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24 Roy St Suite 435 , Seattle- 98109
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Secure Comfort - Seattle

Secure Comfort Heating and Cooling serves the greater Seattle area for your heating, cooling and air conditioning requirements. Our objective is to find that you remain warm and cozy in winter and comfortable in summer by preserving your heating and cooling systems and verifying it is in great working condition.

Whether you have a gas or electrical furnace or heat pump, our expert technicians are qualified to keep, repair and substitute all makes and models, and will keep everything running as smoothly as possible.Our specialties are furthermore commercial and residential heating, cooling, ventilation and indoor air standard technicians. At Secure Comfort, we are proud to feature top quality, reliable and energy effective systems matched with preventive repair service.

Far too often, we take pleasure in the comforts of our daily lifetime without thinking the future. If it really is working, leave it alone. Not everything works like that way though; in fact, few aspects of existence run this way. Your heating, cooling, and air conditioning are no exception. They require continual care and often should be changed, so don’t take your heating, cooling, & air conditioning requirements for granted.

We assist you to remain comfortable by preserving your heating and cooling systems and verifying that both systems are in good working condition. Some difficulties may not be palpableimmediately, so that’s why we stress keeping your heating and cooling systems perfectly maintained.

We have vast experience and will assist you with virtually any kind of heating or cooling system. We are proud to provide you standard service and are committed to creating your home a destination of comfort. We work fast and effectively and will look out for your right interest. Our best work is evidenced by our repeat consumers who depend on us to keep the heating and cooling systems in their homes well-maintained.Call your Seattle HVAC services contractor now to discuss the different choices in the globe of digital and programmable services.

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Other HVAC Services : Furnace Repair, AC Repair, Duct Repair

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HVAC Services

Furnace Repair
Repairing Furnaces throughout Bellevue, Seattle, Everett & Snohomish,Seattle  Furnace Repair,In the Puget Sound Region you have a lot of choices when it comes to Seattle furnace repair. Secure Comfort’s Heating Contractors know how to fix your Furnace in an economical and timely manner. When picking a Bellevue Heating Contractor you will have many deciding factors from the features that Heating Company offers.
Here are a Few Reasons to pick Secure Comfort Heating and Cooling for your Furnace repair in Seattle and surrounding areas.We currently are waiving our appearance fee when you need service on your Gas or Electric Furnace,We have Heating Techs in the Seattle/Everett/Eastside area for speedy service,We have over ten years of experience in Servicing and Repairing Furnaces of all brands,We have great online reviews from homeowners talking about their experience with Secure Comfort staff, products and services,Secure Comfort Comes to Heating Service appointments on time,In Western Washington, one of the most common and economical ways to heat your home is with a Gas furnace. Today’s systems reach up to 98% efficiency with multiple stages to provide a warm, comfortable home and minimize your costs. 
Air Repair Contractor
Heat and Air Systems Repair Makes your Home Comfortable,When the seasons change, you may find that your home heating or cooling system doesn’t perform as well as it used to. After not needing to work for months, it may have suffered some damage during the off season. Of course, the best thing to do is to have your system regularly maintained. However, that does not always happen with today’s busy lifestyles. So how do you know when to call a professional for heat and air systems repair
When to Call Professionals for Heat and Air Systems RepairHeat and Air Systems Repair Seattle,The old saying “the earlier the better” usually applied in the case of problems for heating and air systems repair, since often if the problem is left untreated it can make things worse.An unusual noise coming from your HVAC unit can be considered an advanced warning sign, alerting your that a problem could be coming sooner than later.
It may seem obvious – but if your house isn’t getting warm or cool as fast as you think it should, you may have a problem. If you are new to your home and a previous owner had the system installed, they might not have kept it as well maintained as it should have been maintained. Perhaps the ducts are not installed for maximum efficiency. Whatever the reason behind the poor performing HVAC system, a professional can help you diagnose the problem.While you may try to live without calling a professional right away, it is usually the case that calling for heat and air systems repair as soon as you notice a problem means that you can save yourself headaches in the long run.
Heating Repair Contractor
When you need a heating repair contractor, you need the work completed quickly and expertly. But how do you know what to look for in the contractor,Tips for Hiring a Heating Repair Contractor,Experience: When you need your HVAC system repaired, you want to make sure that the person you are calling has experience fixing heating and cooling systems.  You don’t want to pay them to try to diagnose a problem that more experienced contractors could have fixed simply and easily.  
They should also be able to answer any questions that you might have about your heating and cooling options, especially when it comes to the different options you have with your repair.Customer Service: Just as you would expect in other parts of your daily life, your heating repair contractor should provide you with excellent customer service. This includes clear communication and responding to your inquiries promptly.
Quality products: When your system is being repaired, maintained, or installed for the first time, you want to make sure that the parts that are being used are of the highest standard.  You don’t want to have to pay for a repair to be fixed soon after the initial work just because your contractor used substandard parts.In the end your heating repair contractor should be someone that you trust to do the job correctly, efficiently, and with a high level of service.  When you are dealing with something as important as the comfort of your home and family, you deserve the best.
Duct Repair Contractor
At Secure Comfort, our goal is to keep your home as comfortable as possible and your Ducts well maintained to last for many years to come. Let us do a full duct-work inspection and design a plan to help improve the comfort of your home and reduce your utility bills.
Winter is a beautiful time of year. It brings the warmth of the holidays and the cold winds of snow and ice. While we all enjoy the warmth that we find inside of our homes especially during this season, it’s doubtful  that anyone enjoys the price jump in the utility bill. Other than the increased cold outside your home, there may be another cause for your increased electric bill that comes in the form of much needed Seattle duct repair services.Poorly maintained insulation that has been torn or, incorrectly sealed duct-work can result in up to a 30% loss of heat. Some of the main causes for torn insulation are
If you notice a lot of wildlife in your area, particularly squirrels or raccoons, you may want to have your insulation checked out, you probably need a Seattle duct repair contractor to come out and do an inspection. While those animals may look cute, they’re probably not worth your increased utility bill. Even if you have located the torn insulation or damaged duct work, you may not be able to repair the damaged areas yourself.
Insulation and duct repair work can be finicky, and while you may be able to spend the extra time scouring the internet for repair solutions, your best efforts may not be enough. While you may be able to locate and repair certain ducts that are leaking air using mastic sealant or metal tape, there are some air ducts that are located in concealed walls and may be difficult to reach.  Remember, even poorly repaired tears or sealed ductwork will result in your heat escaping.
If you want to be sure that you are going to get the job done right the first time, check out Secure Comfort. You’ll be impressed with our friendly customer service, knowledgeable staff, and quick work. At Secure Comfort, our goal is to keep your home as comfortable as possible and to keep your ducts well maintained so that they last for many years to come. Let us do a full duct-work inspection and design a plan to help improve the comfort of your home and reduce your utility bills. We are ready to help you with any Duct Repair services. Call Secure Comfort today to start saving money.Duct Repair Contractor Seattle WA | Duct Repair Contractor Bellevue WA | Duct Repair Contractor Kirkland WA | Duct Repair Contractor Monroe WA | Duct Repair Contractor Everett WA.

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