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Nash Mechanical LLC.

Post Box:53 , Milwaukee- 53234
Wisconsin , United States  United States
(+1) 414-640-7001 http://www.nashmechanicalhvac.com/
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Nash Mechanical LLC. - Milwaukee

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nash Mechanical is a pioneer in heating and air conditioning business. We have been assisting our residential and commercial customers with our highly reliable HVAC services.Our services include furnace installation and replacements, boiler conversion, HVAC consulting and new construction projects for residents. Our services for commercial clients include remodel projects, HVAC consulting, roof top unit replacements and installation and others.
Our friendly and reliable team offers you any kind of assistance you would need for your HVAC systems. Our professionals will offer you help in picking up the right furnace that will be better than others. By offering quality products, we assure you that you could save money in the long run.To know more, visit http://www.nashmechanicalhvac.com/ or contact us on 414-640-7001.

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Electronic Air Cleaners (EACs) can be expensive compared to the regular filtering media's but from personal experience they are well worth the cost. Customers with allergies and respiratory conditions have reported better breathing conditions when their units were working properly. These units are capable of filtering particles that are less than one micron in size. An EAC is a high tech way of improving the indoor air quality of your home. When the air passes through the first part of the unit the particles in the air are given an electrical charge using thin ionizing wires located in the cells.
Downstream from the wires are collector plates with an opposite charge. The particles (now polarized) are attracted to the collector plates that have an opposite polarized charge. For this reason, electronic air cleaners need to have the cells removed and cleaned usually on a semi-annual basis. Mild soap and water should be used along with extreme care so the ionizing wires or collector plates are not damaged. If the plates or ionizing wires are damaged during cleaning, the cells should be replaced before restoring power to the unit or the power pack can be damaged.
The power pack is an expensive and integral part of the electronic air cleaner. If you have a maintenance agreement the service should include cleaning and caring for this unit if you have one installed in your home or business. Since these units are expensive they should have professional attention paid to them from time to time. While the cells are not super-fragile, damage can occur if the proper precautions are not taken during the cleaning of these cells.

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Many of us know that ultraviolet rays are harmful to our skin if we are over exposed to the suns rays. This is the reason most of us use sun block in the summer. Why are UV rays so harmful to us and most biological organisms? UV rays penetrate the cells and break down the molecular bonds in the cells. This can cause mutation of the cells and change their biological make-up. This process can be used to our advantage to improve the indoor air quality of our living and working spaces.
UV lights can be installed in your duct work so that it may wash the air from harmful bio-organisms that live in the air and duct work of your home or business. When the air containing these microorganisms pass through the UV light,it penetrates the organism and breaks down its molecular bonds. This causes cellular and genetic damage that renders these microscopic critters harmlessand robs them of their ability to reproduce.
Many of the items listed below can be eradicated from your system if you have one of these lights installed in your duct work. An additional benefit to having UV light protection installed in your ducts, in addition to the people occupying the building reporting less illness, you may save on your power and maintenance costs. The UV light eradicated mold, mildew, and other organisms that tend to grow on the coils and reduce and restrict air flow. This causes the motors to work harder to push and pull the air where it is supposed to go. The UV light eliminated these restrictions allowing the motors to use less power and cause less mechanical wear. A UV light installed in your duct work can benefit more than your health, it can benefit your checkbook as well.

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