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Accurate - Chillicothe

Accurate Heating and Cooling has been serving South Central Ohio for over 35 years. Tom White, an engineer by training, started the business after beginning his career with the Carrier Corporation in New York. Carrier asked Tom to move to Cincinnati to develop their service program in Ohio. After a few years in Ohio, when Carrier invited Tom back to New York to round out his management training, he decided he enjoyed Southern Ohio more than Carrier. Tom opened Accurate Heating and Cooling in 1977 to provide outstanding service to local homeowners. Tom has always believed and what we still believe today that great customer service - both in quality and responsiveness - is the foundation of a successful HVAC contractor. In the early days, Tom carried a tool bag and provided 24/7 service to a growing customer base. Tom stressed and we still stress today - EVERY customer is important.
Over the years we have added team members to include equipment installers, service technicians, customer service representatives, engineers and professional sales representatives. Accurate has grown into the largest provider of HVAC services in South Central Ohio because we have taken care of our two most important assets - OUR CUSTOMERS AND OUR EMPLOYEES. We believe in relationships. Relationships that truly result in a win-win-win outcome. A win for the customer, a win for our employees and a win for Accurate. We desire relationships that transcend the business transaction. We CARE about our customers and our employees.
We don't just provide heating and cooling products and services, we want to provide the PERFECT solution for your specific need based our certified and professional customized analysis of your specific situation. We don't sell or service before we understand the complete picture of the situation.
Accurate is now a full service provider of all residential and commercial HVAC services including residential furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, geothermal, ductless mini-splits, radiant heat systems, boilers and indoor air quality. We also sell, install and service a full line of commercial HVAC products including rooftop units, package units, refrigeration, chillers and electronic control systems.
In addition to HVAC products, Accurate has a licensed electrician and a licensed plumber to handle your hot water tank replacement and service as well as safely installing a whole house back-up generator or repairing or replacing your electrical service in your home or business. In 2013 we added a BPI certified engineer who performs whole house energy analysis to optimize your home's energy efficiency and comfort. As a result we have added insulation services to our product offering. 
In 2005, Tom's son Brian, also an engineer, returned to the company after interning with other HVAC businesses around the country to complete his professional engineering license qualifications, to further develop the commercial business.In 2011, Michael Linton joined Tom White as a partner to further develop the business both in geographic reach and additional services. Since that time we have added electrical and plumbing services. We have partnered with companies in cities in the South Central Ohio to offer combined service levels to an expanding customer base.
In 2012, Humble Heating and Air Conditioning in Washington Court House and their owner Doug Holmes joined the Accurate team. Later in 2012, Clayton Holbrook from Laurelville hung up his HVAC tools after 50 years in the business and asked Accurate to take good care of his loyal customer base! (Clayton-we are doing our best to carry on your tradition of outstanding customer service!). In September of 2013 Mike Mitchell, the owner of Air Concepts, Inc. in Portsmouth, decided he would prefer to sell and service residential and commercial HVAC products rather than trying to manage a business. Mike joined Accurate in October of 2013 as the regional manager in our South Region. Babb Heating and Air Conditioning of Wilmington and their employees joined the Accurate team in March 2014 to solidify our service to the Northwest Region of Accurate which includes Fayette, Madison, Clinton and Highland counties.
Tom and Michael remain active in Accurate with the goal of honoring God in every aspect of our business. We want to provide outstanding customer service at a fair price for equipment and service. We also want to provide a positive work experience for our employees that includes a solid wage and benefits program. Finally with whatever profit we generate, we want to give back to our "community" in a meaningful and impactful manner.

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Other HVAC Services : Furnace Repair, Dual Fuel Systems, AC Repair

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HVAC Services

Furnace Repair 
At Accurate Heating and Cooling, we service and repair all makes and models of heating systems. Our factory trained and NATE certified technicians will expertly diagnose, repair and service your furnace or HVAC to restore maximum efficiency and comfort. We offer 24 hours service 7 days a week. We repair all brands and models of furnaces including oil furnaces, electric furnaces, gas furnaces, heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps and boilers for residential and commercial. We offer priority emergency service for our service plan members click here for information about ourservice plans.
Need a Furnace replaced or Installed? Learn about the different types of heating systems we offer.WHATS THE AFUE RATING ON FURNACES MEAN? Furnace Efficiency Rating All of today's Furnaces and Boilers efficiency is measured by annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). To be more specific, AFUE is the ratio of annual heat output of the furnace or boiler compared to the total fossil fuel energy consumed by a furnace or boiler in the period of a year.
For example a furnace rated at 80 AFUE means for every dollar you spend to heat your home 80 cents is returned in heat and 20 cents is lost. The AFUE rating does not include how much heat energy is lost through the ductwork of the heating system. Leaking ducts or duct work running through a cold attic will increase how much is lost. An 80 AFUE rated furnace compared to older furnaces which recover only 45-65 cents worth of heat, these 80 AFUE furnaces are affordable and good choices for your home. To get the maximum return on each dollar spent on fuel, a 98% plus operating furnace is the best fossil fuel option available. Each dollar spent in natural gas used can bring over 98 cents back in heat to your home.
High Efficiency Gas Furnaces
At Accurate Heating and Cooling we offer furnace systems from 80 AFUE to 98.3 AFUE to help fit your budget and comfort and to lower your monthly heating bills. Please give us a call today to find out more or to schedule your free in-home consultation on a new furnace or central air system.
Dual Fuel Systems
A HYBRID HEAT dual fuel system combines the strengths of a gas furnace with an electric heat pump to deliver the comfort and efficiency you need in both warm and cold seasons to give you more control over your utility bills. As outdoor winter temperatures change, the system automatically switches between heat pump and furnace to utilize the most cost-effective fuel source and maintain greater efficiency. HYBRID HEAT is so efficient, its heating costs are less than with any gas furnace alone.
Geothermal Systems
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, geothermal systems are "the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost effective space conditioning systems available today." That's because a geothermal system taps into the earth to capture free, renewable energy. The earth absorbs about 47% of the sun's energy that reaches it, storing that energy in the ground. A geothermal system extracts that free energy for heating during winter. For cooling, the system removes heat from the home and dumps it into the cooler earth. This transfer of heat energy is done through a series of lines buried in the ground, or sunk in a pond, or by using well water. Because a geothermal system simply moves heat instead of burning a fossil fuel to generate it, it's more energy-efficient. Accurate Heating and Cooling's factory trained installation technicians have installed over 250 Geothermal systems in South Central Ohio. Call us today for more information.
When working with customers to provide an estimate to replace or install new heating and cooling equipment, we offer customized recommendations that include good (less up front cost and moderately efficient - 80-90 AFUE), better (slightly higher upfront cost but more efficient to operate - 90-95 AFUE) and best (larger upfront investment with significant utility cost savings - over 95 AFUE). The customer can then select which option best meets their needs.
Accurate Heating and Cooling Ductwork Services
Typical duct systems can lose as much as 25 to 40% of the cooling or heating energy put out by the HVAC system. Leaks, one way in which conditioned air is lost in the duct system, make the furnace or central air system work much harder, thus raising your utility bill. Duct leakage can decrease your comfort, and cause health and safety issues.Accurate Heating and Cooling offers a large selection of ductwork services such as complete duct system replacements, repairing duct holes and sealing leaky ducts and duct joints. We also offer complete duct cleaning services. Call us today for more information.
Air Conditioning Repair
At Accurate Heating and Cooling we service and repair all makes and models of central air conditioning systems. Our factory trained NATE certified technicians will expertly diagnose, repair and service your air conditioning systems, central air or HVAC to restore optimum efficiency and cooling comfort. 
All air conditioning systems need annual maintenance. Advanced equipment like today's air conditioning systems benefit in many ways from annual maintenance. An annual a/c service will restore the a/c units lost efficiency and make it less likely to suffer a break down. An a/c annual service will increase the life span, increase your comfort and allow the air conditioning system to operate more efficiently which saves you money on utility bills. Members of our residential Accurate Maintenance Club get one annual equipment tune-up a year included with their membership. Click here for more information on service plans.
Need a New Air Conditioning SystemWe Can Help You Decide on the right air conditioning system for your home,Deciding on the right air conditioning system is an important decision for every home or business owner. Most often, making the right selection comes down to three factors- budget, comfort and efficiency. To find out which Bryant, Carrier, Trane, Payne or Water Furnace model delivers the best for your home or business, call Accurate HVAC today for a free estimate and consultation. Just as furnaces are rated by AFUE for efficiency, air conditioners are measured by SEER rating. If your air conditioning unit is rate at 10 SEER or below (and it probably is if it was installed prior to 2005), then it may be worth looking at new high efficiency heat pump systems that achieve over 20 SEER. Yes that may be more than twice as efficient as your current unit!

Additional Information

Design/build of HVAC projects including stamped drawings, equipment selection, load calculations and job coordination. Heating and Cooling repair and service of any make model or brand . Call today and let our friendly staff help you with all of your Commercial HVACR needs.Sales and Installation,Since 1977, Accurate Mechanical has been Southwest Ohio's foremost mechanical contractor and providing our customers with quality Design Build, Building Automation,Controls, HVAC and Refrigeration. Accurate Mechanical designs, builds, services and retrofits energy-efficient building systems.
With proven engineering and technical services, we are dedicated to helping customers lower operating costs and increase energy efficiency in new and existing buildings.Has services and capabilities which no other mechanical contractor in the area are qualified to offer. Accurate Mechanical has a State licensed Professional Engineer on staff we will take your projects from design consultation to equipment specification and selection to CAD drawings and then finally you see the completed design come to life with our quality installation.

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