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215 Metropolitan Drive , West Columbia- 29170
South Carolina , United States  United States
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Air Ease - West Columbia

Nearly a hundred years ago, AirEase was created in Columbus, Ohio, by Lennox Furnace Company one of America leading manufacturing passions. Building on the Lennox tradition of quality, AirEase ended up being quickly established as a reliable source for affordable, top-quality hvac. Today, our products are still proudly assembled in the usa under the Allied Air title.Dedication to quality and effectiveness.We assemble our durable services and products in a state-of-the-art facility positioned in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Our approach to quality starts with a considerable investment in computer-controlled production systems, and it continues with comprehensive performance analysis. Every machine is 100per cent run tested before it renders our center. To flake out once you understand your AirEase product will deliver years of trouble-free operation.

Our responsibility towards the environment normally something we take really really, and our eco-friendly manufacturing processes are proof this commitment. There are not any volatile natural substances in every lubrication or artwork application. We utilize recycled materials whenever possible, we've numerous electric cars within our factories, with no wastewater is produced. Additionally, our air conditioning units and heat pumps are made for use with non-ozone-depleting R410a refrigerant.The Next Day.Advanced opportunities in making.At our headquarters and research and development facility in Lexington County, sc, our focus is on constantly increasing our products and processes.

Inside our multimillion-dollar, 40,000-square-foot research area, our design engineers utilize cutting-edge technology to build up and test their ideas quickly and effectively. That means our services and products can go from concept, through approval, and to the market with just minimal wait, helping united states offer many advanced level items and replacement components.Our Individuals.Attempting to build better products, together.AirEase is proof that good individuals are at the heart of an exciting and healthier production environment. We believe employing the right individuals has an extensive and positive ripple effect, causing higher item quality, greater item value and more reliable post-purchase help. In fact, weve based our whole company on having the most useful skill and giving them the tools they need to thrive. Together, AirEase employees create products which are better for homeowners and expert-trained dealers who install them.

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When is the right time to replace your heating and cooling system. While there is no hard-and-fast rule, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when making a decision.If there have been upgrades made to your home that improve its insulation and energy efficiency (new windows, doors, insulation, roofing, sealing, etc.), then your current unit may actually be oversized or undersized for your needs. Your AirEase dealer can make sure your system is built and sized for peak performance.Are you happy with your current system? Your old heating and cooling system can be responsible for things like poor indoor air quality, noise, temperature swings, and hot or cold spots throughout the house.

Newer systems have advanced technologies built in that precisely heat and cool your home, while keeping operating sounds, pollutants and energy costs at a minimum.Split” means the system is divided between an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The unit installed outside can be either an air conditioner or a heat pump, depending mostly on the region in which you live. An indoor furnace or air handler works with the outdoor unit to distribute cooled air through your home’s duct system.

In a system with a Comfort Sync™ communicating thermostat, all components work together through an electronic connection. As the central brain of this setup, Comfort Sync adjusts the amount of heating and cooling produced, while changing airspeed and temperature in varying increments to preserve ideal indoor conditions.

Built for year-round efficiency, this system pairs an electric heat pump with a gas furnace. Because it can use either gas or electricity to keep you warm, your system will automatically switch to whichever fuel is most efficient for the weather.An entire home heating and cooling system in one, package units are like heat pumps in that a single outdoor unit handles heating and cooling functions. The difference is package units do not require an indoor air handler to distribute conditioned air through ductwork and into rooms. Typical applications for residential packaged units include mobile and manufactured homes, or homes built on a crawl space.

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Your AirEase dealer can tell you exactly how your equipment will work once installed, but these product demos and animations can help guide you with the decision-making process.As the command center for your heating and cooling system, Comfort Sync™ is a communicating thermostat that establishes a connection between all the different system components. That means each unit is being constantly monitored to optimize the overall system performance and deliver greater efficiency.

Before you sit down with your AirEase™ dealer, learn the difference between single- and two-stage operation, and the advantages each one has in terms of cooling performance and efficiency.n warmer climates, your AirEase dealer may recommend an electric heat pump, because it can keep you cool all summer and warm through the winter. See if it’s right for you.Learn the differences between a single-stage furnace, a two-stage furnace and a two-stage furnace with a variable speed blower. This way, you’ll know the advantages to each when you talk with your dealer.

When your dealer installs an electric heat pump and a gas furnace together, it creates a dual-fuel system. Depending on the weather outside, the system changes from electric to gas heat to maintain desired thermostat settings and maximize efficiency.Ducts are located within the wall, floor or ceiling and are used to deliver heated or conditioned air through your home. Having the correct network of ducts is critical to system efficiency and performance.

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