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1960 W. Dorothy Lane , Moraine- 45439
Ohio , United States  United States
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H & M Heating & Cooling Inc - Moraine

Located in Kettering, Ohio H & M has been serving Dayton and surrounding regions for over 13 years. We have earned a reputation of standard and are well-known for our expertise and experience.We employ a very competent, skilled team whose experience and ongoing knowledge in the newest technical advances offers us an edge over the competition.

If a Heating and/or Cooling job is in your future, whether it's just a checkup, an ancient system that's DOA. Or you need to enhance energy bills and indoor air standard. We are happy to aid you.We will enable you in the design of the system, and offer a complete expense analysis together with different choices and accessories to insure your ongoing comfort in the years to come.

We supply repair service, and also maintenance and seasonal inspections for year round comfort.You can rest assured that our work is performed in the most expert way, utilizing the highest standard components, contents and workmanship, completed promptly, and with pride, at the most competitive rates in the region.

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Other HVAC Services : Heat pumps,

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HVAC Services

Heat pumps have been widely used in the south for many years . In the northern states they have been used primarily only where natural gas was unavailable. That has been changing over the last few years due to the rising cost of fossil fuels, as well as the inherent comfort that a heat pump can provide.
We have been getting more and more requests for "multi fuel" systems, in other words, systems in which natural gas or propane is used as a source of backup heat as opposed to the customary use of electric resistance coils as a source of backup heat. Our customers have found these systems to be very economical as well as comfortable. If this type of system interests you, H & M will be happy to discuss your options as well as provide you with a very competitive quote!
If you're in the market for a new gas furnace, do you know the differences between a conventional, induced draft, and condensing furnaceIf you don't, you should because your choice of furnace design will have an effect on its efficiency, and that, in turn, will have an effect on your annual heating costs.
The heating and cooling industry has seen a revolution over the past decade. Heating and cooling once defined the industry, but today, many contractors, builders and homeowners need to consider a variety of air quality factors when planning and installing new systems. In fact, the old "heating and cooling" school of thought has largely ceased to exist-replaced by the "Indoor Air Quality" philosophy that embraces all aspects of heating, cooling and overall comfort, health, energy efficiency and protection of home furnishings.
When it comes to feeling comfortable throughout your home, the old saying "It's not the heat (or cold)-it's the humidity" is really true. Other than ambient temperature, nothing affects a body's perception of comfort more than humidity. And there's a fairly narrow range between "too much" and "too little".
The air conditioning and heating industry uses a measure known as "SEER" to rate the energy efficiency of air conditioners ("SEER" is an acronym for "Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio"). In simple terms, the higher the SEER rating, the greater the amount of cooling that the system provides for each unit of electricity used.
Because of advances in technology and design, newer systems have a SEER rating as high as 17 or 19. In fact, Federal Government regulations beginning 1/23/06 require that new air conditioning units have a SEER of at least 13. By comparison, units that are 8 or more years old probably had a SEER rating of 10 or less when they were installed. Depending on the level of maintenance given the unit, that rating may now be much lower.

Additional Information

Conventional furnaces burn natural or propane gas to provide heat to the heat exchanger. Indoor air flows around the heat exchanger to be heated and then circulated throughout the house through the ducts. Additional air is drawn into the flue for venting purposes. This air mixes with the hot exhaust gases and exits through the chimney.
Induced draft furnaces are similar to conventional furnaces except for their venting method. Conventional furnaces draw air through an opening in the front of the furnace and at the flue to create a natural draft. Induced draft furnaces use a fan to draw the combustion products through the heat exchangers and then into the flue. This artificially created draft increases the efficiency of the furnace.
Condensing furnaces contain a second heat exchanger that collects heat from the hot flue gases, yielding additional heat for the home. Because the resulting flue gases are at a very low temperature, they can be vented directly outdoors through a plastic pipe that can run through a side wall. Condensing furnaces are the most efficient on the market.

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