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Zack Hammonds A/C, Heating, and Refrigeration - Conyer

Zack Hammonds A/C, heating & Refrigeration, Inc. was founded in 1995 in the tiny town of Conyers, GA. With over 17 years of experience, we have expanded our service region to cover all of Metro Atlanta, providing a full range of residential, industrial and commercial refrigeration service and installation. Today, the firm has various skilled technicians, who work hard to confirm 100% customer satisfaction and a workplace staff focused on providing convenient scheduling solutions and expert customer service.

Our objective is to continue providing peace of mind for all our visitors with competitive pricing and standard service. We are proud to be among the leading commerciales in serving the homeowners and companies in Georgia. We look forward to welcoming brand-new consumers, developing long-lasting relationships and “setting the standard that others can only hope to follow.”To read much more about services we provide, you can visit our Atlanta air conditioning page, or call us at (770) 860-1837.

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HVAC Services

Residential Service
Atlanta Air Conditioning, heating and Indoor Air Quality products and information for residential customers! Zack Hammonds is a leading Atlanta air conditioning company, providing the finest equipment and service.Modern HVAC equipment allows us to provide you with the ideal comfort solution for your specific needs that will be reliable, efficient and affordable, while offering more options like air purification, advanced controls, zoning and more!The categories below will help educate you about HVAC offerings and concepts including heating and cooling, indoor air quality, HVAC terms and efficiency info. However please don't hesitate to call us at (770) 860-1837 as we would be happy to assist you!
For many, the multitude of heating and air conditioning products that make up a residential HVAC system can be a bit daunting. Our products section will empower you to make better decisions about your home comfort, by getting you up to speed on the many options you have for complete indoor comfort control! If you want instant help, call the leading Atlanta air conditioning contractor today at (770) 860-1837.
Indoor Air Quality 
There is a lot of buzz in the HVAC world about indoor air quality. Why? Because the more tightly sealed our homes become, the more pollutants, bacteria and other contaminants are recycled through your home with no way out - spreading sickness, aggravating allergies and more. The solution lies in optional indoor air quality products that integrate into your HVAC system and work together to truly purify the air in your home.
Efficiency Ratings
As a leading Atlanta air conditioning contractor, we have a huge focus on efficiency. HVAC products is measured with different rating methods per type of equipment. You will hear terms like SEER, AFUE and HSPF. This page will explain these terms and how they apply to you, but remember, the most efficient equipment will not perform if not installed by an HVAC contractor who is trained and experienced.
Energy Star® Efficient heating & Cooling,As much as half of your household energy use goes to heating and cooling. With a few simple steps to properly seal and insulate your home, and energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment, you can stay comfortable and save on your energy bills at the same time. View this Energy Star® Guide for tips on energy efficient heating and cooling.Energy Star® Efficient heating & Cooling.The HVAC glossary is just a list of the many terms you will hear in the heating and cooling world. You'll find out what a MERV rating is and the purpose of a condenser coil.
Commercial HVAC Contractor
Zack Hammonds specializes in both commercial and industrial HVAC equipment, maintenance & design build services for the Atlanta metro and surrounding counties. A properly designed commercial HVAC system makes the difference in utility savings and performance. Trusting your business or facility heating, air conditioning and ventilation to Zack Hammonds means you will receive the finest Atlanta commercial or industrial HVAC service available. Whether you need a new chiller, or maintenance on a boiler, we have the knowledge to protect your business operations!
Part of our commercial and industrial HVAC design service is determining optimal running percentages for equipment based on system capacity and physical conditions. Zack Hammonds will perform proper analysis, and make adjustments to promote the life of your system, and help you realize substantial energy savings. For new installations or retrofit, proper HVAC component matching has a very real affect on your efficiency and systems performance. Improperly matched commercial equipment can hinder a great system from functioning like it was designed to.
Commercial HVAC Repair & Maintenance
Zack Hammonds offers commercial HVAC repair with rapid response times to keep your facility functional. Additionally we offer industry best HVAC maintenance plans so your commercial heating, cooling and ventilation system is running as efficiently as possible. Zack Hammonds is an Atlanta based NATE certified contractor with the knowledge and industry resume to position us as a leading commercial contractor that you can rely on. We are experts in the field, and will quickly respond and diagnose any system problems you may encounter.We understand the importance of your commercial heating and air conditioning system. Downtime is just not an accepted proposition. Whether you need chiller repair or a new ventilation system, you can rely on Atlanta's finest for your business and facility. Call us today at (770) 860-1837.
Heating Repair Service. Furnace Maintenance, Installation & Repair
Most people love Fall as the humidity leaves, and the air turns mild with crisp mornings. But when this pleasant in-between time turns into full blown winter days, a toasty warm home becomes very important! Zack Hammonds provides Atlanta heating repair and maintenance on any make and model of equipment. From gas furnaces to heat pumps to hybrid systems - we have you covered with fast, industry best support. 
If you are looking at replacing equipment, or need a full system for new construction, we are experts at proper design, sizing and heating installation. The gas furnaces and heat pumps we offer have some of the best warranties and highest efficiency ratings in the business. Call us at (770) 860-1837 for service, or to ask any questions about solutions for your home!
Atlanta heating Products
Zack Hammonds is dedicated to fast, excellent heating service for our customers. We do it every day by bringing a high level of attention to detail to each job we do. We are passionate about Atlanta heating solutions and providing cost effective, efficient products. Our customers love us for it. For the finest in gas furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioning and indoor air quality for your home or business, look no further than Zack Hammonds!
Atlanta heating Repair
A frigid winter day is no time for a problem with your gas furnace or other type of home heater source. Zack Hammonds is an Atlanta NATE certified contractor with the extensive industry experience that sets us apart from other Atlanta HVAC contractors. We are prompt, courteous, and experts at fast diagnosis and heating repair! Call us today at (770) 860-1837 for the finest service in the Atlanta area!
Atlanta heating Installation
There are many things that make up a proper heating installation. If an HVAC installation is not done correctly, you could lose significant amounts of money in lost efficiency, and also experience poor performance. We are the pros you can rely on to give you the best in anything from equipment selection to ductwork installation and indoor air quality integration. We know the fine details of HVAC, and have the skills to provide you with the finest heating installation in the industry.
Atlanta Furnace Companies
So you know how to set a thermostat - even program it. However, are you curious as to what actually happens when your home heating system turns on? We'll give you the high level overview of home heating with both furnaces and heat pumps. Gas furnaces & electric heat pumps,Whether you have a gas furnace, electric heat pump, or hybrid heating setup, Zack Hammonds is the place to call for maintenance, repair or additional HVAC products. We are the leading Atlanta heating contractor, and continually add to our list of extremely satisfied customers. Don't wait - call us today at (770) 860-1837. We can't wait to enhance the levels of your home indoor comfort control!

Additional Information

Zack Hammonds is a leader in quality Atlanta air conditioning and heating solutions. Our extensive experience in the HVAC business has shown us what manufacturers can be relied on for reliable, efficient equipment. We offer our customers the finest indoor comfort control solutions, and the right equipment is the foundation of our services. Read below for brief product descriptions, or call us today at (770) 860-1837.Atlanta Air Conditioner Air Conditioner,An air conditioner is the outdoor unit of a typical split HVAC system that chills refrigerant, and sends the chilled refrigerant to the indoor coil. Warm air from your home is forced through the chilled coil to cool the air. Read more: Trane Air Conditioner
Atlanta Heat Pump,Heat Pump,A heat pump is an air conditioner that can also heat your home and not just cool it. During the summer it works just like your A/C, but in the winter it reverses the cooling process and provides heat.Trane Heat Pump,Atlanta Indoor Air Quality Indoor Air Quality ,Modern houses trap contaminants inside, recycling them to every room of your home. Our indoor air quality products protect, purify and refresh your air for a healthier home to live in!
Indoor Air Quality,Atlanta Air Handler Air Handler ,An air handler is a combination of the coil system from an evaporator coil and the fan motor from a furnace. They are used in heat pump only or air conditioner only installations. Read more: Trane Air Handler,Atlanta Boiler Boilers ,A boiler is used to provide heated water for a radiant (in floor) heating system.,Boilers,Atlanta Gas Furnace Furnace ,A gas furnace is king of toasty warm air during a cold Atlanta winter day. We provide highly efficient gas furnace options that are reliable, quiet and high-performing systems. Read more: Gas Furnace
Atlanta Thermostat Thermostats & Zoning,Precise comfort control is available from the latest thermostats and zone systems. Remote call in, wireless, individual area control - everything you need for perfect comfort levels.Thermostats & Zoning,Atlanta Evaporator Coil Evaporator Coils ,An air conditioner sends chilled refrigerant to the evaporator coil, and the furnace fan pulls warm air from the home and forces the air through the chilled coil to cool and dehumidify the air. Read more: Evaporator Coil,Atlanta Packaged System Packaged Systems ,In a packaged system, all equipment is built into an outdoor unit. The "package" that gives it its name provides central air conditioning during the summer and heat in colder months.Packaged Systems.
Zack Hammonds is a leader of Atlanta air conditioning companies. Why? We have the in-depth industry experience, the high level of service, and the industry best products that our customers demand for their homes. Part of our customer service is educating homeowners on their cooling systems. The more you understand the different components that keep you cool during a blazing Georgia summer, the better decisions you can make regarding service, maintenance and new equipment!
Air Conditioning System,How An Air Conditioning System Works,The photo to the left features an air handler (also called a fan coil) and a Trane® advanced air cleaner. So why are we showing a picture of indoor equipment on an air conditioning page? Because the importance of proper cooling isn't just about the air conditioner that sits outside...but we're skipping ahead. 
How it works: It's July and our Georgia summer air is so humid you can almost see it condensating on the windows. Your home air heats up, thermostat registers it is too warm inside, and then the cooling process begins: The air conditioner outside begins compressing refrigerant, which releases heat energy into the air, and chills the liquid refrigerant contained in copper tubing inside the air conditioner. This cold refrigerant is then pumped back inside via copper tubing. 
The indoor coil is a series of copper tubing contained in either an evaporator coil (when using a gas furnace) or air handler (when using a heat pump). The cold refrigerant from the air conditioner is sent to the indoor coil system.The fan motor in the furnace or air handler pulls air from your home, and forces it through the frigid indoor coil. This cools and dehumidifies the air. The conditioned air is then sent back into your home via ductwork. 
Then the process repeats until the home is cooled down. So not only does the SEER (efficiency) rating of your air conditioner matter, but the efficiency of the indoor components also plays a large role in the cost of your utility bills.Electric Heat Pump,If you have heard of a heat pump, but are confused as to what one does, we don't blame you - the name is confusing. A heat pump is identical to an air conditioner in regards to cooling.
They too compress refrigerant, and send the frigid liquid back inside to the indoor coil. The primary difference in a heat pump is the ability to also heat your home. In the winter, a heat pump reverses the process. Instead of compressing refrigerant to dissipate heat energy, a heat pump pulls heat energy from the air, and uses that to heat the refrigerant. The heated refrigerant is sent inside to the indoor coil system.
Variable Speed Fan Motor,As you learned above, the fan motor is responsible for pulling air from you home via the return air duct, and then forcing that through the indoor coil. The fan motor is either contained in your furnace, or your air handler (an air handler is used for cooling or heat pump only installations). A variable speed fan motor operates quietly, more efficiently, and keeps your home more comfortable. Instead of full blast on or off, it is able to oscillate at different speeds, quietly moving conditioned air through the home and any indoor air quality components you have installed. 
We hope this helped shed some light on your home air conditioning system. Additional items like indoor air quality products work with your cooling system to purify your indoor air, and keep your system running efficiently. To find out more, or for Atlanta A/C service, call us today at (770) 860-1837!


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