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Alberta Furnace & Heating Services

Box 74044 RPO Strathcona , Calgary- T3H 3B6
Alberta , Canada  Canada
(+1) 4032890089 Fax : 4032403381 http://www.albertafurnaceandheating.com
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Alberta Furnace & Heating Services - Calgary

Alberta Furnace & Heating Services is a family-owned and operated company providing quality heating services for residential and commercial customers.  With over 50 years of experience, we provide heating and air conditioning services tailoring our customers’ needs.

Our business philosophy is to do right initially which will gain us a solid reputation as a trusted contracting company which offers exemplary customer service and unsurpassed technical expertise. We run the business with an excellent level of integrity and knowledge and treat our clients with a decent deal of respect.

We service and install heating and air conditioning systems such as water heaters, air conditioners, thermostats, heat pumps and more. Our technicians also provide replacement services. In addition to our service and expertise, we have been a proud member of Better Business Bureau. Call 403 289 0089 and find out how we can help you.

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Other HVAC Services : Humidifications, Furnace Repair, Air Filtration

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HVAC Services

Infloor Heating: Infloor Heating is by far the most comfortable and efficient way to heat your home. It is easily installed in new home basements and garage areas and can also be used to heat main and second floors by using a gypcrete overpour system. Air conditioning can be installed as a ductless split air conditioning system. This will guarantee a much more even space temperature since hot air wants to rise and cold air does the opposite.

Air Conditioning: R22 systems are no longer being manufactured after 2010.   They have been proven to be reliable over many years, however, no more advances in efficiency will be forthcoming since the systems are no longer being manufactured after 2010.   This is the main reason for looking at the R410 equipment since all research and development will be going toward those systems.

Humidification: Humidity is the water vapor within a given space or, in the case of Calgary, the lack of it within a given space! Proper humidification (the process of adding moisture to the air) is an important aspect of indoor air quality. It adds to our comfort by reducing static electricity and reducing or eliminating dry nose, dry/scratchy throat and itchy skin.

Constantly changing levels of humidity or constant low levels of humidity also affects practically everything in our home; furniture, musical instruments, electronic equipment, printers, hardwood floors, wood paneling, joists/studs, drywall and so on. For example; in furniture the wood shrinks causing joints to separate and cracks to appear or in the case of plaster/drywall, cracks appear as the product dries out.

Ventilation: Only the cheapest (180 cfm and lower) kitchen canopy exhaust hoods are allowed to be vented to the outdoors without special make-up air provisions.   The maximum amount of unheated outdoor air allowed to enter a typical furnace is 25% of supply air.  This typically means a 250 to 300 cfm kitchen exhaust hood is the maximum size allowed without preheating make-up air.

Additional Information

Alberta Furnace & Heating Services is a family-owned business providing quality heating services to the Calgary residential market. Our business philosophy of “do it right the first time” has gained us a solid reputation as a reliable contracting company which offers excellent customer service and unsurpassed technical expertise. Alberta Furnace & Heating Services has been in business for over 50 years providing service to the residential market.

Bert and Barb Timmer purchased the Company when the owner wished to retire and have been operating as the owners for the past 20 years. Bert brought to the business his background in mechanical design while Barb added administrative and sales experience. Together, they diversified their services to include infloor heating and design services and have become known as the people to call for “unique mechanical solutions”.

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