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AAA Heating & Air Conditioning

22641 83rd Ave S , Kent- 98032
Washington , United States  United States
(+1) 253-656-5570 http://www.aaaheatingac.com
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AAA Heating & Air Conditioning - Kent

AAA Heating & Air Conditioning delivers same-day emergency service on furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, and more in Kent, Renton, Auburn, and Federal Way. Whether you reside straight in South King County, or you will be in Bellevue, Issaquah, Puyallup, or Tacoma, we will supply all the heating and cooling requirements at a time that functions for your schedule. We also will keep it running through yearly repair plans with our Precision Tune Ups.

Our licensed HVAC technicians have been serving residential and commercial clients in the South King County and surrounding regions since 1989.  Additionally, to operate top notch installations when it happens to be time to substitute your furnace or heat pump, we additionally focus heavily on testing your duct system and duct sealing to confirm that your system runs correctly and you benefit from noticeable power savings.

We know that you function during the day simply like we do, thus evening and weekend visits are available at no more charge, and we constantly have many technicians on call in the event you experience an emergency after hours.

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Other HVAC Services : Heat Pump, Furnace Installations, Water Heaters

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HVAC Services

Furnace Installations
PHO dealer unit 20SEER 300x244 Furnace InstallationsMost customers looking to replace their heating and air conditioning systems want to find a reputable company who will provide a quality installation for a great value.  At AAA Heating & Air Conditioning, we can do all that.  Our technicians are trained in our in-house training facility, and can provide the installation you are looking for that not only delivers consistent heating or cooling to your home, but can help extend the life expectancy of the unit as well.  We also have several great options available for financing as well, to ensure that you can replace your system when you need to.
Did you know that an improperly installed heating or air conditioning system can cause a myriad of problems,ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) states that “rarely do consumers link problems such as uncomfortable humidity, high utility bills, high dust levels, and poor indoor air quality—to a substandard design, improper equipment selection, or subpar installation.  Uninformed consumers normally consider price only when making a purchasing decision on HVAC equipment.”
Water Heaters
Two main types of water heaters are on the market these days—tanked and tankless.  Traditional water heaters have a tank with a capacity of 40-80 gallons of water.  These tanks keep the water heated at all times of the day, regardless of the demand for it.  They are great for bigger families who put out a lot of demand for hot water all at once.  For example, if multiple showers are running at the same time, these tanks can keep up with the hot water demand in the two different locations.  However, the downside is that they will run out of hot water and you are wasting energy by always heating water, even when you don’t need it.
Tankless water heaters are also called “on-demand” water heaters, and heat the water only when it is called for.  As soon as you turn on your faucet, water flows to the tankless water heater, getting instantly heated, and travels to the faucet.  A minor downside to tankless water heaters is the fact that they only output a specific amount of hot water at a time, so having multiple showers running at the same isn’t really an option.  However the benefits greatly outweigh any negatives.  Not only are you saving money by not heating a tankful of water constantly, but you are also helping the environment by consuming less energy.  Not to mention that you never run out of hot water.

Additional Information

How well your house heats or cools, what your indoor air quality is like, and how much energy your furnace or air conditioner use are affected by much more than just the “boxes” themselves.   It makes sense to say that when we are evaluating a system, we also have to look at the duct work that brings the air from the furnace to your home, but going beyond that, we also have to look at the home itself to see what is actually happening.
Common problems people face within their homes are high utility bills, excessive dust, allergies, and uncomfortable or uneven temperatures.  These can be caused not only by leaky duct work  but also by a leaky home—and we don’t just mean your windows.  People often have upgraded their windows to help with energy consumption, and while that helps, it only accounts for 20% of the leaks in an average home.  There are other places that leaks can and do occur that can be even more damaging, such as recessed can lights, power outlets, large gaps behind and under walls, around cabinets, penetrations, and plumbing stacks.  Unfortunately, these can be difficult to find unless you have the right tools.
Home Performance Testing is designed to find those leaks.  A blower door is set up inside the door of your home, which uses its fan to create a negative pressure within your home.  Because of that negative pressure, air is sucked into the home through any cracks, and the person performing the testing can use a smoke puffer to find the leaks.  After documenting the sources, he will be able to give you a list of prioritized recommendations of home improvements, if there are any.  Some can be done by you as a weekend project, but others require a skilled technician to perform.  Either way, you will have powerful information about your home that will help you make decisions about it in the future.

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