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Winkler Air Conditioning Services

5378 WG Robinson Rd , Gainesville- 30506
Georgia , United States  United States
(+1) 770-534-4333 http://www.winkleracs.com
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Winkler Air Conditioning Services - Gainesville

In 1969, Clenn and Sharon Winkler started Winkler Air Conditioning Services, LLC. We are grateful and blessed that our air conditioning installation, HVAC repair, and electric repair knowledge have made us the most experienced and called upon heating, cooling and electric contractors serving the Gainesville and Hall County, GA region!

Our heating, air conditioning, cooling, and HVAC goods include Heat Pumps, Gas Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Air Cleaners, Germicidal Lights, Dehumidifiers, Humidifiers, Tankless Hot Water Furnaces, Air Oasis Air Purifier / Sanitizer (with NASA increased development to resolve allergy problems), Thermostats and Mini-split Heating and Cooling.

At Winkler Air Conditioning Services our expert heating, cooling and electric team is prepared up with licensed HVAC and electricians who serve the whole state of Georgia. Our team knows how much you depend on the stability of the heating and air conditioning systems and we are committed to supporting you with thorough and honest service.

Our technicians have years of experience and attended various training guides throughout the year. Our motto is: “If you wish it done right the very first time, call us.”, and this training ensures our whole commercial meets this objective. Winkler Air Conditioning Services, LLC owners and technicians are proud to provide the most effective heating, cooling and indoor air systems, including Tappan’s IQ Drive. Tappan completely supports their products and warranties including the “TEN YEAR QUALITY PLEDGE”.If you want aid with service, installation, or the HVAC repair of the heating or cooling system, contact Winkler Air Conditioning Services, LLC, at 770-534-4333. You’ll be grateful you did!

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Other HVAC Services : AC Installation, Commercial Service, Heating Repair

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HVAC Services

Air Conditioning Repair, Service & Installation
Winkler AC picFor nearly 50 years Winkler Air Conditioning Services has been supporting the air conditioning needs of the home and business owners of Gainesville. When the temperatures start to rise in Georgia, having a properly working and energy-efficient air conditioner is imperative. At Winkler, our team of highly-trained technicians have the skills and the knowledge to address any question or issue you have regarding your air conditioning unit. It is important to us for our clients to have options, which is why we support a full range of services for all brands and models. Whether you need help deciding which new unit to have installed, or you have an existing unit that needs repair or maintenance you can trust the team at Winkler to provide you with exceptional service and support.
Air Conditioner Installation Services
Whether your existing unit is old and needing an upgrade, or, you simply want to have a unit installed that offers greater energy-efficiency, the team at Winker can help. We understand that choosing which air conditioning unit to install is a big decision and should be made thoughtfully and with plenty of information. With proper maintenance, the average air conditioning unit will last for anywhere from 7 to 12 years. During that time your air conditioner will contribute to one-half of the energy produced by your home. With this kind of longevity and investment, it is important to be happy with the choice you make for your air conditioning unit. The experts at Winkler can take the stress out of this process. They will take the time to answer any questions that you have and will provide all of the pertinent specifications on any unit that you are interested in, ensuring that you are paired with an air conditioning unit that will best serve your needs.
Air Conditioning Repair Services
Essentially, the job your air conditioner is meant to perform is to move heat from inside of your home to the outside of your home. This is done by removing the heat from the air and leaving only cold air blowing around the home. Inside of your air conditioner unit are pipes called evaporator coils, these coils are cooled using a Freon liquid called refrigerants. The hot air is blown over these cold pipes and cooled, then the blower sends the now cold air into your home. Some air conditioning units require the use of special refrigerants and the EPA requires that the technicians who handle these refrigerants have special certifications. At Winkler, you can rest assured that all of our technicians carry the certification required by the EPA as well as the necessary training to properly repair all manner of air conditioning malfunction.
Air Conditioning Maintenance Services
The absolute best way to ensure the longevity of your air conditioning system is to have regular maintenance checks. Some manufacturers require maintenance to be performed on a specified scheduled basis in order to maintain the warranty on the unit. Additionally, if any part of your system is not working optimally, it will impact the performance and energy-efficiency of your unit and can even raise your utility bill. When you contact Winkler and schedule a maintenance visit, our highly-skilled technician will arrive at your location as scheduled with the right tools and experience to perform the job. We will carefully and thoroughly check all parts of your system to make sure it is clean, free from corrosion, and working properly.
At Winkler Air Conditioning our exceptionally trained and skilled technicians are dedicated to providing the best air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services to all of our clients in the Gainesville area. In fact, we offer an Energy Savings Maintenance program and will provide a 15% discount on all service repairs to all of our clients who participate in the program and have an Agreement on file. You can expect only the best service and support from Winker Air Conditioning Services!
Heating Repair & Installation
Winkler heating picSince 1969 the experts at Winkler Air Conditioning Services has been providing Gainesville home and business owners with exceptional installation, repair, and maintenance support for a variety of heating systems. Discovering that your heating system needs maintenance or repair during a cold winter evening is a stressful experience.
The team at Winkler Air Conditioning Services is dedicated to making sure that each of our clients can rely on their heating system to do its job – when they need it!We know that each of our clients has a choice when it comes to the type of heating system they use. Which is why we have acquired the training and knowledge necessary to service a wide variety of makes, models, and types of heating sources.Whether you have a boiler, a furnace, or a heat pump, our team can help you with any issue that you are dealing with.
Heating Installation Services
When the temperatures start to drop outside, the heater goes on and the power bill goes up. In fact, almost 45 percent of your monthly power bill can be attributed to your heating source. That is a significant portion of your budget and warrants really taking a looking at how well your heating source fits your priorities and needs. If you are thinking about having a new heating system installed, here are some considerations to think about:
Efficiency – the more efficient the system the more long-term savings you will get,Climate – a major heating system is not as necessary in Georgia as it would be somewhere that has a more severe winter climate,Fuel – natural gas is the easiest to access and cheapest option for Georgia residents,Size – Always choose a heating source that is the right size for your space and occupancy
While each of these considerations are important, they can also make the decision more difficult or complex. Talk with the experts at Winkler to help narrow down which heating system might work best for you. We are dedicated to helping our clients with all types of heating questions and concerns. And, once you have picked your new heating system, we will expertly install it talking all of the worry out of the process.
Heating Repair Services 
Inside of your heating system there are a variety of parts and pieces that all have to be working 100% in order to get optimal performance and efficiency from your system. Because your system is pretty complex, there are all sorts of reasons why it might breakdown. However, some causes happen with more regularity:
Improper Maintenance – regular maintenance checks catch small problems before they escalateClogged Filters – filter full of debris and dirt block airflow and cause burnout,Air Flow Problems – fans, bearings, or belts that are not working properly will prevent airflow and lead to burnout,Whether your heating breakdown has been caused by one of these, or something else, the experts at Winkler can identify the problem and provide the repair with care and precision. Our technicians are dedicated to providing our customers with courteous and timely service – and will work to fix the problem right the first time. You can trust Winkler Air Conditioning Services for reliable and honest service.
Heating Maintenance Services
Having a new heating system installed is quite an investment and one that you want to make sure pays off in the long run. The best way to get the most from your purchase is to have consistent maintenance checks performed on your system. When our highly-trained technician comes to your location for a maintenance check of your heating system we will inspect all aspects of your system and make sure that nothing is corroded or full of debris, that fans and belts are working, and that everything is in top working order. Having these regular maintenance visits will help to can small problems before they escalate into big problems that can lead to expensive and disruptive repairs or replacements.
Commercial HVAC Services
winkler commercial hvac picThe term HVAC is familiar to most people, this term gets used often by contractors and real estate agents. It is an acronym that stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning and is applicable in both residential and commercial settings. In both settings the owner needs to be considerate of the comfort of those who share the space with them, the initial investment of installing a new heating or cooling system, and the ongoing maintenance and repair costs of these systems.
However, in a commercial setting the heating and air conditioning considerations are far more complex because the systems are more complex. For instance, in some commercial settings the quality and freshness of their product relies heavily on their ability to keep the space cool. In other settings, if the business owner is not able to keep the climate of their space comfortable and inviting – they could face losing customers and revenue.
At Winkler Air Conditioning Services we are business owners too. We know how important it is to maintain your commitment and exceptional service that your customer count on you for. Our team of highly-trained technicians are capable of handling a wide variety of Commercial HVAC needs. Commercial HVAC systems are very complicated and require the attention of a trained and skilled technician for proper service. As a commercial building your business is required to maintain HVAC regulations and standards. The experts at Winkler Air Conditioning Services are highly-skilled and experienced in all aspects of commercial HVAC and will professional address any issues that arise.
Every commercial building is unique in its design, and every business owner has their own unique priorities and needs for their new HVAC system. Sometimes, installation of a traditional HVAC system is not an option because it would require a complete renovation of the commercial space. Other time, the existing energy supply won’t support an advanced HVAC system and would need to be replaced, costing the business owner more than they have the budget for. At Winkler Air Conditioning Services we support a wide range of commercial HVAC makes and models and can work with you to make recommendation for the best system that will both meet your priorities for heating and cooling, while not breaking your budget. Our team is highly-experienced and trained in commercial HVAC and is able to provide you with options for your HVAC installation.
There are several ways in which your commercial HVAC system differs from that of your residential system, however, both are equally prone to breaking down. Your commercial system in fact is far more complex than your home’s system because it has to work harder. Commercial systems manage a much higher load than residential system do because there is often a larger space and more people to keep comfortable. At Winkler Air Conditioning Services our technicians are familiar with a wide variety of causes for commercial HVAC breakdown and can expertly deliver repairs. Whether your HVAC system is barely pumping out slightly cooled air, or is making grinding and whistling sounds our technicians will use expert training and skills to diagnose the issue and repair it.
Your commercial HVAC system is just as important to the success of your business as meticulous accounting, it is important to trust the installation, repair, and maintenance of your equipment to the professionals at Winkler Air Conditioning Services. We will work to understand the goals you have for your system and will provide you with the options and the exceptional service necessary to support you in reaching those goals.

Additional Information

Most homes in Georgia are heated using natural gas furnaces. While this is a cost-effective and energy-efficient method of heating, the process of burning combustible fuel using a flame can create some hazardous situations if the system is not professional installed and properly maintained. The team at Winkler Air Conditioning Services has the knowledge and the skills to keep your gas furnace in proper working order ensuring that you and your family are kept warm – and safe.
If your home is heated using another method, for instance a heat pump or boiler our team can provide you will expert installation, repair and maintenance services. We maintain comprehensive knowledge and training on a wide variety of makes and models of heating systems so that our services are just as versatile as our customers’ heating systems.
Air Conditioning Repair Icon,AC Service & Repair,With regularly scheduled maintenance most air conditioning units will last anywhere from seven to twelve years – possibly longer. Each year when the temperatures start to rise and your air conditioner starts to get used more, you will notice the impact on your monthly power bill. In fact, looking at the total power usage for the month, you can attribute one-half of that to using your air conditioner.
With that much of an impact on your household budget, making the right decision about installing an energy-efficient air conditioner should be carefully thought out and all options should be considered. At Winkler Air Conditioning Services our team supports a wide variety of makes and models and maintains training and knowledge about the operations and specifications of each. We can help you to narrow down the list to those systems that best meet your needs.
Emergency HVAC Repair Icon,Commercial HVAC,HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) is an acronym that is applicable to both the residential and commercial sectors. However, in a commercial setting the systems and processes for HVAC projects are far more complex and require a more intimate knowledge of equipment specifications and configurations. Your commercial HVAC system should be complimentary to your business and priorities.
You have made a commitment to your customers to provide a safe and inviting environment for them to conduct business with you in, and you are dedicated to maintaining that commitment. At Winkler Air Conditioning Services we are also business owners and we understand the importance of conducting business with integrity. We want to help you maintain your commitment and continually exceed the expectations that your customers have of you. 

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