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1415 Broadway , Everett- 98201
Washington , United States  United States
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CM Heating Air Conditioning - Everett

CM Heating Air Conditioning has been providing quality residential HVAC service since 1983 in the Snohomish and North King County areas. We have been focused on delivering a superior quality product with excellent customer care. We service and install many products to meet your preferences.

CM Heating Inc. can ensure you that your house system is performing effectively and dependably, giving you peace of mind and enabling you to flake out and luxuriate in the comfort of your home.

We are a versatile company, which means we could handle almost anything related to heating and cooling. We take pride in our work and just take duty of satisfying our clients. Whether you're changing current equipment or converting to a fresh system, we'll work with you to provide just the right system for your home. Our trained specialists provide fast, dependable service for both repairs and installments.

Fast, Dependable Repairs & Installation.Amazing Customer Service.Evening & Weekend Service Available.Financing Available.Totally Free Estimates.Offering Heating & Cooling Since 1983.We Service All Makes & Models.24/7 Emergency Service.Give us a call at (425) 259-6666 or (425) 771-4381.

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Other HVAC Services : Heating Repair, AC Installation, Ductless Heat Pumps

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HVAC Services

We service and repair all brands and types of heating and cooling equipment. If an inconvenient breakdown occurs we can get your equipment up and running quickly. We at CM Heating Inc. understand you want to get this handled as quickly and painlessly as possible and we work hard to make that a reality.

We service all makes and models of furnaces, fireplaces, heat pumps, air conditioning and water heaters. We will ensure that your system is operating efficiently to provide you with the utmost comfort throughout the cooler seasons in the Pacific Northwest. Northwest summers can be slow to arrive, but when they do you will want the proper cooling system in place that can allow you to relax and enjoy them.We will start by diagnosing your system to discover the cause of your problem. If it is a very small repair there may be no additional charges, and if it needs any significant repairs we will inform you of exactly what is needed and the cost.

Many people do not realize their home heating and air conditioning system operates over 3,000 hours per year. To put this "run time" in perspective, a car driven for 3,000 hours at 60 miles per hour would travel 180,000 miles! No one would consider such a journey without arranging for oil changes, lubrication and routine tune-ups along the way to assure the efficiency, safety and reliability of the vehicle.Performing an annual tune-up and professional cleaning is vital to keep your system operating efficiently and preventing expensive and inconvenient breakdowns.

Maintenance Plans
Our Energy Savings Agreement is a maintenance plan that allows you to sign up for annual tune-ups for your equipment. Poorly maintained equipment can reduce efficiency by 30%, which means you may be paying more than necessary to heat and cool your home. An annual tune-up ensures your system is operating properly and efficiently to save you money. Our program also provides you with a 15% discount on repairs, freedom from overtime charges and priority scheduling.

Duct Cleaning
More and more people are becoming aware of the effect indoor air quality has on their health. Dirt and dust containing pollutants and allergens coat your ductwork over time and occasionally need to be removed to improve indoor air quality. We clean your ducts by physically removing buildup from the duct walls using a compressed-air system while a powerful vacuum removes the dirt and dust. Beware any cut-rate duct cleaning that advertises prices too good to be true. Always ask what they will be doing to physically remove the buildup. You will usually find out that such cleaning is an extra charge they will tell you about after they get their foot in your door. We do not believe this is fair to the customer, and will instead ask you a few questions and give you an accurate, fair price before scheduling the appointment.

Additional Information

Natural Gas is one of the most cost-efficient forms of home heating available. Gas appliances normally cost less to operate than similar electric appliances.Whether you are interested in replacing your existing gas furnace with a more efficient model, or are looking at moving to gas heat for the first time, we can help! Value is the key when looking at what kind of furnace you want and many options are available. Chances are your new furnace will get more use than all the cars you will ever drive put together, so it is important to choose one that will last and be as efficient as possible.

Gas furnaces are usually separated into two categories: 80+ and 90+, which refers to the efficiency of the equipment. 80+ furnaces put about 80% of the heat into your home and the other 20% goes up the chimney. 90+ furnaces put 90%-98% of the heat into your home and the small percent left goes up the chimney. Most 90+ furnaces are actually 95% or more efficient now, largely because that is the efficiency required for the 2009-2010 tax credit. 95% furnaces have become more popular than 80% furnaces, especially with the tax credit in place. There is also legislation in the works to ban 80% efficient furnaces within the next five years.

Modulating Furnaces are able to adjust the heating capacity from 40% to 100% in 1% increments. They also come equipped with a variable speed fan that is adjusted in coordination with the heating capacity. This is like having a sixty stage furnace. With a modulating furnace your home is blanketed in a consistently warm and comfortable environment without hot and cold spots. In fact, the temperature will rarely vary more than one degree! This is the most effective and efficient furnace available.

Variable Speed furnaces have a different type of fan blowing the air into the home. It is electronically adjusted to many fan speeds to achieve the best setting to meet the heating needs of the home at that moment in time. This increases comfort and efficiency. The variable fan starts up much slower and runs much quieter, and it can be set on a very low speed when appropriate. At this low setting the house air can be constantly filtered for the same cost as using a 75 watt light bulb.

In homes where natural gas is not available an electric furnace may be the primary heat source. We can replace your aging or failing electric furnace, but you may want to consider adding a heat pump. Adding a heat pump can reduce heating costs by up to 50%, and all heat pumps come standard with air conditioning as an added bonus. Click on the links below to see our featured electric furnaces.

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