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1515 Washington St , Toledo- 43604
Ohio , United States  United States
(+1) 419-243-3005 http://www.mandmheating.com
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M&M Heating & Cooling - Toledo

M&M is a family owned and operated heating and cooling (HVAC) business. Mark and Mike Janowiecki established M&M Heating & Cooling in 1980. Our focus has constantly been to provide excellent service at reasonable price.

M&M Heating & Cooling, placed in Toledo, Ohio, is a known leader in the northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan central air conditioning and heating industry serving homeowners and companies. Dedicated to provide ultimate heating, cooling and air conditioning solutions, M&M Heating & Cooling is a family-owned Ohio heating and a/c contractor invested in providing you with all the surprisingly finest heating and cooling systems at fair expense.

At M&M, the customer always comes first. We've earned a good reputation by designing systems particularly to each customer's demands whether it happens to be residential or commercial. Our staff of licensed, factory trained heating and air conditioning experts do a complete analysis of the project and either repair it or introduce you to the M&M sales professional who will design and have installed the most perfect heating or cooling system for you.

M&M can moreover provide you information on vitality effective taxes credits for fresh heating and air conditioning systems. Online discount coupons are available for any heating and air conditioning repair. Contact your Lucas County heating and cooling experts to know about a modern system and enjoy a cooler summer along with a warmer winter!

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Other HVAC Services : AC Repair, AC Installation, Furnace Repair

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HVAC Services

AC Repair
Proper air conditioning systems can make the difference between a wonderful summer, and a miserable one. At M&M Heating & Cooling, we have developed a system that ensures total efficiency of all the products we install. We make sure that the systems we install and service have at least a 95% efficiency rating. This means that for every dollar you spend on your cooling bill, .95 cents of it actually goes towards cooling your home.
There are two common types of air conditioning systems that people use to cool their homes and buildings, which are as follows:Central Air - central air is a forced air cooling system that uses an external engine. Generally sitting on the side or at the back of a home, these air conditioning systems take the hot air from inside the home and convert it into cool air using refrigerant liquid. The rest of the heated air is pushed outside. The cool air is then dispersed throughout the home or building much like that of a forced air furnace, using ducts and vents.
Window Air Conditioning - these units are seen in many homes throughout America. They work much like a central air system, but only on a much smaller level. Generally, a window air conditioner is meant to cool only one room. A single window unit will be less money to own and operate but when you find yourself thinking about buying several window units for placement throughout your home you would be wiser to call M&M and get an estimate for a whole house air conditioning system. Give us a call, you will be comfortable you did!
Duct Fabrication
Custom Duct Fabrication | Toledo, OH,If you are in the market for a new heating & air conditioning system or an HVAC contractor, M&M can custom design and recommend a system that is matched to your home. The process begins with an evaluation of your home where we calculate heat loss and heat gain of your structure.M&M performs computerized heat loss and heat gain analysis to insure every system is properly sized for the home. We want to insure that at least 95 cents of every energy dollar spent is used to heat or cool the home.
Custom Duct Fabrication | Toledo, OH,The same analysis and recommendations can be made from blueprints if you're considering new construction. M&M has an in-house sheet metal department that fabricates custom components to insure efficient design and proper fit as well as good appearance. Custom designed, precision-made parts prevent air leaks, improve flow performance, and provide a cleaner installation.An example is the unique filter rack. It's commercial quality insures easy filter changing and is sealed to prevent leaks. We are also capable of fabricating complex duct work design vs off the shelf design typical of the completion.
Furnance Repair, Service, Installation
Nearly all American homes are heated by furnaces or radiators. Radiators are typically found in older homes and buildings. Due to superior heat distribution and modern technology, furnaces naturally make up the majority of all heating systems. Furnaces work by forcing heated air through ducts that open up to vents commonly found in most rooms of a house or building.
If you're in the market for an HVAC Contractor or want to know more about heating and hvac systems feel free to give us a call at 419-243-3005. We are here to assist you with any questions, concerns, or information on any and all things HVAC.
Common Types of Furnaces,There are three common types of furnaces generally found on the market, and the technicians at M&M Heating & Cooling can service and install them all. The three common types include the following:Common Furnaces - as described above, these circulate heat throughout a home or building by forcing heated air through ducts that open up to vents.
High Efficiency Forced Air - according to the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency chart, heating costs can be broken down like this: say for every $1 you spend on gas for heating, .65 cents (or 65%) goes into heating your home. Using this equation, your furnace operates at a 65% efficiency rating, which is low. With a high efficiency furnace, you won't lose nearly as much heat. These generally operate at 90% or higher, essentially paying for themselves.
Geothermal - geothermal heating takes the natural heat found in the Earth, and distributes it throughout your home or building. A geothermal heating system essentially uses a heat pump, mostly comprised of tubes, to take naturally stored heat from underground and to disperse it throughout your home. This heating system is safe, natural, economical, and inexpensive.

Additional Information

Here at M&M Heating & Cooling, we install heating, hvac, and cooling equipment in hundreds of homes every year. From small homes, to the largest built in Toledo and the surrounding area. Our specialty teams are ready to handle any project from Custom Homes to Track Housing. From Condo projects to Apartment buildings.
When considering the comfort of your new home, choices regarding high efficiency heating and air conditioning along with indoor air quality equipment may be the single most important decision you will make. M&M Heating and Cooling will provide the options that will enhance the comfort and value of your new home.At M&M, we're committed to saving you money. We represent the most energy efficient products available on the market, and with our professional installation, we personally guarantee that your product will be working as efficiently as possible. Save money with lower utility bills and overall energy costs!
We carry several Energy Star rated products. These are products that promote energy savings, having met the minimum Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of 90% or higher. These products may be priced a bit higher, however you'll realize that they end up paying for themselves due to the significantly lower overall energy bills. Energy Star products are also designed for the longest life, have the most modern look, and provide superior air quality.
M&M Heating & Cooling offers you complete coverage on all your Commercial and Industrial needs. We are able to service and install commercial equipment both retrofit and new.With our state of the art custom sheet metal shop, we can fabricate ductwork specifically for your needs. M&M Heating & Cooling can meet your demands whether you require Design Build or Plan and Spec projects. We use the latest technology to calculate the proper size equipment and ductwork to meet your needs. Your peace of mind is assured with service available 24-7, 365 days a year!

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