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106 Beasley Drive , Franklin- 37064
Tennessee , United States  United States
(+1) 615 790-1362 Fax : 615 790-1394 http://cmheatcool.com
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C & M Heating & Cooling, Inc - Franklin

C&M Heating & Cooling has been serving Middle Tennessee for over 30 years. From installation of brand new heating and atmosphere devices, we have proudly offered Williamson County, Davison County and surrounding areas.C&M Heating & Cooling not only has a proven background, however they are certified by TVA - a certification that gives them more understanding of energy-efficient equipment and appropriate installing of your heating and air conditioning systems.

AT C&M Heating & Cooling, we have seen everything, from large brand new commercial and residential buildings, to creative renovating jobs, through droughts, floods and crazy cold weather storms. We focus on any manufacturer’s equipment. If you're in need of service with anything HVAC related, we can install manufacturer’s products. We can really, legitimately solve all sorts of HVAC related problems.

Whenever you call C&M, you’ll have a chance to talk to one of their group. Our technicians understand you may possibly have some questions regarding just what the most effective brands are for energy savings, how exactly to maintain your heating and air devices, where you should purchase filters, so when you ought to schedule regular maintenance. So they will be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week whenever you call C&M Heating & Cooling.Schedule an appointment by calling us at 615-790-1362.

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Today the buzz is about green and sustainable construction for commercial buildings. Efficiency and Effectiveness of heating and cooling systems. Reliability for maintenance. It’s all about managing costs and resources, while making your employees and tenants comfortable and safe from the elements.

At C&M, we select systems that adhere to guidelines from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and strongly support Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) rating systems. We serve on technical committees that help refine and redefine our industry’s commitment to the development of present and future building standards that support green initiatives worldwide.

The LEED program certifies buildings at different levels of energy efficiency and environmental impact. Credit is awarded based on assessments in a number of different categories. As building owners are discovering – building or renovating to LEED standards ensures efficiencies that generally result in cost savings over the life of the building.

In times like today, businesses have never had such tough decisions to make regarding energy use, operating costs and efficiencies. And we know that the cost of energy is likely to continue to increase. So our goal is to help you find even small improvements in efficiencies of your heating and cooling systems because we know it all adds up to significant budgetary savings over time.

C&M can perform an audit on your existing system and make suggestions for improvements.We provide a wide range of offerings that enable you to enjoy the highest levels of performance from the systems in your facility. Whether you’re installing new equipment, maintaining an existing system or completely upgrading your systems, C&M can provide exactly the expertise you need.

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The use of GeoThermal Energy has been around for millions of years.  your clothes in the hot springs near Little Rock, AR or rinsing you hair in a the geysers of Yellowstone Park. Okay, neither of those ideas are such good ones, but if you think about the steam and hot water that rises naturally from the molten levels deep inside the earth, you have a pretty good idea of the power that GeoThermal energy harnesses to create electricity.

Whether you are heating or cooling, the pipes used to transfer heat from the earth to your home or transfer heat from your home back to the earth, GeoThermal options use very little electricity and are very easy on the environment, as rated by the Environmental Protection Agency (GPA).C&M offers GeoThermal HVAC and hot water solutions for your business or home.

C&M offers state of the art systems designed by Rheem that integrate heating, cooling and hot water. Rheem broke new ground in 2009 with a super efficient system, and has continued to pour research and efforts into improving their technology each year. Read more about their Geothermal offerings at on their website at www.Rheem.com .

Federal tax credits also apply to GeoThermal solutions for your business or home. The Prestige Series™ 27 to 31 EER Geothermal Heat Pump with ComfortControl² System™ serial communicating feature supplies heating, central air-conditioning and domestic hot water while costing less to operate than any other heating and cooling system. Recognizing the efficiency of geothermal energy,the Stimulus Plan enables homeowners to receive a Federal tax credit of up to 30 percent of the total installed cost of geothermal heat pumps.

Comfort. Energy expenses. Safety. Value. Selecting an air conditioner or heating system for your home is a big decision. It’s an important investment today that will impact of the value of your home over years to come.It will play a key role in your home energy expenses for years to come. And when the summer heat is at its worst or the winter cold is keeping you indoors, you’ll want your family to have the best, most reliable system possible to insure your comfort and keep your energy expenses in check.Great question. We know that an air conditioner that’s too small won’t keep your home sufficiently heat or cool. But what you may not know is that a system that is too large for your home will turn on and off (cycle) too often, which wastes expensive energy and could create undue strain on the compressor.

At C&M, we make sure that we determine the optimum size for your home by carefully studying your heating and cooling requirements. This means taking a look at your windows – what are their dimensions and exposure. What is the overall floor space of the home? What type of insulation do you have? And how will your home do in this crazy Middle Tennessee climate. We also look at things you might not think of, such as where are your ovens and other heat-generating appliances? What direction does your home faces? We even take into account the amount of your home’s exterior shaded by trees.

Definitely. You want to take into consideration the quality of your unit and the reputation of the manufacturer when you make this important purchase. You’ll want to know how much noise they make – noise pollution is important for your home or office.For air conditioners, the compressor is the heart of a condensing unit. On a hot day, it works long and hard. For example, Rheem installs the highly advanced scroll compressor in every Rheem condensing unit they produce. Scroll Compressors are recognized by the industry as the leader in reliability, efficiency and quiet operation.

For heating, the heater core and the blowers are the main components. Other features to look for include louvered steel cabinets that protect the coils from damage and expensive repair bills. For example, Rheem units have a grill design that minimizes air restriction for quieter fan operation.Dependability. Look for a contractor you see in your community. You want one who’s close by to provide you faster, more convenient service.

Your contractor should offer a recognized name brand. And he should have a well-stock inventory of replacement parts. You wouldn’t want to sit out a mid-summer heat wave waiting for a simple repair!We hope you choose C&M – we have the length of service and reputation for customer service in Middle Tennessee to demonstrate our success. We also expect to earn your business – every household, every time.

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