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Sound Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

5526 184th Street E Suite A , Puyallup- 98375
Washington , United States  United States
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Sound Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. - Puyallup

Sound Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is a locally owned and operated organization, and has been serving the Greater Puget Sound region since 1989.

Our whole staff is focused on superior service, great goods, and promptness in scheduling. We work hard for our clients. Not just to fix the issue, but also to offer the greatest customer service possible for our consumers in King, Pierce and Thurston counties. We wish our consumers to learn they received full value for their money and can expect Sound Heating for their H.V.A.C. demands.

Our Service Division is totally staffed and works the highest standard work in the Northwest. We provide 24 Hour Service, and our experienced experts will diagnose issues, repair, and keep your equipment, prolonging its lifetime and safeguarding your investment.
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Other HVAC Services : Hydronic Heating Installation, AC Installation, Replacement Repair, Indoor Air Quality

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HVAC Services

Heating System Installation: The heating system installation process depends on a number of factors. If you are moving into an old Tacoma, WA area home with a worn and battered furnace, installing a new furnace will require removal of the old system and upgrades to any out of date or worn parts. If you are installing a system in a brand new home, the process is considerably easier, but will still require a great deal of planning to get the right heating system in place.

Heating System Replacement: One of the most in-demand systems in your house is the heating system. Every day, your heating system is asked to pump thousands of cubic feet of heated air through your home. So, understandably, most heating systems will eventually wear out. Today the average lifespan for a heating system in the Tacoma, Washington area is between 10 and 15 years, but with regular maintenance they can last even longer.

Heating System Maintenance: Your home's heating system is an incredibly durable collection of ducts, pipes and machinery. But, without the proper maintenance, that system will soon show signs of wear and require repairs to remain operational. To avoid excessive repair costs and to keep your Tacoma, Washington area home nice and toasty throughout the winter months, it's important to schedule annual maintenance for your entire home heating system.

Heating System Repair: In the middle of the winter, with the coldest nights bearing down on you, the last thing you want is to hear the clank and bang of a furnace saying its last farewells. That's why Sound Heating takes all Tacoma, WA area heating system repairs very seriously. Whether you schedule a regular check-up weeks in advance or call us at two in the morning with a busted furnace, we will be there to offer the highest quality service from trained technicians intent on ensuring you and your family stay safe and warm.

Hydronic Heating Installation: Depending on how it will be used, a hydronic heating installation can be a complex process. While some other heating and cooling activities could be done on a do-it-yourself basis, hydronics likely does not fit in to that category due to the number of changes needed.

Sound Heating has worked with all the major brands of hydronic boilers, baseboard heaters and under floor tubing systems in the Tacoma, WA area for years, ensuring our technicians are highly skilled in their installation so you never need to worry about unnecessary maintenance or repair.

Hydronic Heating Replacement: Heating systems do not last forever. Even the most durable products will need replacement after 25 years of heavy use. So, if it is time to replace your gas or electric furnace, consider opting for a hydronic system. Tacoma, Washington area hydronic experts Sound Heating can help you find the highest quality hydronics parts and service, ensuring that your new boiler based heating system not only keeps you warm all winter, but uses less energy and provides a number of benefits beyond in-home heating.

Hydronic Heating Maintenance: Hydronic heating is extremely effective at producing even, comfortable heat for any part of your Tacoma, Washington area home, including the outdoors. However, without regular maintenance on your boiler, distribution pipes and radiators or baseboards, your system may fail when you need it most – in the cold months of winter.

Hydronic Heating Repair: While energy efficient, affordable, and currently very popular, hydronic systems are just as susceptible to damage and wear if not properly maintained. If you have a hydronic system in need of repair or just moved into a new home where an old, worn hydronic boiler is being used, contact Sound Heating to learn more about our full range of Tacoma, WA area hydronic heating repair services.

AC System Installation: If you’re finally making the leap to install air conditioning in your Tacoma, WA area home, Sound Heating & Air Conditioning provides the expertise, quality service and competitive prices that will make your air conditioning system installation an enjoyable, painless experience.

AC System Replacement: At a certain point in the lifespan of your air conditioning system, replacement might become necessary. It happens to all air conditioners eventually. Parts and motors wear out, the casing erodes, or it simply doesn’t have the necessary energy efficiency your home and energy budget require.

AC System Maintenance: One of the most important things you can do for your Tacoma, Washington area home, especially as the summer draws near is schedule air conditioning system maintenance. Each year millions of homeowners neglect a simple checkup and their air conditioners are pushed to the limits. The system might last one more summer, but what about one year from now? Will it hold up on the hottest of days or after a particularly wet and wild spring? The last thing you want is the protective cooling power of your air conditioning unit giving out right as the weather gets warmest.

AC System Repair: Imagine it's the middle of summer, the Tacoma, WA area is experiencing record temperatures, and your air conditioner decides it's a little tired. Unfortunately, the middle of a balmy summer day is the last time you want your air conditioning system to go on the fritz so you need it repaired fast.

Air Filtration: Sound Heating & Air Conditioning believes that air filtration is a vital step in the process of keeping your family safe and healthy year-round. But, what type of filters should you use and how do you make the decision in regards to the proper size and model? It's important to have a clear understanding of how air filtration can affect your home's air quality.

Air Cleaners: Air cleanliness is a top priority for all of our customers, so as well as providing a full range of Tacoma, Washington area ductwork cleaning and repair services, we frequently sit down with customers to discuss what air cleaners would be the best fit for their homes.

Air Purifiers: Air quality often doesn't enter the minds of Tacoma, Washington area residents. But, when you go inside and seal up the doors and windows for those chilly winter months or balmy summer weeks, you are locking yourself in with you a combination of pet dander, pollen, and other pollutants that are clogging your lungs and reducing the air quality in your home.

Humidifiers: Dryness in the midst of cold winter months can be frustrating for many reasons. But did you realize that it can also be costly? When humidity drops below a certain point in your Tacoma, WA area home, not only does the air have a harder time holding heat, but it can have an adverse effect on your furniture and the very construction of your house.


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In most regions, outdoor air quality isn’t a terribly big issue, so when people move indoors they don’t think about all the unwanted irritants that can build up when doors and windows are sealed up during the winter and summer months. But, indoor air quality can be severely dampened by the presence of pollens from household or outdoor plants, dander from pets, as well as dirt and dust, not to mention potentially harmful mildew and mold.

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