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Blue Frost HVAC

850 Meadowview Crossing Suite 9 , West Chicago- 60115
Illinois , United States  United States
(+1) 6302312334 http://www.bluefrosthvac.com
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Blue Frost HVAC - West Chicago

Blue Frost is a full service HVAC service provider and has been serving western Chicago and the surrounding counties since 1973. We pride ourselves on providing best customer care that keeps our clients coming back every year for maintenance and repair services. Blue Frost only installs industry leading equipment including Trane furnaces and air conditioning units, Honeywell electronic home air cleaners, and Weil-McLain boilers. We feature the products because they give our customers the greatest value due to their money. We stand by every product we install and all sorts of work that people perform.We provide our clients with maintenance and energy saving choices to help maintain their systems in optimal working condition.

Blue Frost is a local Trane Comfort dealer. We install Trane air conditioners and provide them the life of the warranty. Whether you are looking to install furnace, or a boiler system, our experienced team of HVAC technicians have the ability required to fix anything, tailoring your needs. To know more about our services, please call (630) 231-2334.

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Other HVAC Services : AC Installation, Furnas and Boiler Repair,

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HVAC Services

Furnace & Boiler Repair
Living in Chicago and having a furnace or boiler that heats your home or commercial business properly is vital to the wellness of anyone who resides in this climate. During long periods of polar temperatures, your furnace is continually forcing warm air through the walls to heat your property according to the thermostat settings. Like any household appliance, over use of a furnace may cause it to break down or work improperly. Hydronic systems and boiler systems do not use forced air to heat the rooms of your residence or commercial building. Instead, this type of system is commonly used for radiant heating in floors. These systems utilize hot water that is heated in a boiler and distributed through pipes within the walls and floors in order to create a temperate environment. Whether it is a forced air furnace, or a boiler system, our experienced team of HVAC contractors has the skill required to repair and maintain any type of heating assembly. We also offer our customers energy savings agreements that will help keep your system running at its best with regularly scheduled maintenance.
Furnace & Boiler Installation
As Trane Comfort Specialists, we offer a variety of furnace models to suit any need. Furnaces are rated according to their annual fuel utilization efficiency. Our product options offer furnaces that range from 80% AFUE to 96.6 AFUE. Higher AFUE ratings indicate more energy efficient units which will contribute to lower gas bills. A majority of units with a 90% AFUE or higher are Energy Star rated and feature a factory warranty on the heat exchanger for the lifetime of the unit. Every high efficiency furnace we offer is different and each has specific characteristics which can be narrowed down based on customer requirements. Radiant heat is still a common heating source in this area. We install boilers that are also classified by AFUE ratings and are within the same range 80-96 AFUE. Whether you are in search of a new boiler or a new furnace, Blue Frost has the options you are seeking.
Ductless heating and cooling
Blue Frost HVAC Ductless Heating and Cooling ductless systemsDuctless heating and cooling is an energy efficient system of directly delivering temperature controlled air to specific areas in homes or businesses. Ductless heating and cooling systems are individually controlled and customized to the temperature you prefer. While a standard gas furnace or central air conditioning system uses wall ducts to push air from place to place, a ductless system is designed to control air temperature on a room by room basis. By directly heating or cooling a room allows the temperature to regulate more efficiently than traditional HVAC systems. Ductless heating and cooling systems are gaining popularity every year due to their increased simplicity and cost effectiveness.
Energy Saving Coil Cleaning
Don’t let dirty coils in your HVAC system be the reason for shortened life expectancy. These dirty coils mean your system must work harder, causing parts to wear out quickly. In an effort to reduce your month to month utility bills, consider our maintenance plan to help keep those coils clean. The EPA has performed tests showing a 21% loss in efficiency on units with as little as 1/10 of a centimeter of dirt on the coils. Average heating and cooling bills are $1500/year. 21% loss in efficiency means you are spending $315 more each year on heating and cooling.
Air Conditioning Repair
During Chicago’s humid and warm summer months, central air conditioners are constantly working in an effort to maintain your comfort and health. Overuse may cause the cooling system to malfunction or stop operating altogether. One of our HVAC technicians will come and inspect your central air unit and troubleshoot your air conditioner problems. They will consult with you on what repairs are needed, and begin restoring your system. We service, maintain, and repair all makes and models of central air conditioning units for commercial and residential properties. With regular maintenance, air conditioning repairs can be foreseeable and less expensive. For our customers we offer Energy Saving Agreements. These are prepaid preventative maintenance plans which ensure that your AC unit is always operating at its best performance. If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, you should know that the existing technology has been greatly improved since its installation and a more energy efficient model is most likely available on the market. If a new air conditioner is needed, our trained technicians can provide you with information about upgrading your system in order to make your home or business more energy efficient.
Air Conditioning Installation
Blue Frost is a local Trane Comfort Specialist dealer. We install Trane air conditioning units and maintain them for the life of the warranty or service contract associated with the installation. When replacing your existing air conditioner understand that the entire unit, both the outside portion and the working mechanics need to be changed. The components have a unique interaction with each other and therefore they must work together in order maintain the efficiency of your cooling system. It is important to purchase a central air conditioning unit that is the correct size for the structure in which it is being installed. A unit that is too large will not remove an adequate amount of humidity and will create too much moisture which may lead to problems with mold and mildew. In addition, too large of a unit will stop and start more frequently, resulting in greater wear and tear and more frequent service calls. Proper measurements, equipment, and installation by our trained HVAC technicians, will make certain your new Trane air conditioner will run appropriately in conjunction with regular maintenance.
Whole House Air Purification
A Trane air purifier is a contemporary approach to improving the quality of life and well being. These air cleaning units are affordable, easy to install and maintain, and as intended, cleanse the air prior to breathing it into your lungs. Air cleaners remove a wide variety of dust, pollen, allergens, and pollutants from the air by passing it through a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. This is a mechanical filter which pulls airborne matter and presses it into a filter so it cannot be released and breathed in by humans or animals. Ultra violet light is used to kill bacteria, viruses, and mold spores that penetrate their way inside your walls. The light emits radiation on to the bacterial cell and renders it harmless; meaning it will not make you sick and it will not be able to reproduce indoors.
Blue Frost is aware that there are many air cleaning technology options available on the market. Our team of technicians is qualified to help you decided the best way to keep those around you healthy, by choosing the correct Honeywell air purifying system.

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