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Max Johnston 7203 E. Nora Avenue , Spokane Valley- 99212
Washington , United States  United States
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Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc - Spokane Valley

Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc. was founded in Spokane, WA in 1986  We install, repair and keep every form of residential or commercial heating, cooling, refrigeration and electric system throughout the Inland Northwest, including:Greater Spokane Air Control Van, Spokane Valley,Coeur dï Alene,Post Falls,Deer Park,Ritzville,Sprague, Sandpoint ID (and all places between)

Our skilled staffs of technicians are licensed, trained, pro and courteous.  We pride ourselves on doing top-quality 24-Hour repair service and standard substitution installations for all residential and commercial heating, cooling, refrigeration and electric systems at an affordable cost.

We have been in company serving Spokane and North Idaho for over 27 years. During that time, we have completed over 4,000 installations, and too numerous service calls to count! Our function record speaks for itself because you don’t achieve that form of longevity and success unless you take advantageous care of the clients!   Please check our A+ record for yourself with all the Spokane Better Company Bureau (you are able to do this appropriate now - there is a BBB link on our home page!).

Give us a call anytime at (509) 228-7411 WA or (208)667-4155 ID, for 24-Hour repairs, planned repair, or perhaps a Free Installation Estimate for any of the HVAC or Electrical requirements.

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Other HVAC Services : Residential service, Commercial Service, REFRIGERATION REPAIRS

Service Type : Yes, this business serves customers at their Location
Emergency Services:Services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

HVAC Services

AC Installation

At Air Control Heating and Electric, we understand how important comfort and air quality are to you. That’s why we sell and install only the finest air conditioners. For your home or office, we proudly offer American Standard air conditioners, which are rated #1 by Consumer Reports magazine.American Standard air conditioners are very reliable, with one of the lowest repair rates in the Air-Control-Van1.jpgindustry. They are also very quiet. American Standard engineers have spent much time and money to develop one of the quietest units in the industry. If you are used to an air conditioner dimming the lights when it starts with a “bang”, you are in for a surprise, because their newest units are so quiet you can hardly tell when they are running.

Air conditioning used to be considered a luxury, but today most folks consider it a customary and standard part of their life, both at work and at home. After a hard day, people want to come home to a comfortable home, take their shoes off and relax.There is another thing to consider as well as comfort, because a quality heating-cooling system not only cools your home or office, it also cleans the air of pollutants and allergens through improved high-tech filtration techniques. The American Standard Accuclean filter will even remove smoke from the air. If you add a UV light to your A/C system, it will even kill mold spores that may be hiding in your duct work. Some high-tech filtration systems will even eliminate certain viruses! Yes, air conditioning has come a long way from the old “window unit” that most folks grew up with.

But even the finest air conditioner must be properly installed. Air Control installers and electricians have all been through numerous factory training schools, as well as meeting the licensing requirements of the state of Washington.When you call Air Control Heating for an estimate, you will receive a thorough analysis of your needs, a clear proposal with a definite price, and options for recommended accessories, such as an Accuclean air cleaner, humidifier, and UV light to help you make the best-informed decision possible. We also offer excellent financing OAC.

Residential Services

REPAIRS: If you own your home or manage a residential building, and need HVAC or Electrical repairs or replacement, call Air Control Heating and Electric  for all your residential HVAC, heating, cooling and electrical needs.  We provide 24-Hour service, because we know your needs won’t wait!HVAC INSTALLATION or REPLACEMENT:  If you need to replace your home furnace, air conditioner, boiler or water heater, call Air Control Heating and Electric for a FREE Estimate.   Already have a bid?  Let us give you a comparison quote– we may be able to save you some money!

FEDERAL TAX CREDITS FOR HOMEOWNERS ARE BACK! If you didn’t take advantage of the federal government-funded rebates program before it ended in 2011, let us help you make the most of your dollars this time. There are still some rebates available.  Call our office for details,ELECTRICAL:  Troubleshooting and  electrical repairs, panel replacements, new wiring–we do it all!  Call Air Control Heating and Electric for a FREE Estimate today.Our goal is to provide our customers with top-quality HVAC and Electrical expertise, service, repair and replacement. We want to be your go-to HVAC and Electrical contractor!  You will be in control when you call Air Control to handle your HVAC & Electrical needs.

Commercial Services

If you own or manage a commercial building, and need an Commercial HVAC and Electrical Services, Refrigeration or Installation of any of these categories, call Air Control Heating and Electric. We provide our commercial customers with top-quality heating-cooling systems and the necessary service, repair and replacement to support them.REPAIRS:  We provide 24-Hour 7-day service for all your HVAC-R needs.  When a problem arises, you need service right away!  Air Control Heating and Electric will be there whenever you need us. .INSTALLATION:  We specialize in design/build commercial retrofit projects.   If you need to update or replace your HVAC equipment, that is our specialty!  We know which equipment is the best for your needs, and we are very cost effective because we specialize in Commercial Retrofits.  If you already have a bid for a commercial retrofit HVAC  project, let us give you a comparison quote.  Our estimates are FREE,  and we can save you money.ELECTRICAL:  Troubleshooting, panel replacements, new circuits, lighting retrofits—we do it all!  Our electrical department gives us the ability to do single-source turnkey HVAC retrofit projects.


Air Control Heating & Electric performs commercial refrigeration service for many restaurants in the Spokane – Coeur d’Alene area. We service, repair and replace all types of restaurant refrigeration equipment, including reach-ins, walk-ins, ice machines, cook-top grills, line freezers and coolers. We also handle your comfort air conditioning, heating, and HVAC needs, including exhaust and make-up air systems.

Air Control Heating and Electric technicians specialize in in commercial refrigeration service and you can depend on us to handle any emergency, large or small. All of our technicians are properly certified and licensed, as is our company.  We understand that most of your refrigeration problems are emergencies, and you can count on us to respond quickly whenever you call us.

USED RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT: We carry an inventory of slightly-used restaurant equipment that have been rebuilt in our shop.  If you have need of a new unit, check with us–we may be able to save you a lot of money!  We usually have inventory on hand. If you have a need, just call and ask.ELECTRICAL SERVICE:  Air Control Heating and Electric has a complete electrical department.  We provide electrical services for all refrigeration and restaurant needs.  We replace panels, lighting, and install fans, as well as all troubleshooting and circuit repairs.

Additional Information

Looking for a furnace installation or repair in Spokane or Coeur d’Alene?  Your search is over.  Air Control Heating and Electric has the widest selection and best prices in town!Have you been searching for air conditioner installation and repair to your existing unit in Spokane or Coeur d’Alene? Well, your search is over. Air Control Heating & Electric offers a large selection of affordable and efficient cooling systems to fit every need.High Efficiency Air Conditioner,Air Control Heating carries air conditioners from several manufacturers, including American Standard and Goodman, to meet the different needs of individual consumers. Replacing instead of repairing your old air conditioner can provide better cooling performance as well as save you money in future operating costs.  In addition, you may qualify for a high-efficiency rebate.

FACT:  American Standard is the #1 top-rated home air conditioner by Consumer Reports.  Check it out!FACT:  If your air conditioner is over 10 years old, and requires over $300 in repairs, you are generally better off to replace it rather than repair it.When shopping for a new air conditioner, here are some points to consider:Size Matters:Make sure the air conditioner you purchase is the right size for your home.Buying a too-large or too-small unit will cause your cooling system work poorly, and will actually decrease the comfort and efficiency your system provides.  As a consumer, you need to count on your HVAC professional to perform the necessary calculations to properly size and design your HVAC system.  Make sure you hire an established contractor that has a long track record of doing this properly and being around to support what he sells.

Efficiency Rating:Air Conditioner CutawayHome air conditioners come in a variety of efficiencies ranging from 13 SEER up to over 20 SEER (SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and is a measure of efficiency).  13SEER is standard efficiency today; 15-SEER is considered high efficiency, and 20 SEER is Ultra-high efficiency.  Since installation costs increase with SEER ratings, you should consider how many months per year you will use your air conditioner when selecting the efficiency level. You want an air conditioner that is right for you, and that will cool your home properly.  Ask your design professional for his recommendation and his reasons.

Professional Quality Installation:In order to get the air conditioner end performance, do yourself a favor and hire an established professional HVAC contractor that you trust to select the right unit for your home, and to install it properly.  It is really not wise to use an unproven company for a complex product like air conditioning that you will use daily for the next 25 years.  Look for a long track record and an A+ rating with the BBB (you can check our BBB rating  by clicking the link on our home page).

Warranty:Some leading manufacturers now offer up to a 10-year parts warranty on their home air conditioners.  This is a big improvement in warranties compared to the old days, and a great benefit to consumers.Commercial Air Conditioners:Commercial air conditioners are similar in principal to home units, but much larger.  Commercial units often come in the form of “rooftop package units”, which combine all  heating and cooling functions into one large piece of equipment that is mounted on the roof, or in a dedicated mechanical room inside the building.  More design work is involved when installing commercial units, but Air Control Heating and Electric provides FREE ESTIMATES on commercial systems also. We have installed hundreds of large commercial HVAC systems, so you can call us with confidence for you commercial HVAC needs.

Need a Heat Pump installation or repair in Spokane or Couer d’Alene?  Look no further!  Air Control offers Heat Pumps in a wide variety of sizes and efficiencies for all your heating and cooling needs.Heat Pumps can be a great alternative to the traditional gas furnace heating system.  Heating costs are similar to gas, plus heat pumps do air conditioning for you in the summer.Heat pumps use electricity, but because they use electricity to capture heat instead of just burning electricity, they actually use less electricity to produce the heat you need.  A modern 15SEER heat pump will save you  50% on your heating bill, as compared to electric, oil or propane.  Heat pumps are also a “green fuel” appliance with minimal carbon footprint.When choosing a unit, here are some things to consider:Heat Pump or Gas Furnace,Air Control Heating can help you make an informed decision that will meet your heating and cooling needs. You may find that a heat pump provides all the features you need at less expense than a traditional gas furnace + air conditioner system.

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