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Efficiency Heating & Cooling - Milwaukie

Efficiency Heating & Cooling is a locally family owned heating and air conditioning service. We offer heating and air conditioning systems that make sense for you, your home or business and budget. We are focused on providing comfort, healthy air, efficiency and longevity in our repairs and installations.

We do the following: residential & small commercial HVAC repair, service, installation, substitution, maintenance, tune up, cleaning, safety inspections and free installation estimates. We install gas furnaces, propane furnaces, electrical furnaces, air conditioning, heat pumps, ductwork, oil to gas furnace conversions, oil to electrical furnace conversions, gas electrical rooftop top units, duct-less mini split heat pumps, generators, infrared radiant heating, store heaters, warehouse heaters, oil furnaces, filters, filter systems, UV lights, humidifiers, thermostats, swamp coolers, electrical and gas water heaters, gas lines, gas fireplaces, gas barbecues, gas dryers, gas ranges, venting, chimney liners, custom sheet metal, air distribution systems, spiral duct function, remodels, retrofit, basement remodels, plumbing, electric function, electrical panels and sub panels. Schedule an appointment today!

We officially work from Milwaukie, and serve the better Portland region.Our Mission,We are focused on providing comfort, healthy air, efficiency and longevity in our repairs and installations. Our strategy is “Do every job the way you would wish it done if it was your home or business.” Our objective is to aid everyone with a solution that makes sense for them and fits their budget. A good name is a bit more desirable than great riches.

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Other HVAC Services : AC Installation, AC Maintenance, Ductless Heating

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HVAC Services

Home isn’t home without the cool comfort of a reliable air conditioning system! Efficiency Heating & Cooling is a local Portland air conditioning company who specializes in maintenance, repair, replacement and new installations! We have the experience required to work on any make and model of equipment, and for new installations we source equipment from leading manufactures like Lennox, Bryant & American Standard.

The efficiency of an air conditioner is measured by a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. A 19 SEER air conditioner is more efficient than a 13 SEER model. However, overall cooling efficiency involves a lot more than a SEER rating. The most important part of a home indoor comfort system is the actual design and installation. This must be performed according to industry best guidelines or even the finest equipment will not perform efficiently. After a quality install, seasonal maintenance ensures efficiency will continue.

There are quite a few heating and A/C companies in the Portland area. So why choose us over the rest? For one, we’re a Better Business Bureau A+ certified company and our technicians are NATE and EPA certified to ensure we’re on the cutting edge of HVAC technology. Putting the credentials to the side however, we’re a family owned company who really cares. You aren’t just another repair job or equipment sale. You’re a customer that we aim to thrill with any work we do. A great reputation is more important than any amount of money, and we’re proud of what are customers think about us. So don’t wait! Take the next step toward better indoor comfort and call us today!

Air conditioners and heat pumps are all electric devices that compress refrigerant. Compressing refrigerant expels heat energy which turns refrigerant into a chilled liquid. This liquid is then pumped inside to the indoor coil. Modern equipment is not only quieter than air conditioners of old, but much more efficient. Many offer communicating abilities for increased overall system performance.
A/C Maintenance Portland

Whether your air conditioning system is shiny new or has a few years on it, one thing remains the same, and that’s the need for scheduled maintenance. Compare it to health: what if today you quit eating anything healthy and switched to chips and cup cakes for every meal — would you die tomorrow? No. But health and energy would decline

You’re going to hear us stress this a lot whether you’re browsing our site, or talking to us in person: the design and installation of your comfort system is paramount to performance, efficiency and reliability. You can purchase the finest equipment on the market, but if the install is botched and/or sized incorrectly, you could end up wasting a lot of money. We do the job right and we protect your tim

Ductless air conditioning has become very popular across the nation, and we’re proud to offer this as a solution for our customers! Also known as a mini-split, a ductless air conditioner still sits outside the home, but it connects to an indoor air handler that is conveniently mounted on an inner wall, floor or recessed in the ceiling. Ductless systems deliver efficient performance with quiet operation

We keep you cool with a variety of air conditioning services that are top-quality in nature. We love helping customers move to more efficient, more complete cooling solutions, and we build on the foundation of quality equipment from leading manufacturers. Thanks for considering Efficiency Heating and Cooling for your home cooling needs. We can’t wait to enhance the quality of your indoor comfort control!

What would a chilly Portland winter be like without a reliable heating solution for your home? Efficiency Heating & Cooling is your top choice for all heating related services in the greater Portland area. This means whether you need seasonal maintenance on a ductless system, repair on a heat pump, an oil to gas conversion or a brand new heating system installed, we’re the contractor to call! We service all makes and models of electric and gas equipment, and we install products from leading manufacturers like Lennox, American Standard, Bryant and more!

Efficiency Heating & Cooling is not only locally owned and operated, but we’re a family owned business. That means you receive a level of care and attention that is sometimes harder to find in other companies. We’re also a Better Business Bureau A+ business, and our technicians are NATE and EPA certified. These accreditation’s exemplify our commitment to a high level of customer service, and technical excellence. Trust us, you don’t want an inexperienced tech working on your indoor comfort system. We hear the stories from homeowners who have gone that route…it isn’t a pretty picture.

A natural gas furnace is the king of toasty warm air during a frigid Portland winter season. In the past, gas furnaces used to have a constantly running pilot that went to full flame when the furnace turned on. Modern furnaces boast fully modulating flames with means the flame adjust in tiny increments for more efficient heating. Plus, variable speed ECM fan motors make furnaces whisper quiet.

Your heating system needs maintenance to protect equipment from premature problems, and to maintain heating efficiency. Imagine if you skipped oil changes on your car – would it quit running the next day? No, but fuel efficiency would begin to decline, and eventually you’d end up with a pricey repair bill. Your heating system is no different. Maintenance helps protect your efficiency and equipment.

A natural gas furnace is the king of toasty warm air during a frigid Portland winter season. In the past, gas furnaces used to have a constantly running pilot that went to full flame when the furnace turned on. Modern furnaces boast full modulating flames with means the flame adjust in tiny increments for more efficient heating. Plus, variable speed ECM fan motors make furnaces whisper quiet.

If you have an oil fired furnace or all electric heat, it’s time to save money by converting to natural gas. Most new 80% AFUE furnaces can exhaust with metal piping and sometimes use the chimney. A 96-98% AFUE condensing furnace uses PVC piping to vent. New furnaces also feature variable speed ECM fan motors that are whisper quiet, so no more turning up the TV when the furnace kicks on!

Have you been using a noisy, energy sucking floor heater to keep a living space without ducting comfortable? Did you know there’s a much better solution? Ductless heat pumps provide both cooling and heating, and they don’t need ducting to do it. They’re also known as ‘mini-splits’ because like a normal split system, the heat pump is located outside, and the air handler is located inside.

To keep the winter chill away from your warehouse and to do so cost-effectively, you have to match the heater to your facility’s size and needs. We can help. In some cases, the entire warehouse will need to be warmed up, in others, just particular areas. Issues of cost, ventilation and unit placement also demand consideration. Luckily, gas-fired and electric heaters can address any scenario.

Home isn’t home unless it’s comfortable, and staying warm during an Oregon winter is definitely a priority! Efficiency Heating & Cooling cares about the comfort of our customers…We care about the size of your utility bill. We’re here to help enhance the quality of your indoor comfort control with maintenance, repair and new installation services. Call us today!

Additional Information

Oil To Gas Furnace Conversion,If you heated your home with an oil fired furnace here in Oregon last winter (2012) you probably paid around $1500. Did you know that a natural gas furnace would have cost close to half that amount? It’s true, according to the US Energy Information Administration. In fact, since early 2000, oil heating has average out at about 40% more than gas heating. These numbers make replacing an older, oil furnace with a new model very attractive.

Making the move to a new gas furnace isn’t just about cheaper fuel either. Modern furnaces feature fully modulating flames and condensing technology that brings efficiency all the up to around 95% AFUE, with top models even exceeding this rating! Plus, variable speed fan motors are oh-so-very-quiet. If you turn up the TV when your HVAC system kicks on, those days can now be over.

We provide free estimates on upgrading your old oil furnace to a new, efficient natural gas model. Plus, our experience means the job is done right. Each detail of the conversion will be handled in the best possible way.The Numbers Are InCurrently, about 50% of the United States uses natural gas, while under 10% use oil. The rest are either electric, propane or green energy solutions such as geothermal.

The ease of piping in natural gas for a furnace takes the hassle out of oil delivery. Plus, gas has lower carbon emissions than oil, so making the move not only saves your wallet, but it helps save the environment.Call Efficiency Heating & Cooling to learn more about making the move from oil to gas fired heating. We’re a trusted Portland area heating company, and our services are second to none. We build on the foundation of equipment sourced from leading manufacturers. We can’t wait to enhance the quality of the comfort in your home.

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