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MK Russell & Abbott

2124 East Broadway , Maryville- 37804
Tennessee , United States  United States
(+1) 8659825133 http://cleanaircomfort.com
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MK Russell & Abbott - Maryville

MK Russell & Abbott is Maryville Heating and Air service at its best.Our company was started by Charles Russell and John Abbott. The organization grew to be among the biggest in the county. We today serve a multi county radius, installing and servicing residential and commercial heating and air goods.

Why is there a dog on all of our advertising,There are a couple of factors for incorporating a dog into our firm image. First, there’s a real dog behind the idea. Black Olive, a Labrador Retriever mix, was rescued from the Blount County Animal Shelter by one of our employees just a few months before we moved to our place on East Broadway in Maryville. As a pup, Olive promptly became piece of our team.

She continues to have frequent “office hours” throughout the week and naps on her favorite blue couch in our waiting area. Additionally, MK Russell and Abbott strive to model the greatest attributes of man’s ideal friend: trustworthiness, friendliness and reliability. We come when you call and we do our best to please you. Next time you see the dog on our pickups or advertising, consider what that signifies to you as a customer. Next, provide us a whistle-we’ll come running.

We are a Maryville-based, employee-owned company that has served Blount County since 1977 and concentrates on air conditioner repair and hot hvac installations.

Our employee owners have years of experience. Our families all live work and serve in Blount County. Our licensed and certified staff truly cares about you and your home. We aim to offer the greatest customer service available.

MK Russell and Abbott is regarded as truly the only Maryville Trane dealers, and we are licensed Trane Comfort Specialists™, a designation awarded to businesses that are committed to the greatest in every aspect of company, from installation and service, to customer satisfaction and worker training.

Excellent treatments, together with great installation and service, add up to satisfied repeat customers. We go the extra mile to make our visitors happy they chose our organization with their HVAC investment.

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Other HVAC Services : AC Repair, AC Maintenance,

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HVAC Services

Comfort : When it comes to heating and cooling your home, the whole point is getting it right. That, of course, means keeping a comfortable temperature throughout your home—no hot or cold spots please. But something many homeowners don’t realize is that humidity level is just as important. A heating and air system installed without proper humidity control can leave you feeling sticky in summer and parched in winter. We determine the exact needs of your home and work with you to select equipment for perfect indoor climate control.

Efficiency : As much as half of a home’s energy use is devoted to heating and cooling. But a new, properly designed heating and air conditioning system can cut those energy costs by about 20 percent. Efficiency is measured by a system’s SEER rating, a ratio of the amount of heat and air produced for each unit of energy it consumes. Ratings range from SEER-13 (the federal minimum) to SEER-23. Many older systems have SEER ratings of 6 or less. A number of other factors play a role in improving the efficiency of your system, and we’ll help you sort through the details. For example, a programmable thermostat could help save on your annual energy savings, allowing you to tune the temperature of your home to the tempo of your life. As an Energy Right contractor we work with TVA to help get more bang for you buck by improving the efficiency of your entire home.

Air quality : A number of factors in a heating and air system can affect the quality of the air you breathe. Proper ventilation is essential for controlling humidity, which if too high can trigger mold growth and if too low can exacerbate health conditions such as asthma. Correctly sizing the unit also is important to promote healthy indoor air. Over-sizing a unit, for example, can result in improper air distribution and humidity control. We help custom design the perfect system to meet your needs—because there’s nothing more important than the air you breathe.

Custom System : We custom design every system for every home.  The single most important thing you can do to make your home comfortable and energy efficient is a proper heat load calculation.  Unfortunately, this cannot be done quickly or while visiting your home.

A proper heat load calculation requires a site visit and time in the office to fully access the needs of your home.  When done correctly, this heat load assures that you are getting the best possible comfort and the maximum efficiency.

A full heat load calculation will take into account your insulation, window type, direction of sunrise and sunset, window treatment, wall construction, overall square footage, roofing materials, number of kitchens, heat producing appliances and the number of people in the home.

MK Russell and Abbott provides the greatest overall value and the most comprehensive load calculation available.

HVAC Services for Maryville, Knoxville, and surrounding counties

Service : Is your system out of commission? Give us a call. We’re available night and day, weekends and even football Saturdays. Our aim is to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Just call us at 865-982-5133.

Tune-up : Even the best systems need regular inspection and maintenance to ensure peak performance. For $99 we check out your heater or air conditioner from stem to stern. We check for leaks and wiring problems, test refrigerant levels, and we clean the  system thoroughly.We inspect each component, making adjustments, monitoring settings and testing performance to make sure everything’s in tip-top shape, whatever the weather.

System upgrade : If your unit is over 10 years old or has simply never done the job right, you could benefit from a properly sized, more efficient heating and air system, customized to perfectly fit your needs. Our engineering expertise and knowledgeable customer service ensure you’ll come away happy with your decision. How do you select the right system for your home? Click here to get started.

Maintenance plan : Protect your system with a maintenance plan, and leave the headaches to us! Membership includes two tune-ups, professional cleanings and safety inspections per year plus a 15% discount on repair service, 24-hour emergency service and no overtime charges. One-, two-, or three- year  plans available with discounts for multiple years . Memberships are transferrable to either a new owner or new location. We also offer a five percent discount for seniors.

Additional Information

Financing : When your heating and air goes out you don’t have to suffer through the burning hot or freezing cold till you save enough to replace your HVAC unit.  You can take advantage of one of our several smart financing options. Financing provided by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo Financial. Wells Fargo Financial is an affiliate of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

TVA Financing Available Through The Following Utilities:

Alcoa Utilities, Amy Fields: (865) 380-4700 / afields@cityofalcoa-tn.gov. Maryville Utilities, Debbie Ryan: (865) 273-3462. Fort Loudon Electric, Amy Kirkland: (877) 353-2674, ext. 103 or Mike Davenport, ext. 112. Lenoir City Utilities Board, Jinni Redmond: (865) 988-0716.

Commercial Leasing : Enjoy the many benefits of leasing offered by MK Russell & Abbottr: Conserve Working Capital.  When a business leases new air conditioning equipment, working capital is not reduced and bank credit lines are not affected. Working capital can be used elsewhere or kept in reserve for other needs. Visit Trane Leasing Services. Tax Deductible Lease payments may be fully deductible.

Less Initial Cost With our business leasing, 100% of your equipment cost can be leased to include extended warranties. In most cases, we require no money down. Help Eliminate Repair Costs Upgrade all your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment today and eliminate repair costs for many years.

Capital Budgets Many businesses both small and large are faced with limited budgets. When faced with large bills, leasing new air conditioning and refrigeration equipment can solve the problem and keep costs within the capital budget.

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