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Air Conditioning Solutions (UK) Ltd

Concept Park,Watling Street , Towcester- NN12 7YD
Northants , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
(+44) 01327 810510 Fax : 01327 811529 http://www.airconsolutions.co.uk
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Air Conditioning Solutions (UK) Ltd - Towcester

ACS (UK) Ltd has exceptional expertise in cooling, heating and repair of all circumstances, in industry, retail, commercial and public sector premises.

 Our core business is the shape, installation and repair of cooling, air conditioning, and fresh air and ventilation systems. This has been augmented by our mounting operations in the commercial and domestic renewable resistance sectors.

 ACS (UK) Ltd have a reputation for engaging in shape and installation of projects, which include facing about and overcoming technical and ecological challenges and delivering a ‘’turnkey’’ answer for company and homeowners.

 We take a holistic approach to our Client's necessity to determine not only the many suitable to fulfill their needs but, to deliver sustained power performance and cost efficiencies.

 ACS (UK) Ltd is contacted by the customers who have not been capable to source an ‘’off the shelf’’ solution. In a great deal of cases standard manufacturer’s equipment will likely not suit the application and it makes the changes and re-design standard equipment to achieve the customer needs. The company then has to underwrite the warranty that is a noticeable risk.

Business Operation Hours
Monday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Other HVAC Services : Cooling Installation, Renewable Solutions,

Service Type : No,All customers come to the business location

HVAC Services

Air Conditioning Solutions (UK) Ltd supply cooling, heating and ventilation equipment for installation in commercial offices, retail outlets, factories, schools, colleges, universities, medical centres and hospitals.
With offices throughout the UK, the equipment specified by us is designed to cool and heat more cost effectively and efficiently than other heating and climate control systems.
Our manufacturers provide a range of equipment for specialist applications including:
* Equipment for single or multiple rooms, server rooms and whole building or modular building
* Variant Refrigerant Flow (VRF) equipment
* Renewable energy heating systems for whole buildings
* Evaporative and Eco Cooling solutions for business.
To facilitate our growing Client requirements, the ACS Group of companies now offer a wider range of services all designed to deliver the optimum level of value for money combined with the highest levels of professional expertise.
Air Conditioning Solutions (UK) Ltd
Air conditioning contractors specialising in designing and installing heating, cooling and ventilation equipment. Serving the M&E sectors, ACS has exceptional expertise in the creation of installing specialist air conditioning systems for industry.  Systems include VRF, VRV, Splits, Chillers, Packaged Units and Close Control Systems.
ACS Renewable Solutions Ltd
One of the UK’s leading renewable energy heating contractors, specialising in designing and installing air source heat pump and solar PV technology into the commercial and domestic UK markets.
ACS Group Maintenance Ltd
ACS Group Maintenance recognise the importance of maintaining air conditioning systems to an excellent working order at all times.  ACS GM offer a range of air conditioning servicing contracts and supporting services.

Additional Information

With more than 20 years experience caring for public sector, business and domestic, heating and cooling requirements.
Regardless who originally installed or supplied your air conditioning or ventilation system we will maintain them in strict accordance with official regulations.
All of our engineers are trained to a required standard and in addition to routine maintenance will conduct necessary checks for leaks and other mandatory tests.
All ACS customers can be assured the air conditioning and heating systems all conform to UK and European laws with regard to the maintenance and environmental concerns.
Air conditioning properly maintained will improve the air quality inside buildings which can be a major public concern.
Pollutant levels inside some buildings can be higher than outdoor levels.
Mould is a major contributor to poor indoor air quality and when mould colonies grow, they produce spores and mycotoxins, both can cause allergic reactions in about 20% of the population.

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Good Job
Air Conditioning Solutions (UK) Ltd extremely professional and quick. They offered me a great service at a good price.They care about us and our well being, and that was important to me as a customer of theirs. Their service was good and they are always available online. I would always prefer this service.
By Lori D Haden 7/11/2014