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Perfect Climate, Inc

31925 E Historic Columbia River Highway , Troutdale- 97060
Oregon , United States  United States
(+1) 503 491-4849 http://www.perfectclimate.us
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Perfect Climate, Inc - Troutdale

Perfect Climate is located in Troutdale, OR and our objective is to remain in touch with any changes in our industry, so that we can constantly provide you the newest and latest information and services. To help meet even a wider range of customer requirements, we today provide complete plumbing services.

Our Commercial, Residential and other services include Geothermal Heat Pump Comfort Systems, Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors, Radiant Floor, 24V and Water Systems, Complete Plumbing Services, Water Heater Repair & Replacement, Ductwork Repair & Replacement and Gas Piping.

We promise to offer customers with environmentally-friendly and innovative heating, cooling and plumbing products while treating our employees and buyers like family by retaining great customer relationships through integrity, loyalty and regard.If you have any queries about Portland Geothermal Heating & Cooling, please feel free to contact us at 503-491-4848. We are happy to aid you in acquiring the most appropriate and affordable program or products to suit your requirements.

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Other HVAC Services : AC Repair,

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HVAC Services

Geothermal heat pump
Geothermal heat pump comfort systems are comprised of a compressor, condenser, evaporator, reversing circuit and a thermal expansion valve. These device work together to transfer heat to and from the ground and into theGeothermal Comfort System home. There are two kinds of geothermal heat pump comfort systems, water to air and water to water.
The majority of heat pumps currently installed are of the water to air variety.  In these systems, the home is either cooled or heated with the presence of forced air or a ducted distribution system which is directly hooked into a singular unit indoors which houses all of the components used for refrigeration.
Water to Water heat pumps have become increasingly popular.  They chill and/or heat water for radiant floor applications, chilled fan or water coil applications and also hot water creation.  So-called “split” systems also exist.  These separate the compressor so that the air handling section is away from it.
Heating Contractor
During those cold fall and winter months there’s nothing like coming in from the cold to a warm home.  Whether you have traditional heating pump system or some form of radiant heat source, like heating flooring.  The warmth provided is just what you and your family need to protect your from the elements and keep you moving in the coldest months of the year.  Perfect Climate is your heating contractor.  We make sure your old system is up and running at a high performance level.  You want your heat to be responsive and we make sure that it is.  If you think it’s time to upgrade or replace the old heating system and/or want some advice on long-term cost savings, contact Perfect Climate.
Air Conditioning Contractor
People outside of the Northwest think that all we have here is cold and rainy weather.  Residents know differently.  In the past it may have been that Oregonians and Washingtonians didn’t make use of AC all that much.  Now, many locals can’t make it through our very warm summers without the air conditioning functioning at a high level.  When you get used to having AC and it suddenly goes out on some 90 degree day, you’re going to want to call an air condition contractor who will respond promptly and get the cold air flowing again.  Call Perfect Climate Incorporated.
Radiant Heating Systems
Radiant heating systems have taken the natural occurrences of radiant energy and applied that to heating and cooling technology to create an emerging form of climate control. Using the principals behind radiant heat, radiant energy is transferred from a heat source which emits heat to an object.  The basic idea has actually been around since the Romans (and actually before) used a simplistic form of this to heat their flooring and dwellings in general. Radiant indoor heating systems come in the form of wall heating, radiant ceiling panels and under-floor heating systems.
Along with our plumbing services, which include maintenance, repair and replacement, Perfect Climate is able to do water heater repair and replacement. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff have been working to installWater Heater Replacement Portland and repair water heaters for a long time.  Our staff have factory training and work to first diagnose your issue.
Firstly, can this problem be fixed or does it require replacement.  Secondly, if it can be fixed, what is the scope and potential cost of the project.  We want to keep our customer informed every step of the way so that we can help you to make an educated decision on how to proceed.  Once a course of action has been determined we will work quickly to service your water heater.  We can also provide some tips and guidelines on extending the life of your existing water heater and schedule maintenance and inspections at regular intervals.

Additional Information

As people become more environmentally conscious they also become increasingly concerned with their indoor environment and quality of the materials and air within those spaces.  Air quality is an essential factor for thePortland ductwork and repairhealth of many as it has impacts on people with allergies and asthma and poor or improperly maintained systems can promote the growth of molds and bacteria. Ductwork repair or cleaning works on the cooling and heating systems  of most forced air systems.  Repair and Replacement can be done on the ducts themselves, registers, grilles, diffusers, heat exchangers, cooling coils, drip pans, as well as the fan housing and motors themselves.
While Perfect Climate will service all of the above, the main goal is to repair any leaks or water damage as they will most directly effect the efficiency and the possibly increase the particle (dust, mold, bacteria) contamination, thus directly lowering the quality of air in your indoor space (business or home).  This not only provides you health savings, but monetary ones as well.  Leaking air can force your system to work much harder than it should, increasing the energy costs involved.Improve your air quality and reap the health and financial benefits with Ductwork Repair and Replacement services from Perfect Climate.

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