.

At Cook Heating & Air, we have proudly offered this community since 1978. Since our inception, our specialists have devoted themselves to bringing you quality installation and courteous, friendly service always.Our company is committed to fulfilling your comfort requirements and also to maintaining your system running reliably and effectively consistently ahead!

Our Mission is to provide our clients aided by the 100% customer satisfaction. We make an effort to attempt objective by offering the best quality products installed by trained experts who modify indoor convenience solutions for clients based on specific lifestyles.Getting the right people at work is equally as essential as determining the best equipment. Our expert specialists offer quality product, skilled installation and a specialist analysis of the comfort requirements.

Our tips will fit your budget and life style needs. Our company is particularly proud to present our clients with many choices utilizing American Standard and Lennox heating and air conditioning systems.Find out what we can offer you when you choose us:24 Hour Emergency Service & Installation.Highly Trained, Experienced NATE Certified Technicians.Professional Sales & Design Staff.Helpful, Friendly, Prompt and Dedicated Staff.Financing Programs and much more.For more info, call us @ 765 362 5300.

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Other HVAC Services : Furnace Repairs, AC Repair, Indoor Air Quality

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HVAC Services

Furnace Repair Services

Furnace Repairs in Crawfordsville & GreencastleA furnace is a well engineered and complex machine that plays a very important role in the comfort of Crawfordsville and Greencastle buildings. At the most basic level, a furnace sucks in air through a filter and then traps and heats it in a burner chamber. The heated air is then blown by a fan through ductwork. This heated air is what keeps home and business occupants safe and cozy during cold weather. Given the importance that furnaces hold, it is necessary that you have a certified furnace repair specialist to ally with in the event yours needs service.

Cook Heating & Air are just the experts for the job. We have thirty years of experience working on furnaces and we know exactly how to get your s working like new again in no time. Whether you lose heat entirely, suffer from intermittent heat or inadequate heat, Cook Heating & Air has the tools and experience to get your furnace running again like new. That is why we are the premier choice in Crawfordsville and Greencastle for Reliable Rurnace Repairs.

Furnaces will malfunction, often for many common reasons. The thermostat may be the source of your furnace problems, or perhaps a tripped circuit. Not all issues are with the electronic components, however. Your gas control valve could be closed. Or it could simply be your filters. Whatever the issue may be, it is always best to let the trained professionals at Cook Heating & Air take a close look. We have an experienced eye and know what to look for and we are always committed to extending the most professional and courteous service available. We boast fast response times and we strive to complete your repair as soon as possible. That is why we always travel with a fully loaded work van. Not only are we restoring your heat with a furnace repair, but we are also saving you time and money. Don’t entrust your heat to just anyone. When you need furnace repair, call on the furnace experts at Cook Heating & Air.

Heating Repair
Crawfordsville & Greencastle Heating RepairsYour heating system is a crucial part of comfort and safety in any Crawfordsville or Greencastle home or business. Whether you use a boiler, furnace or heat pump fueled by electricity, natural gas or geothermal power, when your heating system malfunctions, everybody suffers. If you experience a fault with your heating system, call the heating repair experts at Cook Heating & Air.

At Cook Heating & Air our dedicated team of Heating Repairs Professionals has the tools and training to get your heat running again. We have over 30 years of experience working on all types of heating systems of any brand. We’ve dealt with just about every heating system malfunction you can imagine, so we are up to the task of repairing yours. That is why we are Crawfordsville and Greencastle’s number one choice for heating repair professionals.

Heating systems, such as boilers and furnaces, are complex machines with many components. Furnaces can operate fueled either by natural gas or electricity. In either case, a furnace has many parts, from the igniter to the fan blower, that will need service and maintenance eventually. Boilers are also of a rather complex design, as they utilize heated water routed through piping to disperse heat. If your boiler suffers issues, it could not only mean loss of heat, but also a plumbing mess. Heat pumps don’t produce heat, but rather move warm or cool air from one place to another. All of these are extremely effective machines but they will inevitably falter and you will need the help of a professional when they do. At Cook Heating & Air we are heating system experts. We are also quick and efficient, so when you call on us your heating repair will be completed fast. Don’t suffer the cold, let Cook Heating & Air repair your heating system.

A popular heating system choice in Crawfordsville and Greencastle is the boiler. Using the power of heated water, a boiler sends that water to the parts of the house that need warming. This has the advantage of providing a more uniform heat, since the heat radiation doesn’t have to contend with wind currents or circulation.

A boiler consists of many components; igniter, water tank, piping, radiator, etc. These all play their role in dispersing heat. Like every appliance, your boiler will not last forever. When one of these components experiences a fault, it is best to call the boiler experts at Cook Heating & Air. We have been repairing heating systems for thirty years and we have the knowledge and experience to repair any boiler problem you may encounter. That is why we are the top Boiler Repair Experts in Crawfordsville and Greencastle.At Cook Heating & Air we believe no one should have to go without heat, so we do everything we can to make ourselves available to Crawfordsville and Greencastle residents. If you have a problem with your boiler, don’t hesitate to call on Cook Heating & Air.

Additional Information

If you haven’t experienced the comfort and convenience of Radiant Heating Systems, you may want to consider doing some research. Of all heating systems, radiant systems have several advantages. For starters, they are seemingly invisible. That is because there are no vents, no blowers turning on and off, no clanking radiators, literally no noise making apparatuses at all. The heat is dispersed throughout the building by a system of water pipes, electric wires or infrared panels under your flooring or in your walls. These then emit an extremely even warmth that perfectly brings your building to your desired temperature.

Emanating from the very structure itself, the heat is not intense or overpowering and won’t settle or stagnate in one area. You simply get a comfortably warm environment.If you decide to consider a radiant heating system for your building, it is best to allow a trained professional to navigate the complex web of tubes and wiring. Cook Heating & Air has decades of experience working with radiant heating systems in Crawfordsville and Greencastle homes and businesses. We have the proper tools and specialized training to precisely install or repair your radiant heating system. We’ll have your building emitting a comfortable heat in no time. Whether you are building a new home or business, or retrofitting your current structure, Cook Heating & Air can get the job done.

Radiant systems don’t rely on ductwork and the required tubing or wiring can easily be laid underfoot. Infrared panels are even easier to set up as they require very little hardware. If you are looking for an energy efficient, even warmth, call on Cook Heating & Air for a free estimate and consultation. We’ll gladly discuss with you what a radiant heating system can do for your building.Cook Heating & Air is your family owned and operated indoor comfort solution business started in 1978 by Denny and Carol Cook. For more than 30 years, the Cook family has dedicated itself to providing Montgomery County and the surrounding areas with custom heating and air solutions for residential and commercial applications.

Every home in Crawfordsville and Greencastle has, on some level, extra square footage that will inevitably become unusable. Attics become cobwebbed and cluttered storage spaces. Basements become dank and dark forgotten realms. Even your crawl space is a portion of your home that is typically left untouched. These areas are not only neglected because they aren’t common, but also because they reside in parts of the home exposed to the most elements. This constant exposure coupled with little attention will leave them as unused, slowly decaying portions of your house. If your home has areas like this, you need to renovate.

Cook Heating & Air is the home improvement expert in Crawfordsville and Greencastle. We have over 30 years of renovation experience turning local attics and basements from mildewed, dank warehouses into more efficiently utilized home additions. By laying flooring, repairing walls and even extending heating and air conditioning to these areas, you can more efficiently use them. Whether for air conditioned storage or a family gathering area, your choices for how to better utilize your crawl space, attic or basement are limitless with Cook Heating & Air. That is why we are the number one choice in Crawfordsville and Greencastle for home improvement professionals.

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