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Reactive Air Conditioning (UK) Ltd

Lido House Sansome Road , Shirley- B90 2BJ
Solihull , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
(+44) 0121 7454800 http://www.reactiveaircon.com
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Reactive Air Conditioning (UK) Ltd - Shirley

Reactive Air Conditioning is established in Solihull, Birmingham. We are experts in knowledge of air conditioning and air treatment systems .We strive to satisfy and understand our   end-user needs.

Whereas most end-users are aware of the imminent phasing from R22 refrigerant and the relevant legislation, there remains a great deal of confusion and some know the possible impact that this legislation might have on them and their company.

Reactive Air Conditioning is intense to present the details to support, explain the issues that surround the phasing from R22.  We aim to support companies everywhere. So, we   cut through any conflicting information and to realize the details and appreciate the wider implications of the ban.

R22 is popular in air conditioning systems and any company running air conditioning systems that use R22 is affected by the ban and should comply with all the regulation

HCFC refrigerants (such as R22) have been proven to have ozone depletion potential and legislation has been put in place to confirm the utilization of all HCFCs is phased out by 2015

R22 is an HCFC refrigerant and as a result is covered by the EC Ozone Regulation No. 2037/2000

The use and sale of virgin HCFC is banned from 31st December 2009. This relates to all virgin HCFCs, whether bought before the deadline. The use and sale of recycled HCFC is banned from 31st December 2014. This relates to all recycled HCFCs, whether bought before the deadline

After December 2009, creation of R22 is illegal and accessibility might decline

Installers should employ properly trained personnel to carry out installation, servicing and repair and leakage checking. Recovery of Ozone Depleting Substances, like R22, during servicing and repair and at the end of the systems life should be carried out by competent and qualified personnel with all the required ecological agency waste licenses.

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Our expertise is our knowledge of refrigeration, air conditioning and air treatment systems and in particular our understanding of end-user requirements.

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