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All Weather Heating & Air Conditioning

612 Farmington Bend , Clarksville- 37042
Tennessee , United States  United States
(+1) 9315519891 http://www.allweatherheatingofclarksville.com
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All Weather Heating & Air Conditioning - Clarksville

All Weather Heating & Air Conditioning is a premier HVAC specialist serving Clarksville for over 35 years. We provide heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance and brand new installation services that focus on home comfort of our clients.
Since the establishment, we have built our reputation as the as the trusted HVAC Company. We are dedicated to provide the best possible service to our customers. We are expert in supplying installation & repairs for both commercial and domestic customers.

Every client is unique and each challenge is exclusive for the team of our trained technicians. We service and install any brand of heating and air conditioning equipment tailoring your budget. Our staffs are trained, experienced and licensed in providing the air conditioning and heating solutions. We also provide 24 hour emergency service.

Call 931 551 9891 to know how we can help you or visit http://www.allweatherheatingofclarksville.com/

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HVAC Services

Air Conditioning
York® air conditioners are a welcome addition outside and inside your home.
A traditional home comfort system has two parts: an indoor unit, such as a furnace or air handler, and an outdoor unit. An air conditioner is the outdoor unit that cools air and sends it to the indoor unit for circulation through your home. Indoor and outdoor units are designed to work together. When the air conditioner is properly matched with a furnace or air handler, you get maximum efficiency and longer system life.
York Air conditioning Our Recommendations
Count on a York® furnace to give you a warm welcome. Factory assembled, wired, and tested, York® furnaces are built for dependability, economy, and comfort.
Furnaces heat and circulate warm air in the winter. Furnace heating ability is measured with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) percentage. A higher AFUE percentage indicates a more efficient furnace.
High-Efficiency Heat Pumps
York® heat pumps deliver four-season comfort in one stylish unit. They cool your home like an air conditioner in summer, and warm it in the winter like a furnace.
A split system heat pump keeps homes comfortable all year long. In summer, it draws heat out of your home to cool it. In the winter, it draws heat from outside air into your home to warm it.
Packaged Heating and Cooling Systems
York ® packaged heating and cooling systems put efficiency and economy in one self-contained unit.
In a packaged system, all equipment is built into an outdoor unit, usually on a concrete slab or other platform. The "package" that gives it its name provides central air conditioning during the summer and heat in colder months.
Packaged Heat Pumps
York ® heat pumps are packaged in one compact cabinet designed for outdoor installation to save space indoors. In warm weather, you'll get up to 13 SEER cooling efficiency depending on the model. In cold weather, heating efficiencies are as high as 7.6 HSPF.
York Air Handlers
Air Handlers
A traditional home comfort system has two parts: an outdoor unit, such as an air conditioner or heat pump, and an indoor unit. The air handler is the indoor unit that circulates cool air through your home in the summer and warm air in the winter. The indoor and outdoor units are designed to work together. Air handlers supply conditioned air evenly throughout your home, when used in place of a furnace, with either an air conditioning or heat pump system.
Dehumidification can be very important if you live in areas of high humidity. High humidity in cooler temperatures gives you a wet clammy feeling and in warmer temperatures causes a wet sticky feeling and causes perspiration to stay on your body and soak in to you clothes rather than evaporate.
High humidity can also cause mold & mildew through out the house and even ruin very expensive clothes, fabrics, paintings & wall coverings. All air-conditioning units take out some humidity when they are running but in very humid areas this is not enough and you need a dehumidifying system. The most cost effective way in both first cost & operating cost is to install our Affinity System with the T-1900 dehumidifying thermostat.
This system can take out up to 15 times more water from the air than a standard system with very little operating cost penalty.
A second way is to put in a special self contained dehumidifying system such as our York Dehumidifier this is an additional system that works in conjunction with Your Affinity system but takes even more Humidity our the air and works even when the Air-conditions System is not operating. Of course since this is a self contained unit the first cost is greater and the operating cost in increased.
Humidity is very important in areas which are dry. Symptoms of dry climates are dry skin & eyes, nose bleed, static electricity (clothes clinging to you, hair clinging to your comb or brush and electric shock when you touch a metal object). All of these can be cured by raising the Humidity in you home which can be accomplished with a Humidifier connected to your Air-conditioning system and controlled by a T-1900 thermostat.
Air Cleaners
Now you can be sure your home's air is clear of dust, pollen, fungi, smoke and other particles too small to see. It's easy with York's HEPA, Electronic and Media Air Cleaners. These cleaners provide stepped-up filtration, more effective than your furnace or air conditioner alone. In fact, these cleaners can remove up to 94 percent of the particles that pass through your home's system. And since these pollutants can build up as film on walls and furniture, this is performance you'll feel and see.
UV Air Purifiers
You can protect your home and your family from allergy-causing mold with York's selection of air purifiers. These ultraviolet air treatment systems kill mold that would grow in the cool, damp interiors of your air conditioning system. This is the same technology that's long been used by water treatment facilities, adapted by York for safe, efficient home air purifiers.
On the hottest days of summer and the coldest days of winter, you want your home sealed tight for energy efficiency. But you don't want to sacrifice the benefits of fresh air. With a York Ventilation System, you don't have to. Whether your York Dealer recommends the Energy Recovery Ventilator for warm climates or the Heat Recovery Ventilator for cooler regions, you can trust these air exchangers to quietly bring in fresh, clean air from the outside and remove stale inside air, along with dust and other particle buildup.
Evaporator Coils
A traditional home comfort system has two parts: an outdoor unit, such as an air conditioner or heat pump, and an indoor unit, such as a furnace or air handler. The evaporator coil is a series of piping connected to a furnace or air handler that blows indoor air across it, causing the coil to absorb heat from the air. The cooled air is then delivered to the house through ducting. The refrigerant then flows back to the compressor where the cycle starts over again.

Additional Information

This is general information to help you better understand the heating & cooling process.
This excellent homeowner resource gives you a host of helpful hints. Click on any of the articles below to learn more about our programs, products and the best way to get the most from your heating or cooling system.
Just like your car, your home comfort system needs routine maintenance to keep it running at its best. Without regular servicing, heating and cooling systems waste energy and are more likely to break down. But with the proper attention, they can keep you comfortable year-round.
Here's a list of handy tips for the do-it-yourselfer or for those who just want to know what their system needs for the best possible performance.
Knowing what to ask is the first step in choosing the best home comfort system for your home.
The manufacturers of home comfort systems will be prohibited from using R-22 in 2010. As a result, most manufacturers have already begun to use the more economical and environmentally friendly R-410A.
To select the best home comfort system, it helps to know the ins and outs of heating and air conditioning products. View the glossary to find definitions of some of the most common terminology used when referring to home comfort systems.
Like many other appliances, the cost of your indoor comfort system includes not only its initial price, but also the ongoing costs of operation and maintenance. This means that the cooling and heating equipment and controls that you select today will continue to impact your finances for as long as you live in your home. That's why investing in a high efficiency comfort system makes sense.
With the information you provide, we can keep you informed in case of product recalls, and we can provide you with useful information on new products.

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