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Bell Brothers Plumbing, Heating, and Air - Mather

Bell Brothers Plumbing, Heating, and Air ,Our HVAC business was created by Brother Jerry and Kenny Bell in Elk Grove in 1991. From an early age The Bell Brothers, Jerry and Kenny Bell had been business owners. They started working together on a paper path at ages of 8 and 9 in Elk Grove in which they grew up. With only one year age difference between them, Jerry and Kenny have always been close.
After finishing senior school around 81' -82', Jerry and Kenny Bell weren't certain exactly what job course they desired to take. Whenever a new mall opened nearby, Dr. Bell, Kenny and Jerry daddy, thought it would be a good destination for a pizza parlor. A retired Elk Grove Dentist, Dr. Bell chose to supply the men a lesson in buying a company. Not long from then on, Pizza Bell ended up being founded. Jerry and Kenny worked hard producing a successful restaurant making sufficient revenue to get the restaurant from their Father and in a short time expanding into multiple places.
Pizza Bell ended up being doing great however they decided they wished to learn a trade, so the Brothers went to Universal Technical Institute (UTI) in Arizona become educated within the heating, ventilation, and ac (HVAC) industry. Upon graduation from UTI they came back to Elk Grove and began working on developing a new business.
Jerry and Kenny launched Bell Bros. hvac in 1991 after making their HVAC contractor�s permit. As a small procedure with one phone line and a small pickup truck, the people decided to get the term out about the home based business by placing leaflets together with Pizza boxes. Before long, Bell Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning ended up being removing. Consumers adored using Jerry and Kenny simply because they were truthful, hard working and went far above on every call.
Because the beginning, the Bell Brothers have treated clients, employees and vendors like household. Over the years The Bell Brothers took regarding the motto The no real surprise Guysï fundamentally trade marking the phrase.No Surprises means the cost we quote may be the cost you spend. As companies Jerry and Kenny located early on that their biggest frustration whenever using other contractors was that halfway through the project, the contractor would include a few more parts and a bit more work and also at the finish for the task the invoice would turn out to be twice whatever they expected it to be.
Regrettably that's a common training into the construction industry. So that they chose to develop an upfront price guide. They would diagnose an AC fix, provide the fee towards client, and once your client accepts the fix that is the price they spend. Therefore if they began the fix and discovered that something else needed to be fixed, the Bell Brothers would get it done at no added cost. That most readily useful training remains a core value today.
Through leadership of Jerry and Kenny, Bell Brothers staff is devoted to providing unparalleled customer care. Today Bell Brothers has 70 vehicles on the highway and over 130 workers. Often whenever organizations develop from a tiny household owned procedure they lose the element of service that helped them get to that point. Our company is selective within our hiring procedure today for that really reason. Our employees like service, and therefore are committed beyond measure to making your business, trust and satisfaction for decades ahead.Contact us at 916-444-1234 right now to talk with among our skilled plumbing work, heating and air conditioning client service representatives. We'd be proud to incorporate one to us of satisfied customers.

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Other HVAC Services : AC Installation, Heating Repair, Furnace Replacement

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HVAC Services

Bell Brothers has earned a reputation as Sacramento’s leading residential air conditioning repair contractor. Often times larger service companies get the reputation of lacking in personal attention. Not Bell Brothers. You will find that when choosing “The No Surprise Guys” we will earn your trust by providing unparalleled service. Our technicians are involved in technical training on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis. They are the most skilled air conditioner repair technicians in the market, and we guarantee to provide you an honest diagnosis of any issues you might be having. We encourage even the most skeptical consumer to give us a chance to earn your trust.
If you are in need of air conditioning repair service in the Sacramento, Placer, Yolo or El Dorado County area, the HVAC professionals at Bell Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning are your go to guys. We are here to provide high quality service and back all our work with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
When your air conditioning system runs at its best, you can be comfortable inside your home even during the hottest months of year. A well-maintained air conditioner will always run more efficiently. Even with regular maintenance at some point you might still encounter issues with your air conditioner depending on its age. Below is a list of the most common AC issues that homeowners face and some tips on how to attempt to troubleshoot them before calling Bell Brothers. If you don’t feel confident that you can do these, call us right away.
The unit stops working and will not turn on – if this happens the first thing you want to do is check that the thermostat is on cool and that the power switches are all on. You should also check the fuses and the circuit breaker and make sure the electrical system is OK.
Hearing weird noises coming from the unit itself – for this problem you will need to go outside and check to see if the fan blades are dirty. Make sure to turn off the unit before inspecting the fan blades.
Air Conditioner is leaking refrigerant – if an AC unit is low on refrigerant, it either leaking or it was undercharged during the installation process. We never want to assume that adding refrigerant will resolve the issue. Call us and one of our HVAC technicians will come to your home fix the issue, test your unit and make sure that it is charged with the right amount of refrigerant. Depending on the situation, a leak search may need to be performed to prevent further damage to the system.
Your unit is leaking water – this is a sign that the air conditioning is not adequately cooling and it may be that the cooling coil is freezing over. Such a leakage can be caused by low refrigerant or an inadequate supply of air. You should call a technician to investigate this problem.
Your thermostat is saying one thing but a thermometer is saying another- In such a case you may only need to re-calibrate your thermostat and ensure that it is positioned so that it can properly sense the room’s temperature. While our call center representatives are not technicians, anyone who answers your call will be able to give you a couple of trouble shooting options for your thermostat.
If you have any of the above problems and need to have your unit examined and repaired you can give us a call at 916-444-1234 to schedule an appointment. Also, at the top right hand corner of our website, you will find an option to chat with one of our helpful client services representatives.
If you are looking for a reliable air conditioner replacement contractor you have come to the right place. Our experienced technicians can accurately assess your situation and provide you with the best air conditioning solution in order to keep you comfortable all summer long. We are here to help you choose an affordable new unit that fits your home’s cooling requirements. We are able to work within your budget and provide complete financing and rebate support. In addition to AC replacement Bell Brothers also offers repair and maintenance packages helping you protect your investment for years to come.
We are a local family-owned business and have been servicing client in the Sacramento metropolitan area for more than 20 years. No Surprises, hidden fees or fine print. The quote that we give you upfront is what you will pay. If after the quote additional issues come up, all the additional work and cost are on us. We back all our work with a 100% buy back guarantee, so you can feel comfortable doing business with us.
Our finance programs make investing in your home easy. We offer affordable plans on our equipment, making it possible for you, the homeowner, to upgrade your air conditioning system and start enjoying the monthly energy savings right away without having to worry about paying everything at once. With all the money you stand to save on your monthly bills, making your monthly payments becomes quite reasonable. Take advantage of today’s safe, clean and energy efficient technology. It is more affordable than you think.  Contact us at 916-444-1234 today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced HVAC technicians.
How Do You Know When You Need Air Conditioner Replacement? If you are not quite certain that your air conditioner needs to be repaired or replaced, below is a checklist of signs that can help you decide. While some of these can result from other issues that only involve simple repairs, a lot of them are good hints that your air conditioning unit is on its last leg and will soon have to be replaced. Part of the integrity of our service is that if we see that a system may not be worth continuing to invest in, we will always give you the options of repair and/or replace. We will never pressure you either way; it is our job to provide you with the tools to make the best decision for your Family.
If you find yourself repairing your unit every season – more than one time per season you may want to have the unit assessed to see if you will be better off having it replaced. If no replacement is necessary, professional yearly maintenance can extend the life of your unit.
If you find your energy bills increasing – Higher energy bills can be a sign of inefficiency of the air conditioning unit. Sometimes this can be something simple like a disconnected duct, other times it is a sign your system is working too hard and not producing the same results it did when it was newer. Today HVAC systems are made with efficiency in mind. Older models can be an energy hog that you may want to consider upgrading.
If your unit has been running for over 12 years and you are starting to see issues surface or you find that temperatures greatly vary from room to room.If the AC unit is not cooling the home properly – if it has been running for a while but the entire house is still warm and no windows and doors are open. This might be a filter related issue so turn the unit off, check the filter and remove any lint or debris that may be trapped, re-install the filter and turn the AC back on. If after a few minutes there is still no change in temperature give Bell Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning a call, we will be glad to diagnose the issue.
If you see fluids leaking out of the unit -Leaks are a good sign that some of the important parts of your air conditioner are failing.
If your unit starts making strange sounds – that could be an issue with your motor, but having a technician or utility company out to look at it is advised,If cold air is coming out of the unit but it is not blowing as strongly as it should.
Do you need an air conditioner tune up Sacramento?  Bell Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Air has been tuning up air conditioner systems in the Sacramento area since 1991. We will gladly come out to your home and tune up your air conditioner to provide you and your family the comfort you desire. Your heating and cooling system is typically 50 percent of your energy cost in your home.  
While changing the air filter is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your air conditioner working, a regular maintenance routine with an air conditioner professional will keep your unit from malfunctioning during the hottest days of the summer. And if you ever wondered whether an AC tune-up is necessary, then you need to ask yourself these simple questions.
Would you like to save money on energy costs,Are you looking for a way to help your expensive air conditioning equipment last longer,Are you interested in improving your ac system’s performance and efficiency,Have you ever wished that you could help prevent costly air conditioning breakdowns,Do you want to protect your family with better air conditioning safety,Is comfort important in your home.
If you are like most homeowners, the answer to all these questions is a resounding yes.  Fortunately, regular HVAC tune-ups can bring you all these benefits, and more.  According to www.energystar.gov, a yearly tune-up of your heating and cooling system can improve efficiency and comfort and pre-season check-ups can prevent future problems and unwanted costs. Have your air conditioner inspected at least once a year. During a complete air conditioning tune up, you should expect the specialist to:Inspect coolant levels and pressure,Calibrate thermostat(s) and check proper cycle and temperature,Inspect and tighten wiring, contacts, capacitors and relay,Ensure the evaporator coil is clean.
Ensure the condensate drain is clear,Inspect and clean the condenser,Inspect the outdoor disconnect,Inspect the condenser fan motor and blades; lubricate if needed,Check compressor amps at startup,Perform additional safety and efficiency checks, as needed,The wisest course of action is to work with Bell Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Air. We have been tuning up air conditioning units in the Sacramento area since 1991. We can accurately determine the appropriate system for the home. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service while giving you affordable pricing and payment options. Bell Brothers can supply you with references if you request, and we have one of the best warranties around. When you think Plumbing, Heating and Air…Think Bell Brothers.
Every Sacramento homeowner will have to deal with furnace breakdowns at some point or another. It is the not-so-fun part of home ownership. Heating troubleshooting and repair can be simple and easy to do yourself but often a smaller issue can be an indicator that there could be a bigger problem. Bell Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning is here to provide expert diagnosis, up front pricing at affordable rates. If your home heating system should break down or stop working properly, it is important to have an HVAC service company you can trust to perform the heater repair work you need quickly and at an affordable price.
As a homeowner it is important for you to know how the equipment in your home runs so you can anticipate problems and be proactive about dealing with them. When it comes to your home’s heating, having a high level understanding of how your furnace works can help you determine whether you need professional help when issues come up. Even though there is a long list of reasons that may cause your furnace to break down there are a handful of causes that are quite common:
Lack of maintenance – not maintaining your furnace and not performing annual tune-ups can cause unexpected breakdowns that can affect your home’s comfort and raise your monthly energy bills.Issues with the furnace pilot or ignition control.Dirty filters clogged up by dust that can affect your HVAC system’s air flow and once again lower your home’s air quality and affect your comfort.Air flow issues caused by belts, bearings and fan motors, that can in turn cause your furnace to overheat and affect its heating controls.
Thermostat malfunctions and breakdowns.
A lot of minor issues that come up can easily be handled by you, the homeowner. It is advisable though that major issues are left to a professional to diagnose and perform the necessary repairs.WHY CHOOSE BELL BROTHERS FOR YOUR HEATING REPAIRS,When you are in need of furnace repair service in the Sacramento metropolitan area, it is important to choose a reputable company that has the experience and the tools to get the work done right.
Whether your system is old or new, our expert heating repair technicians can take care of any heating emergency you may have. From routine maintenance to major heating repair, our work is guaranteed and we will make sure that your heating system is functioning properly and is running at peak efficiency. Our furnace repair expertise includes all makes, models and types of heaters and furnaces: gas, propane & electric. We service Brands like, Ruud, Rheam, Bryant, Lennox, Trane, York, Carrier and American Standard.
We perform a FREE carbon monoxide and safety check with every heating repair service.We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to accurately diagnose furnace problems. Once the issue is diagnosed we provide you with up front flat rate pricing and test to make sure that your system is running at peak performance. We are “The No Surprise Guys” – Which means the price we quote, is the price you pay. No Surprises. Guaranteed.  Your service is always backed by our 100% buy back guarantee. We encourage you to check out what our clients think of our service by visiting review sites like Angies List or Yelp. To speak to one of our experienced client services representatives, call us at 916-444-1234. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.
Furnace Tune Up
Bell Brothers 30 point furnace tune-up is a thorough cleaning and calibration of your Heater or Furnace. One of the best things about choosing us to perform this service is our buy back guarantee. If you purchase a seasonal tune-up and your system breaks down within one years’ time, we will buy back your tune-up investment or credit that price toward your repair. That is how confident we are that a tune-up from Bell Brothers is truly a preventative maintenance.Furnace Tune up
Manufacturers and Utility Companies agree that performing an annual maintenance will elongate the life of your HVAC system and prevent unnecessary breakdowns. The cost to replace an HVAC system can be steep, so it just makes sense to protect that investment by caring for it like you would any other investment. If you bought a new car you would change the owl and rotate the tires regularly, because ignoring those simple things could lead to costly repairs.
Below are some of the things that we will cover in a 30-Point Air Conditioner tune-up. For the complete list give us a call at 916-444-1234 or book an appointment below. A 30-point A/C tune-up from Bell Brothers will take anywhere from 60-90 minutes. Our professional service, affordable pricing and buy back guarantee are great reasons to schedule an appointment today!

Additional Information

A heat pump is a dual purpose device. It moves heat from one place to another using only a small amount of energy and it can be used for either heating or cooling. It works by pulling the heat in the air into a building to warm it up or by removing the air to cool it down. It operates very similarly to air conditioners with the exception that air conditioners are used only for cooling purposes whereas a heat pump can be used for both heating and cooling.
The use of a heat pump has its advantages with the most important one being that you only need to install one unit. When a heat pump is not present in a home, separate heating and cooling systems have to be installed. Another advantage to heat pumps is that they are very efficient, because no fuel is being burned to create heat. Instead they work to transfer heat. They are environmentally friendly and ideal for homes in climate without extreme weather.
Common Signs your Heat Pump May Need Repair :Heat pumps are a great alternative to air conditioners and furnaces but like any other mechanical device they are subject to various problems. With regular maintenance you can minimize the amount of repair that your unit will need over its lifetime, but as your system ages you can be certain that some type of servicing or repair will need to be carried out. Here are some tell tale signs that your heat pump needs to be repaired.
A loss in the effectiveness of your heat pump. Even though heat pumps do not heat or cool the air, but only transfer it, their function directly affects the temperature within your home. After using a system for a while you will get used to the way it operates and will be able to tell when it just doesn’t feel right and your rooms are not as hot or cool as they usually are.Your heat pump doesn’t come on when necessary – it doesn’t come on whether it is turned on manually or when the cycle is supposed to begin.
Your heat pump causes your circuit breaker to trip repeatedly.Your heat pump freezes over.Your unit turns on and off too often – this may be due to a clogged filter so you can check that first and clean it if necessary. If you are still having a problem, call your Bell Brothers Heating and Air-Conditioning.The unit’s blower has stopped working.You start hearing unusual noises (grinding or squealing) in the pump itself or in the duct work. If this occurs, turn off your unit right away and call us.
Why You Should Choose Bell Brothers to Troubleshoot and Repair Your Heat Pump,All of our technicians are well-trained, certified and qualified to do the job. Before our technician comes to your home, you will receive a confirmation call where we let you know a technician is on the way. We are the “No Surprise Guys” ® and we will stand by that philosophy every time. Call us 916-444-1234 today!
Bell Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Air has been the trusted company in the Sacramento area since 1991.  If you are in the need for a reliable and trusted plumber, call Bell Brothers to set up your free in home consultation.  We will send out one of our plumbing experts to evaluate your plumbing problem and get it taken care of.  Here are the plumbing services that we offer.
Drain Clearing Plumbing Service,At Bell Brothers we offer fast, affordable, effective drain clearing. If you are dealing with a slow clearing drain, we are here to help. We have several different methods that will solve your clogged or backed up drain.Water Leaks Plumbing Service,If you are experiencing leaks in your plumbing, Bell Brothers will send a professional plumber out to your home to diagnose the problem. From leaky faucets to broken pipes, we cover it all.
Water Supply Line Leaks,There are sometimes leaks between the meter and the home, in the water supply line.  These leaks are often difficult to detect because the supply pipe is usually buried at least 3 feet below the ground surface. Sometimes the leaking water will travel along the pipe, back to the meter.
Sewer Line Problems,If there is a problem with your sewer line, you’ll want to get it repaired as soon as possible. A sewer line clog could create a backup of raw sewage, which could then come out of your interior drains and lead to messy and costly damage to your home.Furnace Replacement and Installation Sacramento,Bell Brothers Plumbing, Heating has been installing and replacing furnaces for over 20 years. We are the trusted HVAC Company in the Sacramento area. When winter time hits in the Sacramento valley, temperatures plummet to below freezing at times.
Making sure that your furnace is ready for the cold weather this winter season, will ensure that your home is comfortable. Call Bell Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Air to schedule your FREE in home estimate. Our trained professionals will inspect your furnace, to determine whether in reeds to be repaired or replaced. If you do need a furnace replacement, take advantage of our $799 furnace replacement special.
Furnace Replacement vs Repair,Unlike a furnace repair job, a furnace replacement and installation, requires plenty of heavy lifting and technical expertise. A furnace that is not installed correctly can be the cause of ongoing problems and greatly affect your comfort, your pocket book and your safety. Having your furnace replacement done correctly will be key to your winter season comfort.
Our HVAC technicians are very knowledgeable on all the different types of furnaces and brands and will get the job done right the first time. We have total confidence that we have the right teams in place to be careful in your home, considerate of your space and thoughtful when it comes to the details. When you choose Bell Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Air to take care of your furnace replacement, you can feel comfortable knowing that you have chosen the Trusted HVAC Company in the Sacramento area.
Furnace Replacement Special,Bell Brothers Fall Furnace Replacement sale is on! Furnace replacement is not exactly what you want to be thinking about during fall but unfortunately there is a possibility that your aging furnace may breakdown and need to be replaced. Typically your furnace has a life span of 12-18 years. Typically a furnace and air conditioner are installed at the same time and tend to be the same age.
Your HVAC system’s life span can vary based on the brand of the system, and weather the heater has had regular maintenance and cleaning. Now through November 15th, take advantage of our Fall Furnace Replacement Sale! When you purchase the Air Conditioner for a limited time only, get the Furnace for just $799! Financing and Utility rebates available. Call Bell Brothers today to schedule your furnace replacement. 916-444-1234
Properly maintaining your air conditioning system will help your system last longer and can save you thousands of dollars throughout the life of your air conditioner system. At Bell Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Air, we make it simple to get your air conditioner maintenance. For just $87 we will perform a 30 point maintenance which will ensure that your air conditioner system properly cools your home for the whole season. And if it does not, we will refund you your money.  Proper Maintenance on your air conditioner will insure comfort for your entire family.  If you live in the Sacramento area and need Maintenance on your system, then give bell brothers a call.
From checking your coolant level to calibrating your thermometers, Our 30 point inspection is extremely thorough. We will inspect the whole system from your wiring to checking the evaporator coil and the capacitor and everything in between. With a consistent maintenance plan, your family is sure to stay comfortable while keeping your energy costs down. Let Bell Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Air take care of your air conditioning maintenance needs in the Sacramento area.
Bell Brothers Maintenance Club,bb-club-maintenance-logoFor even more savings, ask our professionals about Bell Brothers maintenance club. This is a great value as we guarantee to take care of your yearly maintenance needs for a small cost. So if you live in the Sacramento area and are in need of air conditioning maintenance, then call Bell Brothers at (916) 444-1234. When you think air conditioning maintenance… Think Bell Brothers.

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