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Snellville Heating & Air, Inc

2071 Nunnally Farm Road , Monroe- 30655
Georgia , United States  United States
(+1) 770-982-9800 http://www.snellair.com
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Snellville Heating & Air, Inc - Monroe

Snellville Heating & Air is a licensed and insured domestic and commercial heating and air conditioning specialist. We employ a highly skilled staff of NATE-Certified professionals, consultants and customer care experts. Our primary focus is to provide quality solution and installation with the most readily useful products in the market.
If you're not presently a Snellville Heating & Air consumer, we welcome the chance to become your HVAC contractor of choice. If you are a loyal customer, we appreciate your continued patronage. In either case, we welcome your trip to our website. Please share any comments you may have and feel free to inquire of for additional information.We're a referral based company; customer care is our objective!

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Other HVAC Services : Indoor Air Quality, AC Maintenance,

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HVAC Services

HVAC Maintenance
Replace the indoor unit’s air filter monthly:Old/dirty filters cause equipment to work harder, resulting in energy waste and possible internal damage. If you have a reusable/washable filter, make sure that it has completely dried prior to reinstalling.Inspect the blower compartment of your furnace or blower coil:Use a vacuum to remove any dirt or dust, which can result in improper performance and low efficiency. Make sure that the coil is dry prior to vacuuming.
Remove clutter from around the furnace or blower coil:Items stored near the furnace are fire hazards They may also obstruct combustion air supply. This could cause complete combustion and the production of carbon monoxide gas. Your furnace or blower coil could be located in a closet, attic, or basement. Removing clutter applies to your equipment no matter where it is located.
Check the chimney or flue pipe connections for tightness, blockages, or loose connections:Your gas furnace flue pipe must remain tightly connected and free of blockage for the furnace to operate correctly. If repairs are required, contact us to schedule the repairs.Set the thermostat on “HEAT” and move the temperature setting above room temperature:
Listen for any unusual sounds and call us if you suspect problems.Keep return registers/grilles clear of obstructions:The return register/grille must remain free of obstructions such as furniture, lint, dust or pet hair for the system to operate properly.Clean humidifier reservoir regularly:If your home comfort system includes a humidifier, it may be necessary to clean the water reservoir to prevent mold or mildew buildup.
Trim brush and shrubbery near units to prevent airflow obstruction:It is important to provide unrestricted airflow to the outdoor unit. Leaves, trash or shrubs crowding the air conditioner or heat pump cause the unit to work harder and use more energy. Also remove any debris that may have collected around the unit.Clean outdoor coil:The outdoor coil on an air conditioner or heat pump can sometimes become obstructed by grass clippings, leaves, dust, etc. If this happens, using a harden hose, gently run water over the coil, removing unwanted obstructions.Make sure outdoor unit remains level:Ground shifting or settling can cause an air conditioner or heat pump to sit in an uneven position. If this happens, re-level the unit to make sure water/moisture drains from the cabinet properly.
Indoor Air Quality
Clean The Air In Your Entire Home.There are various whole house filters and air cleaners that can clean or eliminate up to 99% of pollutants that are .3 microns in size. Contaminants smaller than 2.5 microns pose the greatest threat to human health because they can get deep into the lungs and then into the bloodstream. Choose the filter or air cleaner that meets your requirements. Whether you choose a HEPA, electronic, media or panel filter, the benefits will be immediate. More comfort and cleaner air for your family will be the result of upgrading your comfort system. A better air cleaning system also saves you money!
High Technology For Your Home.If you suffer from a respiratory illness, have a smoker in the home, have odors or have a mold problem, you may want to consider having an ultraviolet (UV) air treatment system installed in your comfort system. UV systems can eradicate certain mold spores and airborne bacteria, including the generic influenza virus. UV systems can kill up to 87% of certain airborne bacteria passing through your home’s comfort system, reducing the presence of these harmful agents in the air your family breathes. UV systems are installed in the duct system in order to disinfect the air flowing through it. Protect your family today!
Proper humidity levels provide the healthiest and most energy efficient environment. While air cleaners, ventilation and UV treatment systems keep indoor air clean, proper humidification is needed to control relative humidity (RH) levels in your home, minimizing unhealthy airborne pollutants. Too little humidity leaves the body vulnerable to infections and can cause damage to the home’s wood furnishings. Too much humidity creates ideal breeding grounds for mold, mildew and dust mites.
Not All Air Leaks Are Created Equal.From an air quality standpoint, those around your windows and doors are good leaks, since they let in fresh outdoor air. Bad leaks let in dusty, moldy or polluted air from your attic, garage, or crawl space. Leaky air ducts often bring in dirty air and cause your heating and cooling equipment to perform well below peak efficiency. As part of the Infiltrometer Blower Door Test, your consultant will pinpoint where your home’s worst air leaks are, and where improvements can be made.
Solar Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
It’s a choice with many benefits.Homeowners across the globe are seeing the solar light. The reasons vary for each person, though they mainly come down to the following:It’s free.Solar-energy systems allow you to capture free sunlight and convert it into usable power in your home.It’s clean.Solar energy can be used to heat and cool your home, but it has almost no impact on the global climate. By comparison, electricity generated by power plants produces carbon dioxide emissions that scientists say pose serious threats to the environment.
It’s infinitely renewable.While nonrenewable energy sources like oil, gas and coal are becoming increasingly scarce, the sun’s energy is limitless. Wherever sunlight shines, electricity can be generated.It can reduce your utility costs.Having a system that creates solar energy means you use less electricity from your utility company, and that can contribute to lower heating and cooling costs. This is significant, especially when you consider 56% of energy use in a typical U.S. home comes from heating and cooling.
It comes with incentives.The U.S. federal government and some states provide tax credits for renewable-energy systems. Depending on where you live, you may also be eligible for incentives through your utility company. To find out what incentives are available in your area, visit dsireusa.org.It increases your energy self-reliance.The more sunlight harnessed by the system, the less electricity you need from your utility supplier.
It can also increase your home’s value.An investment in a solar-energy system may improve the value of your home, thanks to its ability to lower the cost of heating and cooling. Surveys conducted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development have shown that home values rise an average of $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills.It’s extremely reliable.The sun has been around for billions of years and is likely to burn on for billions more to come. And when you consider how a trusted name like Lennox is putting it to economical use in the home, it’s easy to see solar energy’s future is bright.

Additional Information

First of all, the equipment manufacturers, electric & gas providers and Snellville Heating & Air encourage preventative maintenance of central air conditioning and heating equipment. Peak efficiency, maximum system capacity, extended equipment life, lower energy costs and better indoor air quality are the major items of importance and consideration.
In the vast majority of residential HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems, the air handler/furnace unit (or evaporator section) is designed for year-round operation in either the air conditioning or heating mode. After extended use, this part of the system accumulates dust, dirt, debris, slime, algae and possibly more. Unless inspected, cleaned and tuned-up on a periodic basis, problems such as water leaks, freezing up/icing, restricted airflow, excessive moisture and premature rusting can be common occurrences. If not property maintained, the additional and unnecessary strain on the equipment can result in higher utility/energy costs.
Although most homeowners regularly change or clean the filter(s), this procedure alone does not ensure cleanliness beyond that point. Dirt and dust accumulate in the evaporator coil, blower wheel, blower housing, heat exchanger and strip heater(s) because even the best of filters are not capable of filtering all the minute particles in the indoor air. Since the air conditioning process involves moisture removal, the water is collected in the evaporator section and normally drained outside.
However, the excessive moisture in this part of the system actually promotes the dirt and dust build-up. Unless all these parts are cleaned periodically, the dirt and dust build-up just continues to develop until problems with the equipment operations are noticed – usually not enough air flow and/or cooling, water leaks, freezing up/icing, etc. Additionally, the condenser coil (normally located outside) can be affected by grass clippings, dirt, sand and/or insects, which will cause temperature problems.
Your heating and air conditioning system(s) was a major investment on your part and a little care can save you money as well as unnecessary and sometimes costly breakdowns and repairs. Since the equipment operations in both the heating and cooling modes, it makes sense to have it cleaned during the spring/summer and fall/winter seasons. All types of HVAC comfort systems should be regularly checked and cleaned with no exceptions!Should you have any questions, please contact our Maintenance Department during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8-5). Thanks for your attention to this important matter. We welcome an opportunity to handle your immediate HVAC needs and become your “contractor of choice” for the future.
REASONS TO OWN AN ENERGY SAVINGS PLAN:PROTECTS YOUR INVESTMENT AND EXTENDS THE LIFE OF THE EQUIPMENT.Correcting minor problems before they become costly major ones.Conveniently scheduled Tune-Ups and professional cleanings.REDUCE THE LIKELIHOOD OF EMERGENCY CALLS. Proper maintenance ensures peak efficiency of your system.Prevents problems before they happen
MINIMIZE ENERGY CONSUMPTION THROUGH SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE.Proper adjustments and cleanings can reduce consumption up to 30%.Get more heating/cooling for your energy dollar.COMMENDED BY THE ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER. Maintenance necessary for optimal operation.Improves the quality of the indoor air you breathe.PRIORITY SERVICE.Same-day service with no overtime charges – ever!!!Should you ever need emergency service, you get it fast…service agreement owners get prompt attention over all call-in-customers
SNELLVILLE HEATING & AIR.Offers customer assurance pricing with a 15% discount and a one-year parts and labor warranty on most repairs.Serves the greater Atlanta area and surrounding counties.NATE-CERTIFIED SERVICE AND INSTALLATION TECHNICIANS.Certified professionals who work to the highest standards in the industry.Mandatory on-going training assures our agreement holders of the highest skill levels in diagnosing, repairing, maintenance and installation of equipment
PROGRESSIVE SERVICE CONTRACTOR.Computerized equipment listing(s) & history of service performed.State-of-the-art communications system for quick problem solving.TRANSFERABLE.Should you ever sell your home, the agreement transfers to your new home (if local) or to the new owners.Makes your home more marketable.MULTIPLE PAYMENT OPTIONS.Cash – Check – MasterCard – Visa – American Express – Discover
Members and active participants:Better Business Bureau (BBB), Comfort Institute, Walter County Chamber of Commerce, Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce, Condition Air Association of Georgia (CAAG), Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), Loganville Rotary Club, Rotary Club of Monroe, BNI Loganville Referral Pros, BNI Money Makers of Monroe, National Rifle Association (NRA), Trout Unlimited, Coastal Conservancy of America, Gwinnett County Animal Rescue, Incognito Trivia of Monroe, Providence Club Trivia.

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